GoEuro: US Passport Drops to 5th Most Useful in World

GoEuro: US Passport Drops to 5th Most Useful in World
Taking the top spot in GoEuro's poll is the Swedish passport which allows its holders access to 174 countries and costs $ 43 to renew, only one hour's work on minimum wage. The US passport, GoEurope says in comparison costs $ 135 to renew, a total of 19 …
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The Forgotten Streets
Colombia faces serious obstacles as it struggles to put 50 years of conflict behind it, and economic renewal is just part of Santos's plan to emerge intact from the guerrilla war that has pitted successive administrations against the Revolutionary …
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Open the Trade Gates: US, India Revive Ties With Enterprise
Infrastructure renewal projects in rails, roads, ports, energy, education, and IT are the major ticket items on Modi's bucket list – an economic agenda that Indian planners say will come to fruition by building Chicago-sized cities every year to …
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News roundup: How the passport information of world leaders, including

News roundup: How the passport information of world leaders, including
Topping the news: The LDS Church has seven lobbyists, jokingly referred to as "hoime teachers," focused on the state Legislature. Most lawmakers say the interactions are tame, but former state Rep. Carl Wimmer has accused the LDS Church of bullying …
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The Hall Monitor: Why a Liberal Arts degree can be risky, but worth it
But regardless of the motivations that got us here, we were presented right off the bat with potentially the biggest decision of our collegiate careers — which academic field would we go in to. I think I'm in a good amount of company when I say that I …
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Get to the front of the visa line
She can tell you that having even one stamp on the second-to-last blank page in your passport can prevent you from entering South Africa or that getting a visa for India is easier these days thanks to its nascent online form. (U.S. tourists can now …
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This is Qualcomm's world and we're all just living in it

This is Qualcomm's world and we're all just living in it
Motorola managed to update the Moto X to Android 4.4 ahead of some Nexus devices last year, and Qualcomm was once again credited with contributing to that alacrity. In an interview with The Verge this summer, Moto's software chief (and former Android …
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Cheapo travel: Reader tips on passports, DC, Priceline and more
From Ron Lesovsky, about getting your passport: I would also recommend having a current passport on hand if you have a student family member traveling abroad. In case of an …. Hopefully, we'll get an update when she does. From Jim Fuchs: I use …
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Cyborg hears colour with device fixed to skull!
The implant reads colours – including dozens of shades imperceptible to the human eye – and turns them into sound waves that vibrate in his skull. Belfast-born Harbisson won a battle with the British Passport Authority to have his passport picture …
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Model Agency New York ? Welcome to the Glam world


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FEATURE: For winners of UN essay contest, multilingualism makes the world go

FEATURE: For winners of UN essay contest, multilingualism makes the world go
To that end, one of the winners, Sandratrarivo Randriamanohisoamalala, a Malagasy student who attends university in China, told the UN News Centre: “For young people, multilingualism [is like a] passport is for travelers.” Winners the essay contest …
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Fifty things we love about travel right now
Shoot an image using the app and presto, it converts to a PDF – ideal for storing your passport photo page, itinerary, tickets and collecting must-do hints to enhance your travels. While the app is free, you'll need to upgrade to the $ 6.99 Pro version …
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UK Visa 101
Passport photographs – Two recent photos per person per application. 45mm X 35mm, no smiling, no teeth showing, no headgear. • Accommodation Evidence of permission to stay – Hotel Booking or invite letter from family or Friend and a copy of their …
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In China, Negotiating Peaks and Police

In China, Negotiating Peaks and Police
Credit Gilles Sabrie for The New York Times. Continue reading the main story … From January 2013 to October 2013, Songpan County, which includes the Huanglong preserve, had 3.22 million visitors, according to a website run by China Travel News Agency …
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Watching the World's Game, in the World's City
City Room: Where Should You Watch the World Cup in New York City? JUNE 6, 2014. Jurgen Klinsmann celebrating a goal … Indeed, over the past decade, the number of visitors to the United States with a Brazilian passport has mushroomed, growing to 1.5 …
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7-year-old Atlantan will be on field during World Cup

7-year-old Atlantan will be on field during World Cup
Because of one cup of sweet tea a 7-year-old Atlanta boy will get the trip of a lifetime. Nigel Shoyoye will walk … It was at a practice on Thursday that he was surprised by fast-food character Ronald McDonald with the news that he was one of 25 …
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War and Murder in Eastern Ukraine
As Russian President Vladimir Putin pulls troops back from the border, and the newly elected president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, begins to take the reins of power, the pro-Ukraine fighters are acting with greater direction and determination than in …
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Armenians Enticed by Russian Passport Offer
Applicants have to pass a Russian-language test, and can then acquire a passport in just three months. Worryingly for a … Since 2006, Moscow has been offering fast-track naturalisation to Armenian nationals under a programme called “Compatriots …
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