Top 5 Fabulous Summer Vacation Ideas

Summertime is here! School’s out for the summer and it’s time to spend some quality time with the family. Now is the time to make memories with your loved ones. Give yourself some peace of mind because summer travel and obtaining a passport for the whole family doesn’t have to cost too much either. This article will not only give you plenty of ideas for planning the perfect getaway for your family’s unique interests, but it will also point you towards expedited passport services if you need help in that regard. Whether you’re taking a cruise, visiting a national park, or riding some epic rollercoasters, you can be sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. Treat you and your family to a fun and exciting trip with these fabulous summer vacation ideas.

Summer vacation ideas can include spending time on a lake.

1. For Families in General

Safety and fun are the two priorities for summer travel with the whole family. When choosing your destination, finding children-friendly attractions is a must. Thankfully, there are many summer vacation ideas in the US alone that cater to families.  Just to name a few of the adventures, you can: sleep at a museum, go to a resort, volunteer for your community, visit an amusement park, relax at the beach, head to a state fair, or dance at a concert in the park. All of these options are easy on the wallet and will bring adventure to your child’s life while staying near home.   It’ll also eliminate the need for expedited passport services unless you’re coming to the United States from abroad.

If you want to get out of town and hit the road, there are plenty of summery beach towns like San Diego, California or Bar Harbor, Maine, that have kid-friendly activities and affordable hotels for the whole family to get comfortable. Attractions at piers do cost money, yet they are more affordable than larger amusement parks like Disneyland or Six Flags.

For those living or traveling to the middle of the country, the town of Keystone in South Dakota hosts the stunning and famous Mount Rushmore. After gazing upon the majesty of this national memorial, you’ll be able to engage in other family activities in the area from gold mining to hiking to the National Presidential Wax Museum.

There are also plenty of safe and affordable fun times to be found outside of the country. Take advantage of the Passport Office’s expedited passport services and head down south to Costa Rica for a tropical getaway. Children can zip line and pet sloths, while parents can relax and enjoy a cup of locally harvested coffee. If you’re wanting to head north, the Festival International de Jazz in Montreal, Canada is a must-see for everyone. The city is transformed for two weeks into a magical festival for parents and children to dance their summer afternoons away.

2. For the Budget-Conscious

Summer travel can rack up costs quickly if you’re not careful, but fun summer activities shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. One of the best parts of summertime is all the time you can spend outside enjoying the sunshine. Additionally, lots of outdoor activities don’t cost much, if anything. State and regional parks are all over America and provide excellent opportunities for the whole family to explore the local nature scene.

Many families prefer theme parks to nature walks. Theme parks are one of the top summer trips that families plan each summer. However, if Disney or Universal are out of your price range, there are plenty of smaller and equally enjoyable parks in the US. Hershey Park in Pennsylvania is a popular destination, as is The Michigan Adventure theme park, and Cedar Point in Ohio.

For families more interested in historical and educational outings, many cities offer free museum passes on certain days of the week or reduced prices for children. A location worth mentioning is Williamsburg, Virginia, which includes Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.  These are feasible to visit in just one trip.

When planning your budget-conscious family vacation, ask hotels and restaurants ahead of time if they offer complimentary amenities specifically for kids. Many hotels provide activities and games free of charge for children as well.  In addition, make sure your paperwork is in order if you’re going outside of the United States.  If it’s not, contact The Passport Office so we can serve as your expedited passport agency.

3. For Summer Travelers

Summer vacation ideas are ample and can include destinations across the globe. Choosing the best place to visit in the summer is a lot to decide on, but for some, getting out and traveling is the priority. For summer travelers, consider traveling within the US. You could spend your summer vacation on a cross-country family road trip, a few days exploring a new city, visiting museums and parks across different state lines, or a spend week at the beach or in the mountains.

Many family travelers enjoy the affordability and adventure of camping and sleeping out in nature. Arizona and Utah are ideal states to see natural wonders and stay warm in the evenings. Lake Powell is one of the most popular house-boating destinations. After gazing at sandstone canyons from the water, families can venture out and explore the glory of Glen Canyon.

Expedited passport services can have the whole family seeing new things quickly.

Even when staying within the country, it is a good idea to make sure your children have passports. Passports can be a fun way for children to learn about the country they are exploring and add stickers to commemorate their trip. The Passport Office, the top expedited passport agency, makes it simple and easy to start the application process when you want to purchase a new passport for your child.

For those who want to take traveling up a notch and see some world-renowned sites, a trip to Europe is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Summer vacation ideas in Europe range from archaeological sites to museums to delicious food. Some of the world’s greatest cities are London, Paris, Berlin, and Rome, which have attractions and entertainment for all ages.

One of the best destinations for families with young children includes Riviera Maya, Mexico, which is famous for snorkeling and searching through Mayan ruins. Another is Buckingham Palace, London where children can learn about queens and get a taste of royalty. Another top family pick is Tenerife in the Canary Islands in Spain, which is Europe’s highest ranked water park that has world class beaches with sand imported from the Sahara.

4. For National Park Lovers

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most popular road trip choices for families across America. As one of the largest canyons in the world, this majestic piece of land makes sense to travel to, but there are many other magnificent national parks across America. If you’re a national park lover, a worthy summer vacation idea is to purchase a yearly national parks pass and see as many parks as you and the family can in one summer.

Some national parks that are worth mentioning are:

  • Redwood National Park
  • Sequoia National Park
  • Olympic National Park
  • Lassen Volcanic National Park
  • Death Valley National Park
  • Crater National Park

Those are just a few of the many wondrous national parks – and those are just in the western portion of the United States! Most parks offer camping, hiking, fishing, climbing, biking, or some combination of those activities. National parks are the perfect opportunity to teach your children more about the environment they live in and how to protect and respect the planet. Not to mention all the wildlife and momentous sights will have them swept off their feet for a summer vacation they’ll never forget.

5. For Those Who Prefer All-Inclusive

Sometimes planning a summer vacation seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Thankfully, all-inclusive resorts and cruises make summer travel simple and convenient. You can get your luxurious getaway started ahead of time by having the vacation planning taken care of.

All-inclusive resorts have expanded in the past handful of years, so you don’t just need to head to Mexico or the Caribbean if you’ve already explored there. Beachside resorts on Florida’s Gulf Coast, ranches in Montana with tons of cowboy activities, and other kid-friendly all-inclusive stays will let you sit back and relax.

One of the benefits of an all-inclusive resort or cruise is that food, activities, and entertainment are rolled into one price, making budgeting simple and without very many hidden costs. All-inclusive resorts generally include daycare, and you have the option of both casual and elegant restaurants so you can switch back and forth between family outings and one-on-one nights for parents.

Children always love all-inclusive resorts because they’ll be able to play with a variety of crafts and games and join in on special themed nights. In addition, all-inclusive resorts also usually organize activities for specific age groups so even older children will be entertained. Resorts tend to have pool areas and playgrounds as well.

How Expedited Passport Services Can Make the Difference

Whether you’re planning an excursion to foreign jungles or beaches or staying nearby and exploring your state’s parks and museums, summer vacation ideas are limitless. Moreover, The Passport Office has expedited passports for everyone in the family when you’re planning that last minute summer travel.  Now’s the time to get out there and enjoy the sunshine with your family and loved ones!