California's Drivers License for the Undocumented Carries Risks

California's Drivers License for the Undocumented Carries Risks
To apply for an AB-60 license, undocumented immigrants originally from Mexico need only to provide one form of identification including a Mexican voting card, passport or consular card. For undocumented immigrants applying for licenses from other …
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Mazzaglia: Honoring the rescuers
In his role as “passport control officer,” he was able to forge thousands of passports and visas for Jews which enabled them to leave for Palestine. Foley even hid whole families in his home until he could get them safely out of Germany. When the war …
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The Real Singapore editor allowed to visit sick father in Australia
… motivated by a desire to avoid facing justice but by an “unfortunate family calamity”. “I further note that prosecution, after initially objecting to the application, is now amenable to do so after obtaining an undertaking by co-accused through his …
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Self-service streamlining border control

Self-service streamlining border control
Eligible passengers include US and Canadian passport holders and US Permanent Residents. The kiosks … “We've received an exceptional response from travellers, the airports, and the government agencies involved in the process,” Mewett commented.
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Australia violating rights of refugee children by sending them to Cambodia
Demonstrators march during the Stand up for Refugees rally in Sydney in October 2014 protesting the federal government's immigration detention policy and the refugee resettlement deal with Cambodia. Photograph: Dan Himbrechts/AAP. Australian Associated …
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US gets 233000 H-1B petitions, a new record
The U.S. received 233,000 H-1B petitions this year, believed to the highest number ever, and almost three times the number of available visas. The government issues 85,000 H-1B visas each year, 20,000 of which were set aside for people who had earned …
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Australia immigration dept. leaked 2014 G20 leaders' personal info

Australia immigration dept. leaked 2014 G20 leaders' personal info
The data containing personal identifiers such as passport numbers and visa details of all leaders in attendance was accidentally sent to organizers of the Asian Cup Soccer Tournament, according to a report in The Guardian. An email sent to the …
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UAE company offers Caribbean passports with property purchase
… played globally by the UAE. The approval “is a reflection of the good reputation enjoyed by the UAE and its achievements on the regional and global levels,” said Anwar Gargash, minister of state for foreign affairs, according to official news …
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Bulgarian Banker Tsvetan Vasilev's Hotel Chain Seized by Authorities
… that the Belgian holding a Russian passport Pierre Louvrier has acquired six strategic companies connected to the murky banker for merely EUR 1- BTK, NURTS and First Digital, military factories Dunarit and Avionams, and people metric agency GARB.

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Robert Durst's attorney says he will not let Vermont police talk to his client
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Danny Cipriani: I do miss life in Australia sometimes
There are some amazing gastropubs near me, and quite often a group of us will go out for a proper roast. I support Chelsea, so if they're playing up here I always try to get to the game, too. … I guess you could say they're the tools of my trade. An …

Apply Now for an Australia Student Visa or Australia Business Visa

The passport entry visa and the immigrant entry visa are two common types of visa in any foreign country. In Australia, the person is permitted to visit the country on a specified duration using the passport entry visa. For those who want to move to Australia for permanent residence, the immigrant visa is for them. To get an entry to Australia, the most common Australia visas being utilized are the Australia student visa and the Australia business visa. These two types of visas have different purposes and it depends on the person’s needs.

Formal supports endowed by a certain government on a person’s passport are called visas. It also signifies that the person’s passport has already been thoroughly checked and found valid by the country he likes to visit. Visas similarly allowed the holder to travel to his destination. Accordingly, the visa allows the holder to enter a country as a visitor. Governments strictly implements visa to control aliens coming into their country.

Australia Student Visa

A student is permitted by an Australian student visa to stay in the country until he finished a degree from the Australian University. Certain rules are set when applying for a student visa in Australia. The student is required to enroll subjects that should make worthwhile degree since the Australian government will review the subjects enrolled by the student. A student can’t enroll getting subjects like leisure studies, philosophy or general studies since they are so extensive, making impossible to easily get a job. So, know the field of your study first prior to applying for a student visa in Australia. This student visa Australia will be the starting ground in applying for a permanent residency in Australia once it is approved and when the individual finished his studies in Australia.

