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Scosche Passport – reverse view
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Image by jayallen
After being so excited to finally have my 3G iPhone, I was enraged to find out that Apple had flipped some switch in the firmware or software to disable the charging feature of most 3rd-party adapters. Unfortunately, I was on the front on of a 20-hour roadtrip and our adapter is a custom job installed in our car. Dick move, Apple.

So, I went to the Apple Store to see what I needed to do to remedy the situation. The first guy I talked to said he didn’t know about the problem (sure, pal). Then he sold me this charging docking station that had an 1/8" audio out plug.

Two problems: First, my radio doesn’t have an compatible jack and second, the damn thing only fits iPods. Thanks jackass.

Luckily, when I went to return it, I spoke to someone who actually knew WTF he was talking about. Not only did he know about the problem, but he had a very simple solution for me. The Scosche Passport adapter (front view) was created precisely to solve the issue and fits between the iPhone and the 3rd-party charging adapter.

Now, I have audio going to the radio again and juice flowing to the phone.

So, I ask you: Apple, why did you have to make my life hard? It’s irresponsible to create an ecosystem around your products and then break it like this. It also doesn’t reflect well on your business to have two employees working the floor in the same store, wearing the same teal blue shirts who are so disparately knowledgeable and yet equally sure of the thing I needed to buy.

If there’s any white lining to be found in this cloud, it’s that the simple and sufficiently elegant Scosche Passport cost half as much as the overblown audio/docking station which didn’t work. So, at least I’m not out as much money as I would have been.

So I have that going for me. Which is nice.