Grapevine: 'District of confusion' for TSA agent

Grapevine: 'District of confusion' for TSA agent
She was fired from her ObamaCare job when the U.S. Attorney's Office discovered she had lied on her immigration paperwork. The subsequent indictment says she was sentenced to life for the bombings but released after 10 … Ashley Brandt tells the …
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1000 protest to save rural post offices
The Post Offices in rural Ireland are also in danger of losing the Passport contract, and other services. People in rural Ireland are being isolated more and more, particularly the most vulnerable, the elderly, the sick and the unemployed, Irish Rural …
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Menendez vows action on international parental child abductions
“I've spent 800 days of my life in these buildings,” said Braden, whose wife used a fraudulent passport to take their daughter, Melissa, to Japan in 2006. “I've met with former … I've met with virtually every single senator in office today. And I …
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Australia Post sell-off would 'devastate' rural towns

Australia Post sell-off would 'devastate' rural towns
If there was no facility to provide that service to the people of Braidwood or any other little town like us, what would they do?" Stressing that he spoke as a small business owner, not on behalf of Australia Post, the 62-year-old said while …
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sell -off would 'devastate' rural towns
… offices closed. Post offices served as hubs for small towns, he said. Mr Keeley said his post office offered passport application and other services, without which Braidwood residents would need to drive an hour to Canberra or 45 minutes to …
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