Australia Business Visa

Individuals who have business interest in Australia are fit to apply for an Australian business visa. Proof of business credentials and contacts in Australia is required. Employees who are delegated to represent their country in Australia for business transactions are getting this business Australian visa. However, there should be a time framed presented by the company to inform how long he will be staying in the country. The term of the visa is twelve months with each visit permits a maximum of ninety days stay in Australia.

Planning to come to Australia will never be hard as Global Visas, the world’s leading authority on Immigration will help you process your visa, just refer to for further details.

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06.06.2014The future of Australia Post will be off the beaten track

the new, neater desk
how much are passports
Image by houltmac
For those who have seen pics of my desk before… how much neater is this!?

06.06.2014The future of Australia Post will be off the beaten track
As a result, much of the focus in this debate to date has been directed at the importance and future of regular, affordable letter deliveries. Some … However people will still need to send parcels to each other, get passports and do other things over …
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Insight into Georgia's Self-Proclaimed Abkhazia
Over the course of the last few years Ankvab has managed to dissatisfy many influential segments and personalities in the Abkhaz society. As a result, his … The reasoning for the two Abkhaz leaders have been more pragmatic than humanitarian though …
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Pacific Drive home on renovation parade
There is an incredible range of interior design trends and materials, advanced construction techniques, energy-saving features and much more. Admission is by passport, available at each home for $ 10 per person. Children 17 and under are free. Passports …
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Australia Post sell-off would 'devastate' rural towns

Australia Post sell-off would 'devastate' rural towns
If there was no facility to provide that service to the people of Braidwood or any other little town like us, what would they do?" Stressing that he spoke as a small business owner, not on behalf of Australia Post, the 62-year-old said while …
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sell -off would 'devastate' rural towns
… offices closed. Post offices served as hubs for small towns, he said. Mr Keeley said his post office offered passport application and other services, without which Braidwood residents would need to drive an hour to Canberra or 45 minutes to …
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MY VIEW: Katrina Hall in form to hate

MY VIEW: Katrina Hall in form to hate
This week, a woman called our home phone and offered us pet insurance. I fell off my chair, first because the home phone rang, secondly because there was someone on the other end offering me something other than a better deal on electricity. And …
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More details revealed over allegations of Australia spying on East Timor
A former ASIS officer has signed an affidavit on the spying allegations which will form part of East Timor's legal case against Australia, challenging the validity of the deal. The case is scheduled to be heard in the Hague on Thursday. Peter Lloyd …
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Proposed Centrelink and Australia Post retail fusion draws fire

Proposed Centrelink and Australia Post retail fusion draws fire
Efforts to create so-called 'one-stop shops' or 'multi-function service centres' are a well-established mechanism in pushing more efficient and convenient government services, with the Post Office already accepting passport applications. The previous …
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Future Assured, Renovation Of Local Hospital Nearly Done
Mahmood was released from custody after posting the bond and surrendering his U.S. passport to the Tyler court. U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas John M. Bales said the Tyler grand … Agents of the FBI, the Texas Attorney General's …
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Vietnam vet Mick Kramer fought for Australia, but he's been denied a passport

Vietnam vet Mick Kramer fought for Australia, but he's been denied a passport
The change of date scrawled in pen didn't stop the Australian Army from sending German-born Mick Kramer to war in 1967, but decades later officials not only refused him a passport they even threatened him with jail for "falsifying a document". "I did …
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VP 'sorry' amid reports of privilege extended to family at airport
Emergency service takes about two to three hours to handle and requires an additional charge of NT$ 900 (US$ 30) on top of the standard fees for passport renewal — NT$ 1,300 for adults and NT$ 900 for children, according to the center's deputy head, who …
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