Gwynne Dyer: EU citizenship is the gold standard in terms of passports

Gwynne Dyer: EU citizenship is the gold standard in terms of passports
A U.S. passport is no longer so desirable, because U.S. tax and reporting requirements apply to American citizens no matter where they live in the world, and many countries impose tit-for-tat visa requirements in response to U.S. border controls …

The Independent View: Non-gender-specific passports – why the EDM matters
This motion would help to give us an equal place in society. It would help, not hinder, identification, as many of us would then find our bodies more closely matched our ID, avoiding the familiar confusion and unpleasantness at passport control. It …
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Parcel couriers vs standard postal service

It can be a tough choice when deciding which delivery company to use when sending off a parcel, the Post Office was always the service that everyone looked to and trusted to make sure there delivery arrived reliably and safely, however with a recent decrease of post offices within the country and the unreliability of the standard postal service, the number of people opting for online couriers has increased.

There are many benefits of using parcel couriers; first of all you miss out on those exceedingly long and annoying queues at the local post office, waiting to be called to get your package weighed. With online parcel couriers your parcel is collected straight from your front door, at a time and date arranged by you, this makes the hassle of sending off your packages as stress free as possible, and It makes your day to day life so much easier and simple as you don’t have to worry about what time the post office is open to get your package sent on time.

With parcel delivery companies you can even get your parcel collected from your work address to make it as uncomplicated and stress free as possible. Parcel couriers can also offer collection in the same day if arranged early enough and get it to arrive at its destination the following day. With the advancements in parcel companies, online commerce and online shopping has benefitted greatly as it is now simple and more reliable to get things delivered, it has also made keeping in touch with friends and loved ones a lot easier, as it’s effortless to send them packages or gifts all around the world.

Another benefit of using parcel companies is that you can arrange everything from the comfort of your home computer, so you can sit back relax and let the courier do the hard work for you, and if you still need ease of mind that your package is going to arrive safely and on time you can even track your parcel once it has been collected to see exactly at what stage of the delivery process it is, this can set your mind at ease that your package will arrive safely and on time.

So you can sit back relax and let the courier do everything.

Using online parcel services is easy and there are many sites offering cheap quotes. With parcel courier services you can include insurance, which will give that added relief that even if your package gets damaged or lost, you can claim for full refund for the cost of the item.

With a range of cheap parcel delivery services make sure the Ireland parcel delivery you choose is the best one for you.