DFA waives passport replacement requirements for 'Yolanda' victims

DFA waives passport replacement requirements for 'Yolanda' victims
The DFA said these requirements are the affidavit of mutilation, affidavit of loss of valid passport, and the penalty fee for lost valid passports (P250 for machine-readable and P350 for electronic passports). But the agency said applicants should …
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Filing for government-issued replacement immigration documents can be difficult
Q: I came to the U.S. as a visitor in 1998. I lost my I-94 Arrival/Departure Document and my passport. So, I have no proof of lawful entry. Now I am married to a U.S. citizen. I understand that if I can prove lawful entry, I can interview here for …
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State Travel Requirements
Many neighboring states have formed reciprocal livestock health arrangements so people who travel frequently with their horses between the states can obtain an “equine passport” or equine interstate event permit (EIEP). Horse owners in the mid-Atlantic …
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I've had passport thrown in my face
When airlines overbook flights, it is the ground handler's staff who have to break such bad news to travellers. "Oh yes, it happens quite often," says Sats' airport customer service officer (CSO) Muliana Othman, 36. Three to four out of 10 flights from …
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Cruz Moves to Stop American ISIL Fighters from Reentering the U.S.
With intelligence reports indicating that up to 100 Americans could be fighting with ISIL and similar terror groups in the Middle East, Cruz and other lawmakers have warned that current U.S. regulations do not prevent these American passport holders …
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The Voting Rights Act Is Not Dead — But Texas Is Still Battling It Out in Court
Section 5 of the 1965 act stipulated that certain states and other jurisdictions needed federal approval before making any changes to their voting law. With that provision eliminated, the state … Today, to vote in Texas you need one of seven photo …
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Smart leaders
Second, Europe is trembling on the brink of a Christian jihad as Barack Obama's “broad coalition” threatens a more deadly version of the American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The combination presents Modi with a delicate challenge. India must …
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Requirements To Get A Polish Passport

Confirm Citizenship Of Poland

Ciudadania polaca in Spanish is definitely the act of being a Polish resident and you can use a Polish ID in order to prove you’re a Polish resident. Some other documents that you must possess if you don’t presently hold a Polish Passport or ID card all need to be in Polish. You might have documents that you must get licensed which demonstrate your Polish ancestry like birth records of your parents or perhaps grandparents or their baptism records or maybe matrimony certificates.

Confirmation Of Having Polish Citizenship

This really is a good way to confirm your own Polish citizenship or to determine if you have lost it if for some reason you do not possess of the documents in order to demonstrate you are a Polish resident. This method entails making an application for this confirmation and it’s also an authorized document that you get by going through the official process. You need a few particular documents to do this. This is especially true if you are originated from Polish relatives and you are in a direct line with that family member. This may happen because your forebears had been Polish emigrants who settled outside of Poland. Basically you’re allowing the actual Polish authorities investigate your own family tree. And you’ll need a comprehensive summary in Polish of your life history.

Some Documents Required

This is just some of the documents that you will need whenever you submit your application pertaining to citizenship in Poland to get a Polish passport. A few are statements stating nobody renounced their own Polish citizenship. A number of them tend to be matrimony, birth as well as death certificates all licensed.

A Lengthy Process

If you don’t know if you have Polish citizenship because you don’t have a ID card you will find the process can take a lengthy period of time to obtain the responses you need.

Lots of the documents have to be originals that won’t end up being returned to you. You can seek an attorney to perform a bit of the investigation for you personally. Otherwise you can get the Polish consulate and get a power of attorney for someone who you know in Warsaw who is able to help speed up the procedure a bit. But the entire process with the lawyer and a power of attorney or not can take from 6 months to two or more years.

To get any legal assistance such as civil, administrative, commercial and company law in Poland, refer to CK law offices at the following link ciudadania polaca

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US Passport Requirements For Taking a Cruise

In the economic times we are living in today, taking a cruise has become a very affordable way for a couple or a family to still be able to enjoy a vacation. Due to the growing popularity of a cruise, more people are questioning the travel requirements needed for U.S. Citizens.

Effective June 1, 2009, leniency has been allowed for U.S. Citizens taking a “closed-loop” cruise, where a U.S. passport will not be required to sail. A “closed-loop” cruise is defined as a sailing that originates and terminates in the same U.S. port.

Although a passport is not required for these “closed-loop” cruises, you will need proof of citizenship and a government-issued photo ID, such as an original or certified copy of a birth certificate and a driver’s license. If you are traveling with children, they will also be required to carry a birth certificate and a photo ID if over the age of 15.

However, if your cruise is scheduled to begin and end in different U.S. ports, or if it will begin and end in a foreign port, a valid passport or other recognized WHTI-compliant document is required. And note that a valid passport is required if you are traveling on any of the Europe cruises.

This new ruling will be great for a person taking a last minute cruise, and will not have the time to get a passport processed in time. But it is still highly recommended to cruise with a passport if possible. If for any reason you need to fly from the U.S. to a foreign port when missing your scheduled embarkation, or if you need to fly back to the U.S. midway through your cruise due to an emergency, this would not be possible without your passport.

Don’t misunderstand the leniency of the passport requirement with proof of citizenship.

All people going on any cruise will still be required to show proof of citizenship in order to take a cruise. If you can’t present a valid document at check in, you will be denied boarding and no refund will be issued.

Investing in a U.S. passport is necessary, and certainly a wise investment for anyone wanting to see the world. But it is good to know that a person can still get away for a 3 day cruise, or even longer without one. Just be sure your cruise will qualify for the exception to the rule. Happy sailing!

Let’s get away! Now there’s no reason not to plan the cruise of your dreams today! Go to http://www.daytodaytravel.com for some of the greatest cruise deals around. Or contact Travel Agent Larry Buhandt: 615-824-9772 for assistance. To get more information, or to obtain a passport application, you can also visit http://www.travel.state.gov