How to Take a 'Game of Thrones' Tour of Northern Ireland

How to Take a 'Game of Thrones' Tour of Northern Ireland
The Northern Ireland tourism board hopes to attract tourists by billing itself as "The Real Westeros," thanks to its large number of Game of Thrones filming locations. Game of Thrones has already brought more than £87 million to Northern Ireland, where …
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InterContinental Hotels Launch 000 Bespoke Vacations
Gotham Air, the company that offers helicopter transfers to New York airports, has announced a promo code (FLY149) for any rides booked through February 22. The discounted rate will be $ 149, higher than the first-time price of $ 99 but lower than the …
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Nebraska HHS official recommends extending child welfare contract for another
LINCOLN — A top state official is recommending that Nebraska continue contracting out management of Omaha-area child welfare cases for another year. In a letter to lawmakers, Tony Green, acting children and family services director for the Department …
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Upgrading Egyptian mentality should take priority over expanding its

Upgrading Egyptian mentality should take priority over expanding its
… it has been badly managed ever since its inauguration; long passport control queues, extensive disorder in the baggage claim area with suitcases often arriving late, and taxi drivers and various agency representatives managing to cross into the …
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No Question of Resigning: Devyani Khobragade to NDTV After Losing Her Post
"It is true that she has been placed on compulsory wait," a source in the foreign ministry told news agency Agence France-Presse, adding that Ms Khobragade now faces an administrative inquiry. Compulsory wait implies that Ms Khobragade remains in …
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Cuba deal reveals new clues in case of Ana Montes, 'the most important spy you
Montes was soon rising through the ranks of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Miami Herald reported. Playing both sides, she took risks. She met Cuban handlers at D.C. Chinese restaurants. She used a fake Cuban passport. But she wasn't sloppy.
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How to Take 2 New Expired Listings This Week Without Picking Up the Phone

Sellers exist in every market you just need to find them. One can often feel like a miner from the 1880’s when trying to find a seller who is interested in actually selling their property and not just listing it. Expired listings provide a ready source of sellers who actually want to sell their property as they already took the time, hassle, and aggravation of listing their home in the first place.

It is true that some expired sellers have no intention of selling which is why they didn’t sell in the first place yet there is a group of expired listings who maybe weren’t told everything and desperately need help in order to accomplish their goal of selling their home and moving on to the next stage whether that be to buy another home or to just wait and see what happens in the real estate market.
In order to take two new listings and not pick up the phone there is one critical step that has to be accepted and that is, “You can’t look or act like a real estate agent!”. This may sound harsh but many sellers associate real estate agents with “salesman” and not in a nice way so you can’t look like you need their listing, want their listing, or that you are like every other real estate agent. You have to look completely different in order to get expired listings to take you seriously.
To take two listings this week try the following to make yourself look completely different than your competition.

Mail out a piece of to the expired seller – if you can’t afford the stamp drop it off at their house just make sure that they get a piece of mail and in that letter that you have for them you need to be different.
Have a marketing message that addresses their situation – sellers who have just had their home expire have a problem, their home didn’t sell. They aren’t looking for someone who is going to be like everyone else they need someone who is different and can step up. Provide a guarantee of the services that you provide and put it in writing. Guarantee the sale of their home, guarantee a price, guarantee a time frame, or guarantee a level of service and whatever you do put it in writing and be willing to work for it.
Make it easy to contact you 24/7 -When the seller wants to act they will act so make it easy to contact you by providing them 800# to contact you at or an e-mail to send a request for more information. Make it so easy to contact you they will do it and do it immediately.

Most of all as you do these items make sure that you follow-up with the leads that you will be getting so that you get those two listings this week and all without having to pick up the phone.

Joseph Bridges is a Coach and one of the founders of the Real Estate Success Program that empowers agents to use marketing to generate leads of motivated buyers and sellers in their market place.

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