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Bangladeshi missions in UAE hope to update hand-written passports by November
Today we received only 150 new applicants at the embassy,” he said on Sunday. “There are many people who travel home for holidays and get their passport converted, so there could be about 100,000 to 150,000 still to get new digital passports and this …
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Fifa president Sepp Blatter will stand for re-election today against a backdrop of uncertainty following the FBI investigation into long-standing corruption. A host of football leaders and pundits from across Europe have called for Mr Blatter to either …
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City of Issaquah lowers price for passport photos
Passport application fees vary. Fees are payable by check or money order only; debit and credit cards are not accepted. In addition to the passport application fee, each application includes a $ 25 processing fee payable to the city of Issaquah by check …
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BlackBerry Passport Unboxing & Quick Review

BlackBerry Passport Unboxing & Quick Review BlackBerry Passport Unboxing, BlackBerry Passport Quick Review, BlackBerry Passport Design Review, BlackBerry Pas…
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Today we go hands-on with BlackBerry’s fairly unique flagship – the Passport. We go quickly go over its specs, its rather unique keyboard and its price. You …
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The Load Runner Rush

Have been dejected for not having a loadrunner to your resume? Well, you won’t be this time after you have read this! There are certainly the best of options to give that bounce to your profile after having contacted the right loadrunner connoisseurs.

Well yes, it is undoubtedly a mad rush in the loadrunner market and finding an expert in this rush can be very challenging and difficult! But then, there are still doors you haven’t knocked and still firms you haven’t given a chance to prove their expertise. Not all are the same. Accepted that about 95% of the resumes out in the market are themselves skilled in the loadrunner but are fraudulent by nature for the resume-holder possesses only his marginal skills at his best! The refines skills in application, testing, data-base architecture and communication are what organizations look for and that is exactly what you should be adding to your worthy resume!  

It is essentially the skill that you need to flaunt off. Ethnically offshore firms use the Software Quality Assurance companies as mere ‘dumping grounds’ for freshers who prove their efficacies in development and management roles and training is hardly ever given. If you are one among them, you would just be tossing roles after roles for years together with just the mere tools you have or are given! You don’t want that happening to you, do you?

No, I certainly don’t want that!

Well then all you need to do is search for good Loadrunner Groups that cater to you the best of their services but at the same time you should also be expecting an equal level of skill from your outsourced service providers. You are definitely well aware of the fact that if you lose out on the efficiencies in the serive deliveries, it will only offset cost-gains to a lower price per hour! What you must indeed look out for is one that provides to you an efficient rate per hour with the appropriate services. Ensure that the loadrunner performance testers are thorough professionals and not the transitional people or interns! Your performances are best judged by the  Loadrunner Reports and graphs that are in turn produced by the analysis tool. You could also merge all your graphs containing data so that the response time is affected towards a better understanding of the performance.   

What you should be looking out for!

You might be offered a lot of price bands and their according services. Starting from lower ranges to the highest of ranges, you have an array to choose from to meet your requirements. Ultimately it depends on your requirements. You might need either or all of the services such as the script recording, Web script development, test construction and execution, database script development, analysis of the poor performance, windows sockets script development, management of performance requirements, CRM script development, management of performance test projects and also a personal account personnel! Now with so many requirements, you ought to tie up with one which gives you a fairly fgood deal per hour based on the services you pick up.   

If distinctively engineered services within a highly competitive market is what you are looking for, then remember it is just a click away. A few precautions and lo! Find yourselves being catered the best of the best!  

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Information About American Passport Expediting

Obtaining passport expedited service is an option that you may want to consider if you want to assure that you can get your travel documents in time for your upcoming trip. In actuality, there can be many reasons why you may need to get your documents quickly in order for you to travel. If you are unfamiliar with these types of options, you may want to educate yourself with some of the following information.

There are actually a vast amount of reasons why people would need to have their travel documents very quickly. Sometimes the documents may even be needed so soon in order for the individual to be able to leave for their traveling arrangements. Alternatively, some people are interested in passport expedite options because they want to get their documents quickly and not worry about the long processing periods.

