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Day 461: I’m Not Who I Was
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I’ve been very aware that my license picture is devastatingly outdated due the the pretty intense transformation that has occurred over the last 5 years… But I hadn’t realized just how stark the comparison is, over a span of 10 years… wow!

Obviously I sent off my Passport renewal app today, here’s to hopin’ and prayin’ it all goes through with out issue!

Change Of Address And United States Postal Service

Those found guilty of providing incorrect and erroneous data could be penalized with a fine or jail term or both. The rules are very strict because any change recorded will be effected simultaneously in all related areas. It is not just a simple message to the office of the Postal Service requesting for all letters to be forwarded to the new address. This rule is meant to be rigorously followed in the U.S. and there is nothing discretionary about it. It is a mandatory procedure like voting for the candidate in the election.

A citizen has two choices – either he could correspond directly with the United States Postal Service, or he could utilize the services of the appropriate agencies to redirect the instruction and request of change of address to the Postal Service.

The change in address is effected by doing the following:

1. You should inform by giving the details in the format below:

PART A – Details of Old address

a) Name of the individual / company / firm – first name, middle name, last name

b) Previous address

c) Telephone No. Land line / Mobile / Fax No.

d) E mail address : communication after effecting change of address will be sent to this E Mail ID.

e) Date of birth of individual / Date of commencement of stay in the previous address.

f) Type of move to new place: Temporary / Permanent

If temporary, the duration of stay in new place and probable date of shifting to old place.

g) No. of persons moving With family or singly

h) In case of company / firm The entire office will be shifted

PART B – Details of new address

a) Purpose of shifting

b) Street,

c) Door No.

d) Apartment / Suit

e) City

f) State

g) Zip Code

h) Telephone No. LL / Mobile

i) E mail ID If different from the old one

j) No.of persons staying in new place

A statement is required from the individual or company guaranteeing that he has only provided factually correct data in the form and that he/they would not hold anyone else other than themselves responsible if this communication results in some kind of judicial action. The communication with the above details can be sent by secured mail say registered or courier with acknowledgment.

There are many private outfits on the internet who offer the services of helping an individual or a firm to have their address change intimated to the Postal Service office. These service providers are officially certified to carry out the task of sending the appropriate communication to the US postal authorities. You need to pay a token service charge to them for availing of this service. In view of the trust and want of time under busy schedule of life in the US, the citizens and residents are availing of this service.

Find more info on post office change of address and united states postal service change of address.

Flying Abroad To Russia: Getting Both A United States Passport And Russian Visa

Tensions were high between the two superpowers during the Cold War; since then, the Americans and Russians have fixed their alliance and eased the visa requirements. In spite of the ease in tensions between the two, there is a checklist of tasks that flyers must complete, and if you expect to travel, whether it be on business or for pleasure, you will need both a passport and visa. For the first-time traveler who has never gone out of the U.S., he may be unsure of the procedures for applying for a passport or Russian visa.

Passport Qualifications

A United States passport is a bit tough to acquire and requires travelers to complete a few small steps from the U.S. State Department’s website.

Step one: Fill out a DS-11 form either online or by hand, and in order to finish the document, you will need to provide your social security number and a valid home address.

Step two: When finishing your DS-11 form, it is vital to remember to not sign the document until an Acceptance Agent has gone over everything and given you permission to sign the form.

Step three: You may submit your forms to a certified government building, but if you are not positive where to submit the paperwork to, you may click on the provided link to find the nearest government building.

Step four: United States Passports requirements state that an applicant must include valid proof of citizenship along with their DS-11 forms, and proof may come in the form of a copy of a naturalization certificate, birth certificate or certificate of citizenship. When applying in person, you must have proof of identification, either with government identification, driver’s license or citizenship certificate.

Step five: Make photocopies of your identification documents using blank white sheets of paper, then simply pay the fee and include an additional photo used for your passport.

Russian Visa Requirements

Russian Visas, no matter the class you apply for, will all have the same prerequisites for procurement.

Step one: You must understand the type of visa you need for your trip, and if you are unsure as to which one you will need, you may click on the following link:

Step two: Once you understand the type of visa you may need, you need to receive an invitation for a Russian visa, normally provided to you through a travel agent.

Step three: Pick up the Russian visa abroad from the Russian embassy; for travelers, this is often the hardest part of applying for a visa.

Travel Document Systems, Inc. is the leading travel agency for visas and US passports. For nearly 30 years we have served travel professionals, tour operators, cruise lines, as well as corporate and individual international travelers. TDS specializes in travel that involves visas for more than one country.

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States United States Re

Ministry of Commerce has just announced the 2004 national ranking of retail business chain, Gome to 23.88 billion yuan in sales ranked second reelection as the first Chinese home appliance retail industry. In the same year, China successfully listed on the United States, completed the basic layout of the country; to the end of the year, Gome’s Direct stores across the country has reached 200.

Industry, said 2005 will be China’s home appliance retail chain fast-growing year, with the full opening up of retail, it will be the most competitive year. But with the maturity of China’s home appliance retail sector, foreign investors will be smiling strength strong “invasion.”

It is learned that China’s home appliance retail market capacity is about 400 billion yuan per year, while the profits of manufacturers and businessmen between the annual showdown between the lower. But in the face of the home appliance retail market is quite complex, and not a big market capacity, large chain enterprises rely on their industry and markets mature, still maintained a good momentum

With the December 11, 2004, after China’s accession to WTO to protect certain sectors of the end of 3 years, China’s foreign retailers to fully realize the “three open”, which means that unlimited foreign retail companies will flock to China . According to statistics, more than 10,000 supermarkets in the country store, whether business area of 5,000 square meters, or 10,000 square meters or more, foreign retailers have been overwhelmingly dominated. Clearly, foreign retailers are increasingly threatening the local retail enterprises in China.

However, China’s home appliance retail sector, so far, no foreign investment into too much of the impact of China’s home appliance retail industry remains “promised land” look.

Because its strength has grown, local home appliance retailers in the face of foreign “invasion” is very comfortable. GOME Ho, vice president marketing, said Yang Qing, China 18 years with the United States created the situation today, will not be foreign-funded enterprises by shaking overnight. He said that foreign retailers can not state at present the slightest threat to the United States.

However, China’s retail

fully open to foreign investment, still indicates that China’s home appliance industry has been in circulation to the critical period of change. According to Ministry of Information Industry, CCID, IDC and other institutions, in 2005 the domestic market alone will reach the digital IT scale of 400 billion yuan; America’s largest home appliance chain Bestbuy also predict that China will become the world’s largest consumer market. Such a huge market potential and development space for China’s home appliance retail industry provides a huge space for development, the face of the unknown gradually into the market and foreign-funded enterprises in China, has entered a mature phase of the appliance retail industry will move towards where we wait and see.

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