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The tale of suffering related to passports do not end here as Nepali citizens applying through our foreign missions have to pay exorbitant rates, which are charged in expensive currencies like US dollar in America and British Pound in the UK. For …
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Ted Cruz, 100 Percent American
So as a US citizen, your child has a right to US citizenship wherever it is born, but you must register birth to US while abroad & get your child a US passport. Child born to a Canadian … Natural Born does not apply to Ted Cruz. I know because MY …
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'Sakawa ' boys daze US war veteran
According to him, after sending the money to the alleged girlfriend via Western Union, she scanned her passport and embossed it with her supposed picture and American visa to him, in the US. … The ex-US soldier further told this reporter that at a …
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USCIS Alert on Telephone Scams Targeting Applicants and Petitioners
A new telephone scam is taking advantage of immigrants applying for U.S. citizenship. Using a technique called "Caller ID spoofing," thieves posing as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officials display false information or inaccurate …
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Did Texas Sen. Ted Cruz diss dual citizens?
When he tried to renew his U.S. passport in 1960, the State Department balked, citing a law saying that a U.S. citizen forfeits his citizenship if he votes “in a political election in a foreign state.” In 1967, the Supreme Court reinstated Afroyim's …
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North Fort Myers man can't get drivers license renewed
They told us this is all apart of a new law that went into effect in 2010 that requires more documentation to renew your license. But it can cause … And since Vicks' adoption papers and passport are also in German, it's up to the State to review his …
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