The Business Travelers’ Guide To Success

When you travel for business, there are a few things to keep in mind. In order to save time, feel on top of your game, and be prepared for the business matters that come your way on the trip, follow these tips to be a successful business traveler. 

The first step before getting onto the plane, train, or boat for your international business trip is to secure your paperwork needed to travel. It can be easy to forget about your passport expiring and many times you’ll be expected to jump on a plane instantly for work. This is why The Passport Office offers expedited passports so that you can get a quick passport and be on your way to your next trip in no time. You can apply for your passport renewal with a few clicks of a button and The Passport Office will deliver your new passport to the address you provide in a matter of days. 

Smiling business man handing ticket to flight attendant

Being properly prepared and having your things in order before traveling is imperative to make a good impression on your coworkers and collaborators that you are bound to meet during your next business trip. Whether it is your first trip with a new company or if you regularly travel for work, be sure to look into these steps so that you can be well-equipped for your next business venture.  

Plan Ahead

Careful planning and making sure to give yourself enough time to make arrangements is the key to every successful trip, including when you travel for business. In fact, it can be even more important to be properly prepared when you have your coworkers and business partners relying on you for a successful and well-organized trip.  

Business travelers who are known to be planners leave nothing to chance. If you want to be super organized, you can go so far as to book your exact seats on a plane to all your restaurant reservations. This can be comforting, as knowing what to expect when you arrive frees your mind for other things.    

At a minimum, it’s vital to map the route to your hotel and to double-check the dates on your lodging and rental car reservation. Bring a watch or some sort of extra alarm so you can be sure not to miss your flight or any of your business meetings. If you are going on a shorter business trip, plan to bring carry-on luggage to prevent the chance of your luggage getting lost or delayed.  You should also be sure to order your passport ahead of time. If you happen to forget about your passport until the last minute, The Passport Office can help you apply for and order a quick passport so that you can make sure to catch your flight and successfully travel for business. 

However, it can be possible to over-plan, and in so doing, you can miss out on an opportunity that might be valuable or exciting. While planning every minute is a good thing, take some time out and let the day naturally progress on its own. You might find a break from your constant planning a welcomed relief.  

Pack Light  

Pack the basics and then just a few more. There’s no need to over-pack when you travel for work. However, it’s wise to bring a few essential comfort items to help keep your sanity while traveling with coworkers. For instance, a pair of earplugs and a small pillow can be a lifesaver if you need to catch some sleep on the plane or block out the sound of a snoring roommate at night. Packing snacks and a book are good ways to pass the time and can cut down on airport food costs and provide entertainment for you the whole way to your destination. Bring a pack of cards, which don’t take up too much room, can fit easily in your purse, and can provide a bonding opportunity for you and a coworker during a layover or a meeting break. 

Don’t forget the essentials like your passport, plane ticket, and any work materials. Keep these on hand and nearby so you can easily access them at the airport and can move quickly and efficiently through security lines.  

When packing your clothing, bring a few extra tops in case there are any food or drink spills that accidentally happened. Solid colored blouses or button-downs are always a good choice, as they’re easily interchangeable and will match with an assortment of your pants and blazers.  

Dress For The Job You Want 

Business woman at the airport on the phone with luggage.

As long as we’re on the subject of packing, remember to bring clothing that not only fits the occasion, but clothing that is a step or so above your current position. Dressing to impress is always a wise decision and is bound to show your coworkers and other businesspeople at your conferences what you’re made of.  

If you’re flying with coworkers or are meeting clients at the airport, make sure that your comfortable airport attire is still work-appropriate. Opt for something that is cozy yet still professional, like flats or a flowing dress. 

Often, companies like to save a few dollars by pairing coworkers up in hotel rooms. If you know that you’ll be sharing a room with a coworker, don’t rely on the hotel to provide you with a robe. Be sure to pack a set of modest sleepwear so that you’ll feel comfortable and still be respectable to the coworker you’re sharing the room with.  

Have Fun, But Not Too Much Fun 

You’re most likely going to be spending a lot of your travel time in meetings and with coworkers or clients. By getting up early and staying up a little later than usual, you can still make some time for yourself and explore whichever new exciting city you’re in. Everyone must eat, so when you and your coworkers go for a meal, make it somewhere fun!  

Even if you aren’t in a major city or headed to a beachside resort, work trips can still be a fun adventure. Every destination, no matter the location, has something to keep you and your coworkers entertained. During your planning stage you can look into restaurants you’re interested in and tourist destinations or shows to see.  

While everyone is entitled to make a work trip enjoyable, keep in mind that the purpose of this trip is to travel for business and as such, it isn’t your personal vacation. Even when you’re technically off the clock, when you’re at after-hours events with your co-workers, you should maintain a professional demeanor. It is not the time to ride the mechanical bull, drink more than your share, or go all out at karaoke. What happens at the work conference doesn’t necessarily stay at the work conference, and you want to maintain a professional standard, especially when it will be getting back to your supervisor. A good rule of thumb is not to drink more on a work trip than you would at any other business function. 

Be Flexible 

It’s inevitable that changes in the itinerary will come up or something won’t go according to plan. Part of traveling is embracing these fluctuations in life! Any experienced traveler will tell you the benefits of maintaining a positive attitude, especially in a time of stress or crisis. Thinking on your toes can be rewarding when you find a solution at the last second. Laughing off an unpleasant interaction at the airport will keep everyone around you feeling light and moving past any negative tension. After all, attitudes are infectious, and a good one can set the tone for everyone involved on the trip. 

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