Regardless of the reason for having an interest in these types of services, it is important to understand that there are numerous options that can be used. You should explore and consider all of the options that are available and what your overall goals are. These goals can be good examples for you to consider when budgeting for your trip.

There are numerous types of expediting services that you can use to assist you. You should consider how soon you want to get your documents in correlation with your travel time. These are factors that will also be important because it will help you to understand which options will allow you to have your documents within the weeks or days before your travel time.

If you want to have your documents available within days, this is typically popular with emergency expediting services. Usually these are special services that you will only find in situations where you need to have documents shipped so you can leave to travel. In these situations you will need to show proof that you are traveling and that it is indeed an emergency situation.

Alternatively, there are some services that can also give you expedited services within a matter of days for a larger price. With these types of services, you truly need to consider how much of your budget you want to invest into the necessity of getting your documents sooner. For some people this is a more than reasonable choice, but for those who are simply just wanting their documents sooner, it is less of a reasonable factor.

You will be able to discover a large assortment of various expediting services that you can use for having your documents shipped sooner. You should explore all of these as much as possible to understand what they can offer you. You should also compare all of the prices that are listed to ensure that you are able to get the best value for the quickest shipping.

Keeping these points in mind will help you when discovering passport expedited service. It is important to ensure that you understand fully what you are paying for and when you can expect it to arrive. If you are looking for a solution to get your documents sooner, you may want to consider these options for passport expedite in detail.

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BANKSTER DOOMSDAY KIT … Economic Inequality: a Small Price to Pay for Staying Human (8/23/2012, 2:54 pm) …item 3.. Spotify – The bottom line: It’s the best free music option since stealing. (July 14, 2011) …
us passport cost
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It isn’t enough to know that capitalism is moral and socialism is not. We must also know how to prove it to the rest of the world. If we don’t do it soon, nothing else will matter.

Our editorial in the American Thinker

……..*****All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……..
…..item 1)…. People’s Blog … … Economic Inequality: a Small Price to Pay for Staying Human

Red Square
8/23/2012, 2:54 pm

It isn’t enough to know that capitalism is moral and socialism is not. We must also know how to prove it to the rest of the world. If we don’t do it soon, nothing else will matter.

Our editorial in the American Thinker

img code photo … SOCIALISM CAPITALISM…


By Oleg Atbashian…

To paraphrase Baudelaire, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world of the moral superiority of collectivism. According to Ayn Rand, if we don’t convince the world otherwise, nothing else will work. Our greatest ally in this fight is human nature. Our greatest asset is morality itself, which is really, truly, undeniably, and absolutely on our side.

Today’s political debates often end up in the following compromise: capitalism may be more economically efficient, but it’s no moral match to economic equality that benefits most people. But the only way economic equality can benefit people is by pandering to their class envy. In all other aspects — economical, political, cultural, philosophical, and spiritual — it’s a dastardly, immoral cause.

To begin with, it is the efficiency of capitalism that benefits most people. Among other things, it raises everyone’s living standards and quality of life; expands consumer choices; boosts innovation that reduces the share of low-paying, mind-numbing manual jobs; increases the pool of well-paid professional jobs; gives the poor access to things that only the rich could enjoy a short while ago; promotes the creation of new cures of diseases; extends life expectancy and makes old age much more enjoyable.

The alternative to capitalism — whatever one would like to call it — is the loss of freedom, loss of choices, government corruption, and moral decay. What do we get in return? The vague promise of economic equality.

But in human reality, complete economic equality cannot be achieved. A century of collectivist social experiments around the world has proven three undeniable facts: One, government-enforced economic equality results in a forced inequality of a powerless, impoverished populace ruled by a corrupt elite. Two, the main obstacle to economic equality is human nature. Three, human nature cannot be changed, no matter the effort to re-educate, indoctrinate, or punish the violators.

