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Greenpeace slams Indian government after activist blocked at airport
But she was stopped by airport officials, and the word 'OFFLOAD' was stamped into her passport, despite being invited to Parliament by Labour MP Virendra Sharma. “Such systematic excesses by the government are a shame and cause of worry for the …
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Multi-State Fake Drivers' License 'Ringleader' Sentenced to 6 Years
… counterfeit documents including passports. Among those arrested was a contract employee of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services who was convicted of stealing the forms used in the scheme. At the time of the arrests, the U.S. attorney's …

Ebola screenings at Atlanta's airport of 27 passengers, none test positive

Ebola screenings at Atlanta's airport of 27 passengers, none test positive
The 27 who were tested in Atlanta were among a total of 521 passengers tested as they traveled through one of the five U.S. airports that have implemented enhanced screening for Ebola. The report covers from Oct. 11 to Oct. 20. Among the five airports …
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Revoking passports isn't the way to stop American jihadists from returning home
U.S.REUTERS/Police Handout. PHOTO 2: A new British biometric passport is shown atop a special reader can take the holder's information off an embedded security chip, during a showing for the press at the British Embassy in Washington, October 24, 2005 …
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Beyond the Booking
We have a vision of creating a global dining passport, so when you are traveling abroad, you can get the same experience as when you're booking in Lafayette. I also think there's an opportunity to move faster and … about that meal: what the server's …
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IdentityMind Global Strengthens Market Position in Anti-Money Laundering (AML

IdentityMind Global Strengthens Market Position in Anti-Money Laundering (AML
This version enhances key aspects across the platform, introducing document and SMS text verification during the consumer validation process, adding tuning and rules to the AML analytics to reduce false positives, and incorporating multiple geo …
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The FCC is about to turn the internet into airport security
Tomorrow FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will propose a controversial new set of internet regulations that will potentially allow broadband providers to create "fast lanes" of service for the first time — so that if Netflix pays Comcast extra, its movies …
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How Do We Get Out of Chibok?
Although it marries the Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's abortive plane bombing in the US with the issue of the insurgency, it nonetheless helps to put in perspective the role played by my late boss, President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua and the trajectory of Boko …
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Airport kiosks make Customs checks a breeze

Airport kiosks make Customs checks a breeze
Spirit Airlines passenger John Grove of Miami Beach was the first traveler to use the express service in Fort Lauderdale. "It was real nice, better than the line," Grove said. Increasingly, U.S. airports with bustling international traffic are turning …
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Live: Malaysia releases full transcript of communications from MH370
Interpol has rejected comments from a Malaysian minister that it takes too much time and is too difficult to check the international police agency's database to confirm if a passport has been stolen, says an Associated Press report. The issue arose …
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Want to avoid airport security?
Depending on the airport, it may also allow expedited screening for international flights. The program requires an online application and … There are similar programs that range in price. All require an interview and passport if you are flying …
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Illegal immigrants lie to get asylum status in US
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit granted asylum to Abankwah in 1999 over the objections of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which later proved fraud in her application including a stolen name and false passport. She was tried …

Skype could provide the missing link in this unique cross-border school
Those with a passport card get in an expedited line. Those under 16 years old can bring copies of their birth certificates, often laminated documents that bear the creases of being folded again and again in their hands. Customs and Border Protection …
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Study: Passport kiosks shorten airport lines

Study: Passport kiosks shorten airport lines
Joe Sitt, chairman of the Global Gateway Alliance, called the reduction "good news" from Customs and Border Protection, but that the federal government needs to do more to automate and staff the busiest airports. "Our airports are too important to the …
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US State Dept. Updates Iraq Travel Warning, March 6, 2014
The U.S. government considers the potential threat to U.S. government personnel in Iraq to be serious enough to require them to live and work under strict security guidelines. All U.S. government employees under the … U.S. citizens who choose to …
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The AFSA report: chief of mission guidelines
My focus today is on the fourth guideline: understanding of host country and international affairs, ability to promote and advance US interests, “The nominee has experience in or with the host country or other suitable international experience, and has …
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DFW Airport implements automated passport control system to reduce wait times

Cartoon: Big Data
passport information
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My first cartoon in ages.

DFW Airport implements automated passport control system to reduce wait times
The system allows travelers to enter their passport information on touchscreens and register their return to the country electronically. The system has been operating since late October, and more than 320,000 customers have used the kiosks. The system …
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We're Excited About: Things going on around town
A Passport to Beer & Cheer, a fundraiser for the Junior League of Central and North Brevard, will be from 7 to 11 p.m. Saturday at The Veranda at Space Coast Realtors Association, 105 McLeod St., Merritt Island. This casino-themed event includes a …
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GCR Inc. and the Houston Airport System (HAS) launch Automated Passport
Using a 22" LCD touchscreen, the APC Kiosks collect passenger's passport and flight information, declaration data, take their photograph, scan fingerprints and issue a receipt. The passenger proceeds with their passport and receipt to the U.S. Customs …
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