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Yemen conflict: A passport out of war
"The American Embassy won't give me back my passport until I find a hotel room." The 18-year-old American left New York five months ago to meet his new Facebook friends in the land of his father's birth. The modern magic of social media was no match …
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Home Is Where Your Passport Is: New York, New York's new weekly travel guide brings you to some of the most inspiring places in the world and dares you to turn those dreams into an adventure of a lifetime. As the saying goes, 'home is where your passport is' – so where will your passport end up …

Man reported missing at sea for 66 days found in good health

Man reported missing at sea for 66 days found in good health
Grenz said he made a copy of Jordan's U.S. passport describing the American as weighing 290 pounds. Jordan now was probably only about 200 pounds and he looked little like the man in the passport photo, Grenz said. "It was a bit like the movie of Tom …
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Yemen evacuation provokes debate over protection offered by Chinese passport
There is a widely circulated piece of humor online on the misperception of benefits that some Chinese believe foreign countries can offer. Listed first is the powerful US passport that some believe can provide omnipresent protection to its holders.
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Passport to Unity wants you to laugh
… here to nominate a Community Driver. Tickets for the event are $ 20.00 each and can be purchased online or in person at the Sault Career Centre, 503 Queen St. E. Passport To Unity is hosted by the Sault Community Career Centre …

MP Khaire to meet central officials over passport office

MP Khaire to meet central officials over passport office
An independent office in the city will be convenient for people across eight adjoining districts in the region. Around 15 lakh domestic and 50,000 foreign tourists visit the city every year. A passport office in the city is the need of the hour …
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Yemen: Drop Charges Against Baha'i Adherent
Photocopies of his Yemini ID and passport provided by his wife show he was born in Yemen in 1964, however. The prosecutor charged him with collaborating with Israel by working … On December 3, 2013, officers from the National Security Bureau (NSB …
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Ukraine Rebels Upbeat After an Infusion of Aid
A few hundred yards away, across an icy lake and a field, were some scattered office buildings, close enough to count the windowpanes. “There are the Ukrainians,” said the commander, whose real … Two weeks ago, Russian-backed rebels captured the …
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ICRC activities in Yemen in 2014

ICRC activities in Yemen in 2014
Furthermore, work in the Sana'a Passport Agency improved living conditions for some 750 migrants awaiting deportation, through the rehabilitation of the outer yard, including a playground for families and the construction of a washing area and drainage …
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Zee Business exposes Moin Qureshi's alleged links with ex-Interpol chief
Zee Business accessed the passport details of both men. The Interpol officer, through his private email, had sought the details of the two men, Zee Business revealed. Keeping in view the … In his reaction to this, he replied, "At no point during my …
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Passport application hell
passport office nyc
Image by d_run
7th circle of hell – local post office to get a passport for noted media mogul Koji. The usual deal, no coordination, not enough ‘associates’ and very aggro NYC locals & Polish transplants. Your usual Saturday morning.

The 'Yadda Yadda Yadda' Doctrine: How Obama's Syria strategy is like 'Seinfeld'
Bruce Riedel, a 30-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency with vast counter-terrorism experience, said that action taken to “degrade” Assad's military capabilities will “inevitably” benefit Islamic extremists now fighting the regime. “The more …
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Pottstown merchant's fate for selling K2 hinges…
Ali, who reportedly was born in Yemen but is an American citizen, previously forfeited his passport to authorities. A jury convicted Ali of charges of corrupt organizations, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance … Earlier this year …
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'NSA can break common Internet encryption'
The Guardian, The New York Times and journalistic non-profit ProPublica reported on Thursday that the US intelligence agency used a variety of means, ranging from the insertion of "back doors" in popular tech products and services, to supercomputers …
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