An essential part of everyone’s human nature is what collectivists are maligning as greed. Generally speaking, it is a normal desire of all humans to achieve a better life for themselves and their children. In a free capitalist system, "greed-driven" achievers engage in lawful productive work, start businesses, and build things. In a restrictive socialist system, to achieve a better station in life, one must either join the corrupt government apparatus, or become part of the criminal underworld with its vast shadow economy. The alternative is to succumb to misery and, very likely, alcoholism or worse. In the end, capitalism brings out the best in people; socialism brings out the worst.

How worthy and moral can an ideal be that punishes achievement and criminalizes human nature?

Proponents of economic equality are either willfully blind, or are themselves sociopathic megalomaniacs, trying to create a restrictive system in which they envision themselves to be part of the powerful ruling elite. Both are willing to go to extremes in order to achieve their goal. As they spin their tale of an imminent paradise, they never say what it will cost us to get there — and, frankly, they don’t give a damn. Individual human sacrifice is never an obstacle for collectivists; their glorious end justifies any unsightly means.

It is up to us then to examine just what exactly we will have to give up for the promise of economic equality — something that has been proven to not exist.

At first we will have to accept restrictions on certain consumer choices and products in exchange for letting the government take care of our personal well-being. Then come restrictions on speech and activities: a price for maintaining the national well-being. Eventually all dissent is suppressed and criminalized, as the media falls under the government control, young people are indoctrinated in the "new ways," businesses pay enormous taxes, more and more families descend into misery and live off government subsidies, the economy crumbles, and shortages create long lines at the supermarket.

The leaders shift the blame to "enemies of the people," saying that this country would have been a dreamland if it weren’t for a few greedy reactionaries. With no one left to object, desperate citizens succumb to the hatred and accept the idea that eliminating the few is a fair price to pay for improving the lives of the many. Then they accept the idea that eliminating an entire class of people is a small price to pay. But despite all the bloodletting, the promised collectivist paradise never arrives and the misery only increases. By now the demoralized, destitute masses are fully separated from the ruling elites by an impenetrable wall of privilege.

The ultimate price — the relentless sacrifice of millions of people: their work, careers, ambitions, property, and lives — has been paid to reach an unattainable economic mirage, a phantom concocted in the feverish minds of a few maniacs obsessed with class envy.

In contrast, the price of living in a free and prosperous capitalist society is merely to accept economic inequality as a natural extension of human nature. Without doubt, it’s a small price to pay for remaining a free, productive, and moral people who live in harmony with objectively true moral principles, otherwise known as the natural moral law.
…..item 2)…. youtube video … Talking Heads – "Burning Down The House" … 3:59 minutes …

TA LKI N GHE ADS … SP EAK IN GI N TO NGU ES "Burning Down The House" …

From their 1983 album Speaking In Tongues

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….item 3)…. CNET … … Home
Windows Software
MP3 & Audio Software
Music Management Software

CNET Editors’ review
by: Donald Bell on July 14, 2011

—– The bottom line: It’s the best free music option since stealing.


—– Installation

As a first-time user, you install the free Spotify Mac/PC application, open it up, and watch as it automatically imports your music collection and playlists from iTunes and other music software and presents you with a landing page filled with new releases, top lists, and music shared by your friends. Setup is swift.

—– Interface

Spotify’s polished, iTunes-like interface is as inviting to music fans as a well-stocked record bin. Each portion of the bento-boxlike layout can be resized, and playback, volume, and track scrubber controls are placed neatly across the bottom. Browser-style back and forward buttons located to the left of the search box allow you to dig your way back out out of the rabbit hole of music discovery.

—– Features and support

Spotify’s big trick is a little search box at the top of the screen that lets you search for any reasonably popular artist, song, or album in existence and stream it immediately. You can’t get The Beatles, but we had no problem finding greats like The Rolling Stones and David Bowie, as well as obscure indies such as The Ghastly Ones or Four Tet.

Put simply, you tell your computer what you want to hear, and it plays it for you…for free, and without limitations for up to six months. It doesn’t play something similar to the song you want (like Pandora), or a 30- to 60-second clip of the song you want (like iTunes)–it plays you the whole song or album, just as if it were in your personal music collection.

