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What To Do After You Have Lost A U.s. Passport

If you are organizing an elaborate vacation with lots of traveling and moving around, don’t forget to take some important steps to prepare yourself in case some sort of accident occurs and you end up with a lost pass port. Whether you lose your passport during the scuffle of packing or you get pick-pocketed while you are getting on and off of trains in Europe, you should be prepared by informing yourself ahead of time, about the process of getting a new passport.

If you have lost your US passport documents while still in the United States, then you are one of the lucky ones. Dealing with any sort of passport mishap is always easier on U.S. soil. All you have to do is fill out a form and send it to the Department of State. This form can be found online at the official website of the U.S. Department of State.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who have their passport stolen while you are abroad, you must immediately report it to the local authorities. If you have misplaced your passport while abroad, go directly to a nearby U.S. Embassy and speak to someone who can help you. Make sure to bring all relevant documents regarding future travel plans so the Embassy knows how soon you will need the replacement travel document.

The Embassy will not be able to give you a permanent passport. After September 11th, 2001, the United States got much stricter on its policy for Embassies outside of the U.S. issuing permanent passports. But do not worry as you can receive a temporary version if you fill out an application and pay the fees. Once in the United States, you will have to go through the application process again to get your permanent passport.

The Embassy will ask for proof of identity. If you had your wallet stolen with all of your ID cards, credit cards, and passport, they have other ways of checking your identity but it is more time consuming. This is why it is always recommended that you photo copy everything before leaving on your trip and keep them separated while traveling. That way, if your backpack is stolen with your passport in it, you still have a photocopy of it hidden in your toiletries bag.

If you have already left on your trip and cannot find a copy machine anywhere, write down all of your ID information with important numbers and dates on a clean piece of paper. Knowing your passport number will help to expedite the temporary passport application process.

Have someone trustworthy from home agree to pay for passport fees in the event that something happens with your documents. You could have your money stolen as well. Think of these things ahead of time and make preparations.

If you end up with a lost pass port, you won’t be trapped in a foreign country with no way out. However, the more you prepare ahead of time, the easier the process will be. Don’t panic if you lose your U.S. passport documents but make sure you act quickly to recover it.

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Catch That That Last-minute Flight With Emergency Passport Services

Detailed and thorough travel plans can change in the blink of an eye. A trip abroad originally intended to take place several months in the future might be rescheduled for next week, and you still may not have your passport. Or, you could already be traveling, and your passport gets lost or stolen. None of us likes to contemplate those options, but it is necessary to know how to replace that document without totally disrupting a trip in progress. These situations often call for an Emergency USA Passport.

The normal process of applying for a U.S. Passport is not really complicated. It can be time consuming, however. In some cases the entire procedure may take at least a minimum of six weeks and during certain peak travel seasons, the wait can become much longer due to the increased time needed for processing. Getting a passport means showing legal proof of American citizenship, having a totally completed application form and a current picture ID, two recent or brand new passport photos, and enough money to pay the fees. The U.S. Post Office is one government agency that regularly helps travelers through the initial application.

The tried-and-true application procedure is adequate for most needs. What do people do, however, who find themselves needing a passport within days rather than weeks? There are situations where a passport is needed almost immediately, yet the application has not yet been completed. To help expedite this need, the U.S. Government has set up local agencies to help. Those with immediate needs for international travel documentation or special visas can make an appointment with an office called the Regional Passport Agency.

These regional Passport Agency offices are easily found on the internet, located in U.S. Government travel websites. These offices are very helpful, of course, but are not the only option available when a traveler needs to speed up the process of documentation. Also found on the internet are an entire host of private businesses who have become specialists in nearly every facet of passport detail. If your personal time is limited, a search of these websites will probably help you understand the services they provide and any fees that are required.

These apply primarily to existing or new passports. Sometimes, however, passport tragedy strikes when a traveler is already abroad. The papers get stolen or lost. Unfortunately, this happens more often than it should and the result can be devastating on a trip that has a tightly planned itinerary. Lost connections mean lost time and money. Be sure and do the one thing many people ignore, make a good-quality photocopy of your present passport. Wrap it well to protect it from the elements, and pack it in a completely different bag if possible. Having this copy as backup can speed the entire lost United States passport replacement process if necessary.

But bad things still can happen to good planners. If the passport is lost or stolen, remember that you can contact the local U.S. Consulate or Embassy. Within that overall group is a unit called the American Citizens Service, usually located within the consulate section. To begin the emergency issuance process they will need all the details of your planned travel. This information may be helpful circumventing some of the bureaucracy that tends to slow things down. In addition, the Service will ask you to complete a new application. They must be absolutely sure of your correct and legitimate identification before replacing any document.

More specifically, the information you will need to provide will include personal data including name, personal location and date of birth, and the date, location of issue, and number of your lost or stolen document if you have it. This is one of the primary benefits of having made a valid photocopy of the lost information. In addition, even if there is no required police report, an affidavit or sworn statement regarding the theft or loss must be formally issued before the consular officer. The office will then access the U.S. Passport Verification System and will be able to retrieve the original information and data.

In addition to name clearance and citizenship verification, you may need further proof of identity to get a stolen or lost US passport replacement. This may be provided by others in your travel group, or information may be needed from family living in the U.S. If necessary, proof can be obtained from previous passport records.

What To Do When Your U.s. Passport Is Stolen

Ending up with a stolen American passport is the stuff of nightmares. Hundreds of American passports are stolen per year. Movies depict it and wary ex-travelers warn of their trips to uncertainty and back. But, as long as you keep your head and remain calm, you can get through this and even make the most of the rest of your trip.

The motivation behind stealing passports is pretty obvious. Money drives markets. Passports from rich regions like North American, Japan or the EU can command high prices. People are willing to pay for the opportunity for more freedom of travel. In many parts of the world, a few thousand dollars are enough to tempt people into getting involved in illegal activities like this.

One of the biggest problems when you have a missing new passport is not stressing out. Keep your calm and try to go back to places you might have left it. Hotel staff can also help you. Contact management and let them know that you are actively looking for your passport. Check other restaurants and attractions to see if they found anything.

Once these bases are covered, you will need to make a beeline for the embassy or consulate nearest your current location. If you have a while to travel, you can even call them to make an appointment so you do not waste more time than you have to. Most American citizen services sections will make appointments so you don’t have to wait.

While most information now is online and records will be more easily available than in the past, you should still try to come up with as much supporting documentation as possible. These documents can help establish your identity in a more timely fashion. A birth certificate, a social security card or a driver’s license can really make a difference. Even copies are worth bringing.

Since a stolen passport is such a serious matter, you can just turn up at any time really. Clearly state that your passport has been stolen so they can get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Usually, though, the American Citizen Services section of US embassies is open for applications in the morning before noon, so you might find more staff during those times.

Your airline may also request proof that you reported your passport stolen if you have to make last-minute changes. The extra time and travel spent getting a new passport may require you to change your departure date. You will find your carrier much more cooperative if you have the proper documentation from the embassy.

Where things can get confusing is when you need a visa for the country you are in. Getting this replaced will come a close second behind reporting your passport to the embassy. While American embassies cannot issue visas to other countries, the staff should be able to give you addresses and phone numbers of the appropriate offices. The exact nature of this process will depend on the country you are in.

While it would be incorrect to say that you are in good company, there are certainly plenty of other people out there who have experience dealing with a stolen US passport. Each year, unwitting travelers find themselves stuck in a country without papers. Thankfully, there are systems in place that make getting a replacement passport application easier than ever.