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BlackBerry smartwatch – entirely possible
These are big plans from BlackBerry, but the company will probably hold them off a bit to see how the Passport fares after its launch, because many have said that the device will make or break the company's future. We should tune in to BlackBerry's …
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State's Harf At Foreign Press Center On Upcoming UN Meeting
I'm going to provide first an update on our policy priorities for the 69th session of the UN General Assembly, which as you know is scheduled to start very soon. Next week is the high-level week. The President, the Secretary will be there next week …

Area 51 Update
We have also invited interested staff and faculty who support student leadership and development to join us. There is always more fun at Area 51! Look for our Passport events, Women Supporting Women, PRIDE 2014, and many more activities throughout the …
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UPDATE 2-Man pleads not guilty to fraud in 2012 US meningitis outbreak

UPDATE 2-Man pleads not guilty to fraud in 2012 US meningitis outbreak
Chin, who has posted a $ 50,000 bond and surrendered his passport, left court Thursday without speaking to reporters. If convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine. The outbreak pushed NECC, of Framingham, Massachusetts, into …
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Passport to the Parkway to feature local businesses, offering major prizes
Anyone can pick up a 'Passport' and coupon goodie bag from Sherwin Williams, City Grill, Blinds and More, Country Crossroads, and Interior Motifs. With that in hand, customers can receive stamps at many of the Parkway West business locations. By Oct …
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West Chester, PA Brings Pay By Cell Option to Parking Meters
“With Passport Mobile Pay, our customers no longer have to worry about having enough change for parking or running back to their meter to add more time. It makes parking much more convenient and lets them focus on all the great things … Both the …
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Ebola outbreak: William Pooley's mum glad passport has been incinerated
Pooley, 29, a volunteer nurse who caught the virus in Sierra Leone, said he had 'no regrets' that his work had exposed him to danger, but said he will not be returning to outbreak-stricken country in the near future, because his passport has been …

Foreclosure Data Update

Foreclosure activity climbed in three-quarters of the nation’s largest metro areas in the first half of the year compared to the same time a year ago, however Foreclosure Properties declined in some of the hardest hit regions, RealtyTrac reported on Thursday.

The report found that 154 of the 206 metro areas with a population of 200,000 or more posted year-over-year increases in foreclosure activity, which covers everything from the time borrowers, receive a default to the sale of the property via auction or on the traditional real estate market.

The 20 areas with the worst foreclosure rates were in the four states that were most devastated by the housing crisis — Florida, California, Nevada and Arizona. Those were the states where prices climbed the fastest during the boom years and therefore crashed the hardest. Nine of the areas on the top 20 list were in Florida, eight in California, two in Nevada and one in Arizona.

Foreclosure actions took place on more than 1.6 million properties in the first half of the year, the company said. Even in the areas where foreclosures rates are down, the rates still remain three to five times higher than the national average.

Foreclosures tend to drag down home prices, complicating the housing market’s struggle to recover. The housing rebound that economists once expected in the last half of this year will most likely not come so soon. The nation’s stubbornly high unemployment rate and the lenders’ increased willingness to sell more foreclosed properties to the public will most likely increase the number of foreclosures hitting the market.

For a period, lenders held onto homes they had foreclosed upon as they came under political pressure to try and modify the loans of troubled borrowers. But as they get a better handle on which loans are unsalvageable, lenders are starting to complete more foreclosures and put them on the market, several economists have said.

But there are early signs that foreclosure activity may have peaked in some of the most troubled regions, James J. Saccacio, RealtyTrac’s chief executive, said in a statement. Foreclosure activity dropped in nine of the top 10 most severely affected areas.

The Las Vegas area still has the nation’s highest foreclosure rate, with 6.6 percent of its housing units (or 53,525 properties) receiving a foreclosure filing in the first half of the year. But that’s a 15 percent decrease from the comparable period a year ago and a 9 percent decrease from the first half of the year.

Foreclosure activity in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Fla. metro area, which had the nation’s second highest metro foreclosure rate at 4.98 percent, also slipped. The foreclosure rate there in the first half of the year is down 30 percent from a year ago and 22 percent from the previous six months.

The report collects data from 2,200 counties nationwide that make up more than 90 percent of the U.S. population. Some of the Foreclosure Properties filings captured in the first half of this year may have been recorded in previous time periods.

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SURROGATE UPDATE: Japanese 'father' abandons surrogate babies

SURROGATE UPDATE: Japanese 'father' abandons surrogate babies
Police acting on tip-off find Japanese businessman's condo has 9 babies, 7 nannies and a 20-year-old pregnant woman. Japanese man claims to be biological father of all. The scanned page of Shigeta Mitsutoki's passport as acquired upon his departure for …
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Passport scam at Zim's borders with South Africa and Botswana
Corruption at the Zimbabwe's borders with South Africa and Botswana continues unabated with unscrupulous immigration officers from either country allegedly making a killing out of illegally stamping passports of Zimbabwean nationals who would have …
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Public Wi-Fi users in Russia will have to log on with ID, reports say
UPDATE (1.30am PT): There is some confusion over this story at the moment. Contrary to the Izvestia and other reports cited below, ITAR-TASS is quoting a Moscow city official as saying the registration requirements only apply to public access points …
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Update Chipset Drivers

Keeping up with dozens of drivers and programs for your computers makes you waste a lot of time and the inclination. Therefore, it is not too surprising to update the chipset drivers. Above all the others, you need to figure out what a chipset driver was and how to update it.