—– Spotify

Of course, there are a few other bells and whistles that make Spotify its own special thing. Facebook and Twitter integration enables you to easily share music discoveries with friends. Artist pages encourage discovery with bio pages and links out to similar artists and top hits of the decade to add context. Without any friction preventing you from jumping from one great song to the next, Spotify also provides a play queue off to the side, allowing you to stash your discoveries without interrupting the currently playing song.

Spotify’s music service is uniquely generous, but it’s not without limitations. Using the free version of the service, full songs can be streamed on demand in unlimited numbers for up to six months (with the occasional audio ad popping into rotation, similar to Pandora). After that time, free users can only play a given track a maximum of five times per month and are also subject to a cap of 10 hours of streaming per month. If you cough up per month, those restrictions (and ads) disappear, but you’re still limited to listening only from your computer. At per month, you can use Spotify on mobile devices (including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7), and even cache your favorite music and playlists for offline listening.

—– Performance

We are happy to report that Spotify’s song streams have a near-instant response upon start-up. For the most part, the experience feels just like listening to your locally stored music collection. The illusion is broken when you go to jump to the middle of a song or hit the skip button, which introduces a minor lag.
We had no issue with Spotify’s default sound quality (96-160Kbps Ogg Vorbis), but fickle users have the option of digging into the software’s Preferences and enabling high-quality streaming (320Kbps Ogg Vorbis).

Spotify walkthrough (photos)

—– Conclusion

Should you try it? Absolutely. Any and all music fans are encouraged to give it a whirl. The smart people at Spotify have made the free service incredibly attractive to new users, and there’s really nothing to lose. Whether you find it important enough to upgrade to Spotify’s premium options is entirely up to you, but they seem like a great value for any music fan with an insatiable appetite.

Watch your favorite videos on your favorite devices.
Download Now

… Publisher’s Description

From Spotify:

Spotify is a new way to enjoy music. Simply download and install, before you know it you’ll be singing along to the genre, artist or song of your choice. With Spotify you are never far away from the song you want.

There are no restrictions in terms of what you can listen to or when. Forget about the hassle of waiting for files to download and fill up your hard drive before you get round to organizing them. Spotify is instant, fun and simple.

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– Winamp 5,857 downloads
– Sony Ericsson PC Suite 5,591 downloads
– MediaMonkey Standard 3,366 downloads
– SharePod 2,880 downloads
– Apple iTunes (64-bit) 2,816 downloads
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LogMeIn Rescue
Instant Remote support for PC, Tablets Mobile Devices
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Threat of government shutdown looms as budget fight continues
reporter: if there is no vote by october 1 roughly half the government workforce one furloweded. members of the military would be issued i.o.u.s. national parks and monuments would close to tourists. passport and visa applications would stall and so …

Puppies put in quarantine over Rabies fears after being smuggling into Tyneside
She paid £450 in cash after she said the couple went through the pet passport with her, explaining that they had been on holiday in Holland and that was why the puppies had been born abroad. When Alice asked to see the mother, she said the couple …
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Government Shutdown Imminent, For Once
Applying for a passport or VISA to travel to a foreign country? Expect that trip … This means that the value of the American dollar would plummet internationally, leading to hyperinflation and the cost of goods drastically increasing in a very short …
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Tashkent journalist pays price for “vigilance”

Tashkent journalist pays price for “vigilance”
Volosevich was detained during the evening rush hour on August 13 between Uzbekistanskaya and Ojbek stations. The journalist says … The police then called someone to confirm if he was indeed Volosevich as stated in his passport. They later informed …

Diana's Love for Hasnat Khan—The Only One Who Would Never Betray Her
On September 1, 1995, Hasnat Khan, the attending surgeon, had come to a waiting room at the Royal Brompton Hospital to tell Oonagh Toffolo, an acupuncturist and self-described healer, that he had to rush her husband, Joseph, back to the operating room …
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Manila airport procedures leaves travelers confused
At the airport during rush hours this certificate needs to be validated. This procedure becomes even more cumbersome when OFWs are traveling with dependent family members … According to PTA's guidelines available online the legitimate spouse of an …
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