USP Labs Bodybuilding Supplements

The past few years have brought about several new bodybuilding supplements that have made a name for themselves. The face of bodybuilding supplements is always changing. New companies are always popping up with a new line of supplements. The second a company comes out with a new product that seems to be doing well all the other major supplement companies decide to make their own version. That is they way this industry is. It has always been that way and probably always will.

Pre workout supplements have been very popular over the past few years and they will continue to be popular. A relatively new company, USP Labs have created a product called Jack3d. Jack3d is a new pre workout supplement that has pretty much taken over this sub niche. It contains relatively new compounds that look promising. Users are reporting great results with this supplement. Now supplement companies are rushing to produce a product with similar ingredients. I can think of two companies off the top of my head that are producing a new product to compete with Jack3d as we speak.

You will also start to see new fat burners by the major supplement companies in the near future. USP Labs has also introduced a new fat burner that contains some of the same stimulants that their pre workout supplement contains. Oxy Elite Pro is the new fat burner by USP. Users are reporting stimulant like effects with this fat burner. So it is just a matter of time before every new fat burner to hit the market will contain these same ingredients.

USP Labs seems to be a forerunner in new supplement development. Not only do they have the above mentioned supplements, they have also created popular products such as Powerfull and Anabolic Pump.

They are finding relatively novel compounds and using them with pretty good effectiveness in their products. They will continue to produce new novel products to please their growing loyal following.

As mentioned earlier, the supplement industry is a copycat industry. To be a popular company you have to produce new, effective products on a regular basis. You have to do this on a regular basis to stay on top. Just ask Muscletech how difficult this can be. Muscletech spends more money in promotion than any other supplement company and it could only keep them on top for so long. The key for these companies is again, to produce good products, products that work. Of course the most important thing for a supplement company to do is to produce products that work. Who cares if it looks fancy or says a lot of words you cannot pronounce.

All the things mentioned above should be considered when deciding to take a new supplement or line of supplements. USP Labs seems to be a good company that produces good products. Anabolic Pump, Powerfull, Jack3d, and Oxy elite pro have been big sellers and they are constantly getting good reviews by their users. If you are looking for a new supplement to take, or new line of supplements to try, give USP Labs a try.

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