Distribution – a new step for third countries but not the end of the road

Distribution – a new step for third countries but not the end of the road
It is however a different story for Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States of America for which ESMA did not make a final assessment, mentioning different issues at this stage, which will result in a delay in obtaining potential access to the EU …
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Deals: New -0 coupons on all of Apple's early-2015 MacBook Pros, plus a
The first option is to purchase an early-2015 13" MacBook Pro without AppleCare and get your choice of a free or heavily discounted accessory, instant discounts, and additional coupon discounts of up to $ 30. The second … When using the price links …
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Texas, recognize these children
A birth certificate establishes a person's existence under the law, and is a crucial way to prove citizenship, enroll in school, enter the workforce and obtain a driver's license. The pending … Texas will accept only a valid foreign passport if you …
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Tips to make your next road trip a learning experience for the whole family

Tips to make your next road trip a learning experience for the whole family
washingtonpost.com © 1996-2014 The Washington Post. Help and … What started for us as a spontaneous day trip to simply check another state (Iowa) off our list ended up being one of the most fun and meaningful learning experiences to date. … Our …
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Fall 2014 Passport day at UT Tyler Oct. 18
“The UT Tyler Office of International Programs has partnered with the U.S. Postal Service to provide this important service to the campus community and public,” Dr. Kennedy said. “We want to make applying for a passport convenient for everyone.”.
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Green Jacket Required for Scott on the Road

passport replacement
Image by sparky_vision
The contents of the backpack, minus the magic box that allows me to pull anything I need for any given situation out of thin air.

From (roughly) top to bottom, left to right.

1. Wegner Gear backpack. The heart and soul of the whole operation.
2) Various pens.
3) Various Sharpies. The little ones I got myself, the big ones were a gift from mom² and my little sister Eva.
4) Lighting folder which contains a set of French curves, lighting tech sheets, set lists, and patch sheets.
5) Current Rose Brand and Dazian Fabrics catalogs.
6) Sewing kit.
7) Gel swatchbooks, Apollo and Rosco.
8) Laptop / iPod power.
9) The Pocket Ref. Everything you need to know in life, and then some.
10) Moleskine notebook for set / lighting design ideas.
11) Bag for misc cables / adapters.
12) Bag for DMX / audio adapters.
13) Sekonic L-558 Cine light meter.
14) Various notebooks for audio, lighting, general, and sketching.
15) Artwork box with markers, Liquid Paper, pencil sharpener, sketching pencils, and kneaded erasers.
16) USB floppy disk drive.
17) Calculator.
18) Basic first aid kit.
19) Surefire G2 flashlight.
20) Bandit Technical Reference Disk.
21) China marker.
22) Replacement Surefire lamp.
23) Laptop screen cloth.
24) Small Fuji camera.
25) iPod
26) Mechanic’s gloves. (My SetWears are in another bag.)
27) Box of Lithium 123 batteries for flashlights.
28) Tube of Superglue.
29) Passport.
30) Crappy ear buds.
31) Various USB thumbdrives, WYSIWYG dongle, and Calibug.
32) Sunscreen.
33) Tin of mints.
34) Fluke distance meter / laser rangefinder.
35) iPhone 3GS.
36) Surefire E2L LED flashlight. (worn on left hip.)
37) Gerber knife.
38) Leatherman Wave (worn on left hip.)
39) Set of earplugs.
40) Logitech travel USB mouse.
41) 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Green Jacket Required for Scott on the Road
Adam Scott, Australian by birth and Swiss by passport, confided Wednesday that he regularly hauls his size 40-regular jacket to tournament locales. For him, it is … He pounded the club, causing its head to snap off and leaving him in need of a …
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PDP CRISIS: FG withdraws Mark, Tambuwal passports
The Federal Government on Saturday ordered the withdrawal of all diplomatic passports of National Assembly (NASS) members, including that of Senate President David Mark and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal. … Presidency, it was …
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Revenue Cycle Management Muscles Atop Hospital Priorities As C-suites
Both research sets provide analysis on the replacement RCM market as healthcare systems strategize the upgrades to patient billing and collection processes. … Other large hospital and academic medical center top performing ranked software include …
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Say 'I do' to a booze cruise
Cover can include replacement car and recovery of your own car all the way back to Ireland if that's what you need." Heading home with their 10 cases … "They kept saying 'Dublin', but of course on the passport it said 'Baile Atha Cliath'. So that …
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