Third Man Caught Scaling a NYC Bridge, This Time, 'For Fun'

Third Man Caught Scaling a NYC Bridge, This Time, 'For Fun'
As a result of his shenanigans and subsequent arrest, he had to surrender his passport and was ordered held on a $ 5,000 bond, while the organizers for his trip arranged a stay for him at a Bed-Stuy hostel. He was charged with reckless endangerment, …
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Despite National Guard presence, Ferguson clashes continue
Two men were shot in the crowd, officials said in a morning news conference, and 31 people — some from New York and California — were arrested. Fires were reported in two places. Police were shot at, authorities said, but did not fire their weapons.
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Adult Education: Finally Hip to the Game
Not too long ago, Santa Ana College instructor Susan Gaer found herself in class describing the steps required to obtain a passport. Her students – mostly English Language … With mobile technology, “everything the teacher can do in the classroom the …
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TSA Announces Enhanced Security Measures™ For International Flights Print This

TSA Announces Enhanced Security Measures™ For International Flights Print This
US officials have voiced concern that US and EU passport holders are joining ISIS/TIS in droves, only to return to their country of origin and blow everything up. According to yet another unnamed official, "…Washington [has] legal authority to …
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Biometrics in passport
In addition, the events of 9/11 or the subsequent changes to the US visa waiver programme resulted in the need for a more secure travel document. A new kind of passport called electronic passport (or E-Passport) … ICAO mandates & directives: The …
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How to Take 2 New Expired Listings This Week Without Picking Up the Phone

Sellers exist in every market you just need to find them. One can often feel like a miner from the 1880’s when trying to find a seller who is interested in actually selling their property and not just listing it. Expired listings provide a ready source of sellers who actually want to sell their property as they already took the time, hassle, and aggravation of listing their home in the first place.

It is true that some expired sellers have no intention of selling which is why they didn’t sell in the first place yet there is a group of expired listings who maybe weren’t told everything and desperately need help in order to accomplish their goal of selling their home and moving on to the next stage whether that be to buy another home or to just wait and see what happens in the real estate market.
In order to take two new listings and not pick up the phone there is one critical step that has to be accepted and that is, “You can’t look or act like a real estate agent!”. This may sound harsh but many sellers associate real estate agents with “salesman” and not in a nice way so you can’t look like you need their listing, want their listing, or that you are like every other real estate agent. You have to look completely different in order to get expired listings to take you seriously.
To take two listings this week try the following to make yourself look completely different than your competition.

Mail out a piece of to the expired seller – if you can’t afford the stamp drop it off at their house just make sure that they get a piece of mail and in that letter that you have for them you need to be different.
Have a marketing message that addresses their situation – sellers who have just had their home expire have a problem, their home didn’t sell. They aren’t looking for someone who is going to be like everyone else they need someone who is different and can step up. Provide a guarantee of the services that you provide and put it in writing. Guarantee the sale of their home, guarantee a price, guarantee a time frame, or guarantee a level of service and whatever you do put it in writing and be willing to work for it.
Make it easy to contact you 24/7 -When the seller wants to act they will act so make it easy to contact you by providing them 800# to contact you at or an e-mail to send a request for more information. Make it so easy to contact you they will do it and do it immediately.

Most of all as you do these items make sure that you follow-up with the leads that you will be getting so that you get those two listings this week and all without having to pick up the phone.

Joseph Bridges is a Coach and one of the founders of the Real Estate Success Program that empowers agents to use marketing to generate leads of motivated buyers and sellers in their market place.

