Black Friday Travel Deals

Black Friday Travel Deals
Loews Hotels: At 16 locations coast to coast, this sale knocks up to 40% off rates at these luxurious properties and is throwing in free Wi-Fi during the stay. Reservations must be made by midnight Tuesday. Smart shoppers should sign up for the email …
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AC IV's Controversial, Online Singleplayer Features Make Game Easier
While Ubisoft has yet to comment or clarify the extent to which it is gating some features with its Passport, we think we've been able to figure most of it out. …. There are also white whale locations that let you hunt the game's version of Moby-Dick …
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Black Friday, Cyber Monday Travel Deals: The 2013 Guidebook

Black Friday, Cyber Monday Travel Deals: The 2013 Guidebook
But we've scoured the Internet for the best-of-the-best to show would-be travelers how to save some serious dough while getting out into the world. From Canada to Cancun, here's a look at what's coming to a computer screen near year you after you …
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Phones in-flight
Both have been getting a tough time over their porous borders through which hundreds of thousands of migrants have been coming through from Turkey. In fact, Greece really did not have a refugee policy that was in line with EU rules and is now putting …
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Cloud delays landing, Ibobi eyes passport office
The State Government would now start working intensively to the effect that visa on arrival facilities are opened at Tulihal Airport an Moreh, and a regional passport office and a visa office are opened at Imphal. The Chief Minister informed that he …

Broken in the Badlands
The man had worked hard at getting lost, falling through the cracks, doing his best to become a small, insignificant cog in the wheel that kept the Badlands turning. … With no documents or passport, even his age and true name were impossible to verify.
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How the US government shutdown will impact your travel plans

146 – Getting a Passport
getting passport
Image by Holtsman
We all got our first passport today. That’s right, I’ve never been out of the states! No plans to go anywhere yet, but I hope that will change in the near future ūüôā

My boy was so excited to jump up and get his photo taken. Had to capture the moment for posterity.

How the US government shutdown will impact your travel plans
National parks in the US are being evacuated, American landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial have closed, and some citizens can expect delayed passport services. These are among some of the major consequences for tourists and …
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Passport gets e-boost: Cops verification to go online
RAIPUR: Now, getting a passport clearance is no big an ordeal. Following several complaints and inordinate delay in the verifications of applications, police and district special branch are planning to go hi-tech and make the police verification …
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Latest Passport Renewal Miami News

Travel and Tourism: Small Investments, Big Returns
Whenever I fly back from a trip outside the country, I'm always relieved to be carrying a U.S. passport, because the customs and immigration inspection lines for those who are not Americans or permanent residents always look an awful lot longer …
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US Travel urges Congress to speed up entry for foreign visitors
The report said that peak wait times for Customs processing this spring spiked as high as three hours and 20 minutes at Los Angeles and four hours and 40 minutes at Miami, according to data from Customs and Border Protection. The report said staffing …
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How often can I travel on my US visa?

How often can I travel on my US visa?
When you complete your online nonimmigrant visa application, you need to state your purpose for travel and choose the visa category that is appropriate for that purpose. The interviewing officer reviews that information and confirms that the visa …
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Homeland leak: how did new episode find its way online?
THE AMERICAN television series Homeland has experienced its very own security breach after the first episode of its upcoming series was leaked online a month ahead of its scheduled broadcast. The show's third series was due to debut in America on …
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International Travel: Pet Passports

International Travel: Pet Passports
This information must be filled out by a vet qualified to approve travel. It also contains the number of the identifying microchip that is required for all pets applying for a passport. Much like a human passport it has other pertinent information as …

US citizens need passport to travel
Obtaining a US passport while in the United States is straightforward and all of the information is available online at Since this will most likely be the first time that you're applying for a US passport, you will be required to …
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