Chris Ford: New anti-terrorism laws are un-necessary

Chris Ford: New anti-terrorism laws are un-necessary
This legislation will grant our intelligence agencies and police greater surveillance powers than previously and permit the cancellation of alleged foreign fighters passports for up to three years – an increase from 12 months under current legislation …
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Election Day: What you need to know
Take your ID: Indiana voters must provide a valid driver's license, state-issued ID card, military ID or U.S. passport in order to vote. License branches will be open for extended hours 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday to issue ID cards and drivers' licenses that …
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US agency rolls out mobile app for passport info, customs form
A new mobile app may speed your way through passport control lines when you return from your next international trip. U.S. Customs and Border Protection rolled out an app Wednesday that allows travelers to file passport information and declared items …
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Red tape is an unnecessary drag on Canada's economic growth

Red tape is an unnecessary drag on Canada's economic growth
Now, two other forces – mediocre economic growth and the impending 'demographic tsunami' of retiring Boomers – are highlighting the pitfalls of excessive regulation for all of us. … They have reduced wait times for submitting passport applications …
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The female curate offering salvation to the Post Office
In one corner a Chinese woman is renewing her visa in a booth using fingerprint technology. Post Office New-style post offices, like this one in Norwich, … The money it makes from government contracts, like driving licences and passport applications …
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The impending detention of African asylum protest leader Mutasim Ali
The refugee in question had intended to renew a three-month conditional release document, which functions like a visa, allowing asylum seekers to remain in Israel but not work or seek social services. Because a majority of the 60,000 African asylum …
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