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South Florida's Jewish 'Kindertransport' survivor grateful for Nicholas Winton
"So we forged the Home Office entry permits." Hitler occupied Czechoslovakia March 15, 1939. Winton was able to get 669 Jewish Czech children out of Prague in 8 trains. And there were 15 kids flown out of Sweden. The ninth train with 250 children didn …
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Floridians Are Heading to Syria and Iraq to Fight ISIS
It's a Thursday afternoon, mid-May, the sky pinking with sundown out here in the Redlands, where Miami-Dade County is swallowed whole by the Everglades. A blond and ready-to-pop pregnant Russian television …. Instead, he continued fight training and …
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Supreme Court strikes down 'born in Jerusalem' passport law
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court struck down a disputed law Monday that would have allowed Americans born in Jerusalem to list their birthplace as Israel on their U.S. passports in an important ruling that underscores the president's authority in …
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Gossip Girl Star Kelly Rutherford Clears the Air Regarding Her Custody Drama
Rutherford, who played matriarch Lily van der Woodsen on TV's Gossip Girl, said she has not seen her kids since March because when she flew to France last month to see them, Giersch insisted she relinquish their U.S. passports before visiting with them …
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Jerusalem passport, Facebook case opinions next up for Supreme Court?

Jerusalem passport, Facebook case opinions next up for Supreme Court?
United States was argued on December 1, 2014 and itis a case originating near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It is one of three cases still pending from December, with nine other cases already decided. Anthony Elonis is challenging a 44-month prison sentence …
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Visa complexity vexes parents of dual nationality Chinese children
This means that Chinese authorities will not recognize a child's passport from the home country of one of his parents until the parents make a formal — and complicated — application to "cancel" their child's Chinese citizenship. The process can take …
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