Attorney general says Speaker hid US$16 million in Swiss bank

Attorney general says Speaker hid US million in Swiss bank
BRASILIA — The Brazilian Attorney General's Office yesterday accused the Speaker of the Lower House Eduardo Cunha of hiding US$ 16 million in Swiss bank accounts in a new twist to the political battle gripping the country. The Attorney's General's …
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Government officials briefed on Cloud Technology
"Just to get their passport renewed, people have to go through the entire tedious protocol all over again, which is basically of no use. Why should they give their details over and over again. Cloud can help us there, as we would have access to the …
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How to get a US passport renewed in 24 hours
Don't make the mistake of using special, non-government agencies that charge up to $ 500, and ultimately just go through the Passport Agency. Not near an agency? Check whether there's a Passport Acceptance Facility nearby, or call the National Passport …
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