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Sayed Kashua gets a phone call, and this time God couldn't help

Sayed Kashua gets a phone call, and this time God couldn't help
Besides the photo of the three-year-old, there was something else that worried me, on the form my wife filled out: The meager salary of social workers in Israel is sufficient cause for American authorities to suspect that she is actually trying to …
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Voting official answers last minute questions about voter IDs
College student photo ID., U.S. passport, a military ID, tribal photo ID," said King. King says IDs … "They'll go to the new precinct, fill out the voter form, they will vote a provisional ballot because they're not on the rolls in that precinct …
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Alternative Jurisdictional Bases for a Hybrid Tribunal for Syria
There is some indirect precedent for applying the protective principle in the war crimes context. Following World War II, occupation courts relied upon the protective principle to prosecute extraterritorial conduct against the interests of the …
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Get A US Passport Renewal and Use Your Vacation Days This Year

Ahh, vacation…a time to relax and unwind. Did you know that according to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, American workers leave a grand total of 459 million vacation days unused every year. Additionally, giving up the stress-reducing benefits of vacation can also potentially affect your health. For example, Royal Caribbean’s press release quoted John de Graaf, Executive Director of Take Back Your Time, who stated that men who take vacation days have a 32% lower risk of having heart disease, while women who take all of their vacation days cut their risk of heart disease in half.


It’s amazing what a vacation can do, and there’s no better way to get away from it all than to leave the country, even if you only go as far as Canada or Mexico. After all, when you leave the country, you suddenly have to deal with roaming charges for cell phone calls and roaming data charges for accessing the internet on your phone, so you have a perfect excuse to not be “always on.”


Before you book an international vacation, make sure to check the expiration date on your passport. Adult passports expire 10 years from the date they were issued, while child passports expire within 5 years.


Applying for your US passport renewal well in advance can help keep your vacation from inadvertently adding to your stress.

Remember, it generally takes about 6 weeks for a US passport renewal application to be processed with normal processing. If you pay a $ 60 expedite fee and fork over the money for overnight shipping to and from the passport office, you can cut the processing time down to 3 weeks door-to-door. For even faster service, you’ll have to make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency office capable of issuing same-day passports, or use a private passport expediting company for an additional fee.



Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Gerald Ensley: This would be a great time to take a powder

Gerald Ensley: This would be a great time to take a powder
He recognized an opportunity to disappear and seized it. He went to an ATM, got whatever cash he could and fled New York. He took a train or a bus and went far away (though probably remained in the USA, because who carries a passport to work). He got a …

'Passport' to all of NYC's fitness studios
The dancer turned entrepreneur, who runs Classtivity from her New York office, says the relationship benefits the boutique studios that sign up, too. RELATED: STRETCHING IS NO LONGER A WARMUP, IT'S THE WORKOUT. "A lot of them see us as a way to …
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Passport applications set to triple this summer

from RUSSIAN PASSPORT APPLICATION ALBUM. Credit: Russian Collection, Hamilton Library, University of Hawaii at Manoa
passport application
Image by Library Russian Collections
Non-commercial use only.

Passport applications set to triple this summer
Passport applications are expected to more than triple this summer as travellers rush to renew or replace their travel documents for their annual holiday. Between March and August, applications are expected to rise by more than three times as much as …

UID details may be used to process passport applications
PUNE: If the ministry of external affairs (MEA) has its way, passport officials across the country will soon have access to the passport applicants' Aadhaar information for the purpose of processing their applications. Top officials of the MEA and the …
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Be travel savvy this summer and apply early

Be travel savvy this summer and apply early
The demand for passports is being met with the help of extra staff who have been recruited for the busy period, but there are limited numbers of appointments at passport offices for fast track and premium services. HM Passport Office advises customers …
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Airline refuses service to Israelis in New York
“Do you have any other passports, other than the Israeli passport?” the agent asked. The Post reported that when the agent was told no, he said, “Since you have Israeli nationality, you will not be allowed to go on Saudi Airlines.” U.S. federal law …

New envoy to US grounded by striking Foreign Ministry
As a result, thousands of Israelis are stranded in foreign countries waiting to obtain renewed passports and visiting business VIPs who require visas had to cancel trips to Israel. Among those caught … He has also not been able to meet with staff …
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