Green, maroon passports have to be renewed: Philippine Embassy

Green, maroon passports have to be renewed: Philippine Embassy
DUBAI: Filipinos still in possession of handwritten (manual/green) or machine readable passports (MRPs/maroon) should find time to apply for the biometric or electronic formatted dark maroon travel document in order not to be inconvenienced from Nov 25 …
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US Embassy closed in observance of the United States' 239th Anniversary of
… of the U.S. Embassy's Consular Section via telephone: 242-322-1181. General information on Consular services, including procedures for obtaining or renewing a passport or visa, is available on the U.S. Embassy's website at
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Expedited and Renewed Passport Services Available Through

Expedited and Renewed Passport Services Available Through
Typically these centers are located at post offices and County Clerk's offices nationwide. … advises that all mail should be sent through FedEx Priority Overnight or UPS Next Day services, and not U.S. Postal Service Express Mail.
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Expired shotgun certificate and passport stolen
A PASSPORT and an expired shotgun certificate was stolen from a VW Transporter van parked outside a home in Kempsey. Thieves … Remember you are personally responsible for what you post on this site and must abide by our site terms. Do not post …
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How an ice storm renewed my Christmas spirit

How an ice storm renewed my Christmas spirit
I immediately trekked through the Ottawa cold to take passport photos. My best friend and a close friend's mother agreed to be my references for my application. My boyfriend signed a sheet confirming that my passport photo was “in my likeness,” despite …
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How Professionals from Different Industries Can Improve Their Productivity
The Passport has a 13MP camera capable of shooting high resolution images. The camera and the BlackBerry Hub will allow an architect to share photos from the work site and other details with their colleagues. In addition, the BlackBerry Assistant will …
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Man accused of trying to sell carrier plans to Egypt in court
"At the conclusion of the meeting, Awwad agreed to provide the undercover FBI agent with passport photos which would be used to produce a fraudulent Egyptian passport so Awwad could travel to Egypt without alerting US government officials." On Oct. 23 …

Uighurs plan renewed bid for British naturalisation

Uighurs plan renewed bid for British naturalisation
The deal, brokered with the US by then Premier Dr Ewart Brown, left the men stranded, while other Uighurs held at Guantánamo who went to countries like Sweden and Switzerland were eventually issued with passports. Although citizenship was promised, …
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How to avoid tourist bus transport when visiting Anzac Cove, Gallipoli
I don't want to sit on a bus with a big group of international tourists, nor do I want to hire a car, what do you suggest as an alternative for us? … I do not want to have to spend approximately $ 550 to renew our passports if it is not necessary …
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Yes, Passports Do Need to Be Renewed!

Now-a-days, many more people have taken the time and trouble to apply for a passport, even if they don’t travel much.  Passports can be used for any type of identification, and even traveling within the United States with a passport makes it quick and easy to pass through the security checkpoint at airports. Most people who have a passport tend to put them away somewhere until they need it, only to be unpleasantly surprised to find their passport has either expired or will do so by the time they leave on their overseas vacation. 

Adult passports are good for 10 years, and children every five. Since the processing time can be delayed for any number of reasons, renewing a passport within a year of expiration is a good idea. There is a bit of paperwork and, of course, a fee, but the process is much easier than a first-time application.  

Except in certain situations, most passports can be renewed by mail. This saves you the time of having to locate a passport agency and stand in line to have your signature witnessed.  

Every government agency needs its paperwork, and passport renewal is no exception. You’ll need to complete the form DS-82, “Application for a U.S. Passport by Mail”, which can be found online or at most post offices. Always print carefully and use black ink. Don’t forget to sign it!  If you’ve changed your name, such as a marriage or divorce, you’ll need to include a certified original of any supporting documentation.  

Since you’ll need to send your current passport along with your application, it’s always a good idea to make a photocopy. In fact, photocopy your renewed passport when you receive it, as replacing a lost or stolen passport is easier if a copy is available. 

The fee for renewing a passport is $ 75.00.

Make the check payable to the U.S. Department of State and include it along with the other paperwork.  

When you’re ready to mail everything, plan for the worst by using a traceable means of mailing such as certified mail. Also, mail can and does get damaged in transit, so pick a durable mailing envelope such as the “Tyvek” type, which are water resistant and strong.  

Renewed passports typically take 3 to 4 weeks from the time of receipt, but times could be longer if there’s a backlog or anything is wrong with your paperwork. Expedited service is available for those in a hurry. Check the website for the U.S. Department of State for important details.  

Once you’ve received your renewed passport, you can tuck it away for another 10 years or until you’re ready for your next trip.

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