Locating Drivers Online

Like the majority of people, I thought I could just go online and do a quick search for chipset drivers and find the needed update. Oh, how I was wrong! Turns out there are dozens of chipset makers and all kinds of figures that frankly went over my head.


I had no idea what my processor was, how to enter BIOS, or what a motherboard was. To be honest, all the stuff sounded like an old Star Trek movie. I was just waiting for someone to say, “Beam me up, Scotty.”


It became fairly obvious that quickly finding a solution online was not going to help.


Calling Tech Support for Help

As much as I hated to do it, I broke down and called tech support for help. Even though this cost me money, I felt like I was getting the run around. I started with Intel who was quick to pass me off to Microsoft who apparently does the drivers for the Intel chipsets. When I called Microsoft, I was told I had to talk to NEC because they were the third party software company responsible for my particular chipset. I never could get in touch with NEC.


Now, this is not to say you would have the same experience. After all, you have a different computer and you may not even have Intel chipsets, although Intel is a very popular chipset.


Getting the Help I Needed

Just when I was about ready to give up and get a new computer, a techie friend comes over for a look. She is actually really good with computers and I figure if she cannot figure it out, then it is useless.


My friend was able to identify by problem and it was indeed a problem with my drivers. She told me she could go in, look up all my drivers and get them updated for me; however, she thought it would be best if I just went ahead and spent a few bucks on driver update software.


Benefits of Driver Update Software

By investing a few bucks in driver update software, I would be able to update all my drivers as needed. Since I don’t really have time to keep track of which drivers need updating and when, I could just run this program and it would tell me when to update a driver.


Additionally, I could just click a button to download and install the updated drivers it recommended. I would not have to keep track of my drivers because the program would do it for me. I could actually keep my drivers up-to-date by spending just a few minutes each month.


DriverBoost’s simple and friendly interface will show you exactly what you need to do to update the chipset drivers in less than two minutes with just a few clicks of the mouse button.

Weekly Health Update

Mental Attitude: It Could Be In Your Head. Your emotional response to challenging situations can predict how your body responds to stress. People with high levels of anger and anxiety showed greater increases in a marker of inflammation than those who remained relatively calm. This could help explain why some people with high levels of stress experience chronic health problems. Over time, these emotionally-reactive individuals may be more vulnerable to inflammatory diseases, such as cardiovascular disease. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, February 2011
Health Alert: Time To Get Healthy! A shortage of oncologists and the rising cost of chemotherapy and radiation therapies and imaging tests are making delivering quality cancer care increasingly difficult. By 2020, the shortage of oncologists in the US will be between 2,350 and 3,800, which represents a capacity of between 9.5 million and 15 million office visits. Cancer, March 2011
Diet: Vitamin E And Pneumonia. Vitamin E decreased pneumonia risk by 69% among those who had the least exposure to smoking and who also exercised. In contrast, vitamin E increased pneumonia risk by 79% among those who had the highest exposure to smoking and who did not exercise. Over half of the participants were outside of these two subgroups and vitamin E did not affect their risk of pneumonia. Clinical Epidemiology, February 2011
Exercise: Fat Burner! Muscles are metabolically active, so the more muscle mass, the more calories you burn even when you’re not working out. For each pound of muscle you add, you will burn an extra 35-50 calories per day. Every 5 pounds of muscle added will burn 175-250 calories a day, or an extra pound of fat every 14-20 days. Mayo Clinic
Chiropractic: Better Immune System? Ronald Pero, Ph.D., chief of cancer prevention research at New Yorks Preventive Medicine Institute and professor of medicine at New York University, performed one of the most important studies showing the positive effect chiropractic care can have on the immune system and general health. In his initial 3-year study of 107 individuals who had been under chiropractic care for 5 years or more, the chiropractic patients had a 200% greater immune competence than people who had not received chiropractic care.
The Chiropractic Journal, August 1989
Wellness/Prevention: A Leg Up? 9 million Americans over the age of 50 have peripheral arterial disease. Symptoms: 1. Claudication (fatigue, heaviness or cramping in the leg muscles that occurs during activity and goes away with rest). 2. Foot or toe pain at rest that often disturbs sleep. 3. Skin wounds or ulcers on the feet that are slow to heal. Risk increases if you: smoke, or used to smoke, have diabetes, have high blood pressure and/or abnormal blood cholesterol, if youre African American or have a Vascular disease. Foundation, February 2011
Quote: Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. ~ Albert Einstein

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Latest Passport Update News

WSOP Requires More IDs From Non-U.S. Players
With only five days to go before the 45th annual World Series of Poker kicks off in Las Vegas, international players are being advised to bring additional identification other than a passport in order to register for live tournaments. In an effort to …
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Casey Kasem's wife served with guardianship papers
He also ordered Jean Kasem to surrender her husband's passport and temporarily suspended her powers to determine her husband's medical care. In mid-May, Murphy had expressed …. THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further …
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Manual Driver Update and Automatic Driver Update

Do you know about computer drivers? Do you update your computer driver regularly? Do you have any driver problems?


