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9 business-travel tips that will make life on the road in 2015 a lot easier
So if your passport expires in the second half of 2015, start the renewal process now so you won't get caught short. And do a physical reconnoiter of your passport, too. If you think you'll visit countries in 2015 that require a visa, you'll need at …
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My 50 Favorite Books of 2014
Cassedy visited the country to explore her own roots and to see if there was any hope for reconciliation and renewal. This eloquent, beautifully ….. Jim Vrabel, A People's History of the New Boston – Vrabel is the Howard Zinn of Boston. After …
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Tourism, children and young adults: Protecting our traveling youth
There are professional organizations such as: Global Secure Resources Inc located in Boston Massachusetts and ClearCause located in Minneapolis, Minnesota that can provide interested parties in location specific details and be advocates for American …
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Prize draw terms and conditions: Tourism Ireland

Prize draw terms and conditions: Tourism Ireland
Black out dates apply, including but not limited to UK nd Irish bank holidays and major sporting and cultural events. No part of the prize is redeemable as cash. Should the winner wish to choose an itinerary in excess of £2,000, they may do so on the …

China's crackdown on jihad leaves Uyghurs running scared
“An ordinary Chinese can apply for his passport and receive it in two to four weeks,” says Seytoff. “It is almost impossible for an ordinary Uyghur to apply and get a passport in this way.” Restrictions in Xinjiang are expected to get even tougher when …
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Good news! Now, Aadhaar card holders can get passport in just 10 days
The report further say, "In the new format, the applicant would apply online; he or she needs only to attach the Aadhaar card as the sole address and identity proof. The applicant will get the appointment within three days and in another seven days …
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Ireland's tourism minister shares good news: US tourist visits up 18% in

Ireland's tourism minister shares good news: US tourist visits up 18% in
Paschal Donohoe, TD, who serves as the Minister of Transport, Tourism and Sport told a Boston lunch gathering of the Irish American Partnership that he had just been given figures this morning that show that US tourist visits between June and August …
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Delta flight to Atlanta from Lincoln to boost business opportunities
MacArthur Airport now offering nonstop flights to Boston. WPIX – New York. People on Long Island can now turn to MacArthur Airport for nonstop service to Boston. The inaugural flight of Pen-Air took place today. The new airline will provide two daily …
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Chicago Tourism

Being the third largest city of the United States of America, Chicago houses over three million citizens. Chicago is known for its sports leagues, cultural attractions, tourist spots and natural beauty. Known as the Windy City, Chicago is the perfect place for couples and families but even singles can enjoy the wide range of attractions available.

Chicago is considered a very attractive tourist area because it has wide expanses of breath taking water bodies along with beautiful beaches that are quite well maintained. Not only that, but over 200 theatres are there to entertain you along with above 7300 eateries to cater to your hunger and taste. If you like cycling, you are going to love the fact that Chicago offers over 19 miles of paths where you can cycle as much as you feel like. The park lovers should definitely not miss this opportunity to explore the above 552 parks of Chicago. Chicago is more of a challenge to the art obsessives as you cant decide which one of the 200 art galleries is the best.

Chicago has the advantage of being the initiator is some of the major things of the world. TheAlder Planetarium was established around 1930s in Chicago and is proudly claimed to be the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. Apart from that, it is the only planetarium across the world which has two full size theatres in it. Not only that, but to give the final pleasing topping, the Planetarium also has a Museum Campus, Soldier Field, Shed Aquarium and the Field Museum. So you could have loads of fun in the renowned Alder Planetarium.

Chicago is even more famous for the Ferris wheel which Chicago revealed on the 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition. As if all these attractions werent enough, Chicago offers many night clubs, bars and lounges. You can make yourself feel at home here with friends or dance as much as you like to at public or private parties. Not only that but one special bar, the Cuvee Chicago is a very famous hot spot among celebrities. With accommodation of up to 400 people, you can arrange a mixture of hip hop, pop or rock and much more. Moreover, the Level Night Club Chicago is quite in among entertainment and sports superstars. In short, the Rush Street on which this specific night club is located is filled with excitement in terms of famous eating places and high class hotels.

Looking for a place where you can get some privacy along with some popular and decent music where a mere cocktail could make you feel superb? Well, try the NV Penthouse Lounge, where you can enjoy all these benefits. The magnificent place would let you in only if you have a cabana or a table reserved. So grab you chance and boast about this high class experience. You visit to Chicago would become moreenjoyable and memorable as you go on exploring the Windy City.

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02.16.12 (LAS CRUCES) — Leaders with the El Paso Passport Agency are preparing for one of their biggest events that provides people the right documents need…

Self- Funding: Passport to Medical Tourism for US Employers

Self- Funding: Passport to Medical Tourism for US Employers
Even though the increased cost for insurance has been shifted on the shoulders of working Americans, U.S. employers are identifying self-funding strategies that reconcile healthcare offerings with financial goals of the business – attracting and …
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Mukuni urges SADC to speed up uni-visa
"I'm hoping for the day when we will actually be marketing tourism as a region, not as individual countries, the way the European Union is doing through the Shengen visa, so that if one enters with passport in Malawi, he is able to get to South Africa …

Discrimination from Bahamian immigration
Just recently (June 2014), a friend of mine was denied entry into The Bahamas because of failure to meet the entry requirements. When I called and spoke to an … I was told by immigration officials that for the two days' plan of stay, a minimum of US …
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Travel and Tourism: Small Investments, Big Returns
Whenever I fly back from a trip outside the country, I'm always relieved to be carrying a U.S. passport, because the customs and immigration inspection lines for those who are not Americans or permanent residents always look an awful lot longer …
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US Travel urges Congress to speed up entry for foreign visitors
The report said that peak wait times for Customs processing this spring spiked as high as three hours and 20 minutes at Los Angeles and four hours and 40 minutes at Miami, according to data from Customs and Border Protection. The report said staffing …
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In Miami, Cuban travelers get taste of US tourism

In Miami, Cuban travelers get taste of US tourism
To his surprise, the U.S. Interests Section in Havana granted his visa request and the Cuban government issued him a passport. On a recent September morning, he took off on a direct, one-hour flight from Havana to Miami. "This is an experience I will …
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'White Widow' paid for SA passport
“It might have been at the time, but I think we have changed both the process of application as well as the character of the passport. As far as I am aware, up to today, all South Africans are able to travel without (difficulty) and are getting through …
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Travel & Tourism

37/365: the soul of travel
how to renew my passport
Image by Jess Gambacurta
I need to renew my passport. This one expired in December, though it got quite some use. I love how passports can tell stories and give timelines to travels—arrivals and departures—and encourage us to remember our experiences away from home.

Travel & Tourism
British nationals living in Italy or San Marino who need to renew their passport will soon have to send their passport applications to a central office in the UK. Processing times, however, will remain the same. From June 3rd this year, British …
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Woman who bragged about getting away with fatal crash in Oregon had built life
Officials don't know how she entered Canada, said Lisa White, a spokeswoman for Canada Border Services Agency, but in the late 1990s, it was not usually necessary for U.S. citizens to show a passport when crossing into Canada. Immigration authorities …
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Some question amnesia story as details emerge
26 when a downtrodden stranger walked into the JW Marriott in Palm Desert, asking for a job as a tennis coach. … He carried four forms of identification: a passport, a California identification card, a veteran's medical card and a Social Security …
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