Surprising downtown bar selected to have first Austin bitcoin ATM

Surprising downtown bar selected to have first Austin bitcoin ATM
UPDATE: Since this article was published, it has been reported that bitcoin ATMs were installed in Albuquerque on February 18 and Boston on February 19. Austin's bitcoin ATM will be the first machine installed by Robocoin, which announced on February …
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Bill Hancock's Olympic letters home: Grandfather Frost, don't forget your
Here are excerpts from his latest update, Friday Feb. 14: • Walked through about four blocks of fairly new houses here. All had red roofs. … A little dog yapped at us in Russian. A man sat on his front porch. It was an upscale neighborhood, but …
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Religion is a sure route to true happiness
If you're traveling to a foreign country, customs officials get on the plane to check your passport. We all want to be happy. I certainly do. We are all looking for answers. We read self-help …. AP says Zimmerman painting is copy of AP photo …
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The Passport Party Project opens the world to 10 young Austin women
Each passport party held in a different U.S. city brings 10 girls together for a fun day of travel-themed activities, learning about passports, getting photos made and applications ready. The goal of The Passport Party Project is to give passports to …
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