These brothers were born in Toronto, but their parents were Russian spies, so

These brothers were born in Toronto, but their parents were Russian spies, so
Alexander and Timothy Vavilov, 21 and 25, are the children of Elena Vavilova and Andrey Bezrukov, Russian operatives who were sent to Canada to develop “legends” that would mask their spying activities in the United States. The parents stole the …
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FEATURE | Blue card holders' spouses can't work | 'There's a waste of existing
Trang, who wishes to go by her first name only, says that applying for a blue card of her own might be too challenging: “The company needs to have a quota, because even if I am living here, I'm not considered local.” Meanwhile, having to bring … They …
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How widespread are U.S. births by foreign tourists and undocumented migrants?
And once they did give birth, they got passports for their kids and then they returned to China. So they, you know, may at one point may want to send their kids back here for education, but their main purpose is to get a U.S. passport and all of the …
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Jerusalem synagogue: Three victims were US rabbis

Jerusalem synagogue: Three victims were US rabbis
Three of four men killed in an attack on a West Jerusalem synagogue have been identified as Israeli-US nationals. The attack, carried out in an Orthodox Jewish community by two Palestinians armed with a pistol and meat cleavers, is the city's deadliest …
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When will Jurgen Klinsmann take the US men's national team forward?
No, this is about objectively looking at how much the U.S. senior team has improved since American supporters celebrated the exit of Bradley and welcomed the arrival of Klinsmann in July of 2011. Klinsmann was supposed to be the breath of fresh air …
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How 1280 Artworks Stolen by the Nazis were Hidden in a Munich Apartment

How 1280 Artworks Stolen by the Nazis were Hidden in a Munich Apartment
The old man produced an Austrian passport that said he was Rolf Nikolaus Cornelius Gurlitt, born in Hamburg in 1932. ….. (Nazi-era art hoarders—they're just like us!) A Very German … German restitution laws that apply to looted art are highly …
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Friends, family doubt arrested Dearborn man was on way to join Hizballah
Hamdan said the timing of his trip to Lebanaon would depend on his ability to get a Lebanese or U.S. passport. To be able to apply for a temporary passport, he filed a police report March 4 with Dearborn Heights police saying his passport had been stolen.
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A young, gay immigrant comes out of two closets
Born in Guatemala, he is in the U.S. illegally, even though he speaks and thinks in English and considers himself as thoroughly American as his U.S.-born classmates. Nor until recently had he … Vicente didn't have a driver's license, passport or …
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911 Hijackers Passports were issued by the CIA – US Consulate Whistleblower

Mike Springman- The former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia blows the whistle on the 9/11 hijackers. Springman went public (after int…
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Andrew from Nomad Capitalist explains how the IRS has the power to cancel your US passport – and leave you high and dry in the USSA! (http://www.nomadcapital…