Carson: 'Poor people have pride too'

Carson: 'Poor people have pride too'
GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson argued on Sunday that lawmakers did not understand what it is like to live in poverty. ADVERTISEMENT. “I've experienced every economic level,” Carson told host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” “Poor people …
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Transcript: Obama's speech at Selma marking 'Bloody Sunday' anniversary
If you think nothing's changed in the past 50 years, ask somebody who lived through the Selma or Chicago or L.A. of the Fifties. Ask the female CEO who once might have … President Reagan signed its renewal when he was in office. President Bush signed …
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Ukraine's military mobilization undermined by draft dodgers
If he has to, he said, he would try to get a Romanian passport, for which he is eligible as a resident of a border town. “You know, I would go serve as something like a medical worker,” Maxim said. “But I don't have that education. And after the …
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Kerre McIvor: The perils of online dating

Kerre McIvor: The perils of online dating
Any new singleton, wary of dipping their toe into the murky water of online dating, must surely be even more cautious after two news stories this week highlighting the perils of such behaviour. The one that … When he said he couldn't afford to travel …
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Glitch crashes global US passport, visa operations
WASHINGTON (AP) – The State Department says a computer glitch has caused major delays in its passport and visa issuance operations at its embassies around the world, potentially leaving millions of people awaiting U.S. travel documents in the lurch.

Pride and prejudice
There is no need to presume that CEO-designate Christoph R. Mueller will not be able to do the job simply because he does not hold a Malaysian passport. … Sadly, it has to take two tragedies for us to wake up to the reality that we need to cure the …
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