Like manuals are for humans, device drivers are a set of instructions that would facilitate a device to run and actually work on a computer. Some gadgets, like MP3 players and iPods, may run on its own self, but would sooner or later require a computer or laptop for recharging, modification and adjustment. On the other hand, some gadgets are made to carry out significant computer processes such as printers and scanners. But whatever they are, every device and gadget that would concern computers for them to run somehow or other, would need hardware drivers for installation and assistance.


Although some new gadgets may be run by old drivers, most would need new versions. Device drivers may be updated automatically or manually.


Manual updating, as its name speaks for itself, is done by the user and is different depending on the type of operating system. In general, it involves deleting the old driver and installing the new version of it, which is usually kept in the computer’s hard drive where all the other hardware drivers are. However, this type of updating is known to be hassle and tedious for a number of users, and they would need to be computer literate to keep up with the various simultaneous installations ongoing.


For the above reasons, many users have opted for the easier: automatic updating of drivers. Driver update softwares make this possible by initiatively scanning for the latest versions in the internet and then automatically updating the user’s device drivers. Driver scanners also delete old and outdated files from the old drivers to avoid clumping up as waste and taking much of the computer’s memory, which can lead to slowing down of the system. These beneficial Driver scanners are available and downloadable in the web, such as the Driver Helper. Driver Helper automatically scans through the computer for drivers and enters the latest drivers it detects.


Driver update software is indeed a valuable advancement of technology that offers convenience and ease for computer users. It saves users from the wearisome work of updating all gadgets and devices in the system. Time is also valued for other far more important tasks as scanning and cleaning hardware drivers is now done in a way lesser amount of time. Now you can enjoy and relax from life’s stress and leave all the updating works to the driver update software, plus, they do it instantly and automatically!


The Best PC Driver Helper Can update your driver easily and quickly, go and get it here to make your computer driver up to date! Or you can visit my blog to learn more how to update various drivers.


Related Update Passport Articles

Latest Update Passport News

Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash Update: Plane May Have Been Hundreds of Miles
According to the Associated Press, one of the men who traveled with a stolen passport is an Iranian teenager trying to migrate to Germany, and is not believed to have any terrorist links, police said Tuesday. Weather conditions at the time of the …
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Malaysia Airlines UPDATE: Two Passengers With Stolen Passports Were Just
Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Weiss confirmed to CNN that Kozel's passport was stolen two years ago, and that Kozel was home and safe. On the other hand, police authorities visited Maraldi's family in Italy. Maraldi's father confirmed that …
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Update Your System with a Driver Update

A Driver update is an important thing to check out regularly to keep your PC running smoothly. There are many software’s and even free downloads available on the Internet today that scan your system and detect any issues with the drivers that are currently installed on your system. This software will also automatically give a driver update and back up your current drivers.

A Driver update can be found online in many different types of software. One popular software is called Driver Detective. Driver Detective is manufactured and produced by PC Drivers Headquarters. They have been in business for over ten years and they are a certified partner with Microsoft and an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau. They are mostly renowned for their driver scanning technology and machine intelligence. Their products and software is among the best on the planet. They are the leading company in driver scanning technology and machine intelligence today.

A Driver update is compatible with all Windows operating systems. When installing or using driver updates software, such as Driver Detective, you can also update your Windows operating system with the most updated and current drivers at that time. Typical driver updates software will prompt you to do this. The latest and most updated driver update is available for the most recent Windows operating systems which include Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

A Driver update software even comes with a machine intelligence feature which will recommend a driver update that is needed for your system depending on the programs and your usage. Don’t worry, when installing a driver update the Driver backup wizard does all the work for you. You don’t have to worry about learning how to do this, the machine does it all. This is very easy and a very fast thing to do. Driver update software can even back up your current drivers, as mentioned above. You can choose to have your data backed up to a CD, USB device, or other server or network driver for your convenience.

If you are attempting to install or download software to perform a driver update and you run into problems or questions or you are just unsure of what to do, it is best to contact customer support. Most software that installs a driver update comes with a customer support feature that can help alleviate your problems and concerns. You can also take advantage of the information that can be found online. There are tons of forums, websites, articles, and blogs that pertain to information or software for a driver update how to download or install them and even some troubleshooting tidbits. That’s the beauty of the Internet today.

Finally, a driver update is a good thing to get into the habit of checking and doing regularly for the sake of your PC. This is why most people either download or purchase a software that detects drivers and updates them for them.

Check out windows 7 drivers and driver detector for more details.