Postal Service honors 28 longtime employees in North Jersey

Postal Service honors 28 longtime employees in North Jersey
Known to his post office colleagues as “Grandpa,” David Stellingwerf still carries biscuits to feed the dogs along the route in the Pompton Plains section of Pequannock he has walked for 45 years. After receiving a special award plaque, John Popek …

Porto in bid for Brazilian midfielder Gabriel
The 21-year-old impressed scouts from the Portuguese club while playing for Botafogo during the 2013 Campeonato Brasileiro, Xinhua reported Saturday citing football news site Sambafoot's report. A transfer would be aided by Gabriel's European passport, …
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Parcel couriers vs standard postal service

It can be a tough choice when deciding which delivery company to use when sending off a parcel, the Post Office was always the service that everyone looked to and trusted to make sure there delivery arrived reliably and safely, however with a recent decrease of post offices within the country and the unreliability of the standard postal service, the number of people opting for online couriers has increased.

There are many benefits of using parcel couriers; first of all you miss out on those exceedingly long and annoying queues at the local post office, waiting to be called to get your package weighed. With online parcel couriers your parcel is collected straight from your front door, at a time and date arranged by you, this makes the hassle of sending off your packages as stress free as possible, and It makes your day to day life so much easier and simple as you don’t have to worry about what time the post office is open to get your package sent on time.

With parcel delivery companies you can even get your parcel collected from your work address to make it as uncomplicated and stress free as possible. Parcel couriers can also offer collection in the same day if arranged early enough and get it to arrive at its destination the following day. With the advancements in parcel companies, online commerce and online shopping has benefitted greatly as it is now simple and more reliable to get things delivered, it has also made keeping in touch with friends and loved ones a lot easier, as it’s effortless to send them packages or gifts all around the world.

Another benefit of using parcel companies is that you can arrange everything from the comfort of your home computer, so you can sit back relax and let the courier do the hard work for you, and if you still need ease of mind that your package is going to arrive safely and on time you can even track your parcel once it has been collected to see exactly at what stage of the delivery process it is, this can set your mind at ease that your package will arrive safely and on time.

So you can sit back relax and let the courier do everything.

Using online parcel services is easy and there are many sites offering cheap quotes. With parcel courier services you can include insurance, which will give that added relief that even if your package gets damaged or lost, you can claim for full refund for the cost of the item.

With a range of cheap parcel delivery services make sure the Ireland parcel delivery you choose is the best one for you.

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Tis the season for rip offs
Be aware of bogus shipping notices appearing like they are from FedEx, UPS or the U. S. Postal Service. San Bernardino County ordinance 41.0501 through 41.0514 requires individuals to have and carry a license on their person in order to hawk, peddle or …
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US Consulate General in Frankfurt: America's Spy Center in Germany
… passports and visas. It doesn't sound like a control center for abductions, where the logistics of secret prisons are planned, or that functions as a postal cover address for CIA operations and secret service agents. … The U.S. Consulate General …

DOJ continues scrutiny of underground market sellers, arrests arms vendor
Silk Road is alleged to have been a thriving market for drugs and other illegal products and services, including fake passports. The National Crime Agency in the U.K. also arrested in October some persons suspected of … Crisafi allegedly notified the …
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Netflix Should Buy the US Postal Service

Congress last week began hearings about whether to discontinue Saturday mail delivery, close local branches and other measures to try to balance the postal service’s budget. On the national news last night was a story about how a small town in Maine fought to retain its lone street mailbox. I say desperate times call for much bigger measures, and my suggestion is to sell the entire USPS outfit to Netflix, lock, stock, and … Well, you don’t want to say certain words around postal employees – at least until they become Netflix staffers. More on that in a moment.

It isn’t so far-fetched when you start to think about the possibilities. After all, Netflix is keeping the USPS afloat with more mailings of DVDs than McDonalds sells burgers. They have more than 50 distribution centers around the country, all of them in locations that are more secret than Dick Cheney’s bunker. They certainly understand how to run a distribution network, they have the machinery and the personnel. Plus, something that would warm the cockles of my Republican wife’s heart, I can’t believe that I am saying this but having a truly private mail carrier might actually bring some economic sense to our mail system. How would this look? Here are my suggestions: First all, all mail would be one size and have to be sent in those familiar red mailers. That would mean that anything larger would have to use some other carrier, such as Fedex or UPS. International mail? Same thing. Magazines? Well, this is hard for an old magazine editor like myself, but they will have to change to the Netflix form factor if they still want to be mailed. Junk mail? Same deal.

Standardization is key. No more post cards. If it doesn’t fit in a mailer, you can’t mail it. Next, we eliminate potage stamps. Since we all will be using the standard mailers, we have standard postage. You buy the mailer and pay for the postage right then and there. Forget about metering based on weight: whatever you can cram into one of those envelopes is what you get to send. This obviates the need to run local post offices: if you need to mail something bigger, you can go on down to Kinkos or the local UPS store. They give better customer service there anyway. No more postage meters, but Pitney Bowes has been on the decline for years anyway. And while we are at, we should eliminate business delivery of postal mail. Don’t need it. You want to send something, use one of the other private carriers and get it there overnight. I recall a funny story a few years ago, when I was doing some work for a publishing firm and mailed in my signed contract. My editor kept saying that he never received the contract, because he never thought to ask where his actual postal mailbox was – there was little point because he never got anything via USPS that he cared about. The only thing that I get these days are checks, and we might as well move towards electronic payments anyway.

Some of my clients now do direct deposit to my bank account, and I wish more did. Netflix is a good choice to run the USPS for one other reason: it has an amazing employee base. You couldn’t pick something that was more the polar opposite of the feather-bedded, anti-customer oriented, highly unmotivated, hyper regulated postal system if you tried. How so? There is no vacation or hourly time card tracking policy at Netflix. There is also no specified uniforms or other dress code policy there but no one has come to work naked lately. Their entire T&E policy is “Act in Netflix’s Best Interests” and not much more than that. I think that says a lot about how much a company can trust its employees, unlike many firms that make you take odd flights to save a few dollars that consume hours of your time, or jigger your expense report so you can get almost reimbursed for your actual out-of-pocket expenses. The lesson is that you don’t need detailed policies for everything. You can see the details of this for yourself if you are interested here: I know having Netflix run the postal system is probably a fantasy. But it is fun to dream, and have hopes, right?

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Keller Postal Express
us postal service passports
Image by Keller-Postal-Express
Skip the long lines at the post office – stop here for all your holiday shipping. And for last minute gifts and wrapping supplies.

1000 show up in McAllen to get their passports
… until January, according to McAllen Post Office Plant Manager Israel Torres. Area U.S. Postal Service officials held the passport application event on Columbus Day — a day when post offices normally are closed — in an attempt to meet demand …
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MPs debate Postal Services in Scotland after 2014
Who—among those of us who can remember how Liberals previously campaigned for this post office to remain open, or in defence of that aspect of Royal Mail, always blaming someone else—would have thought that they would be the drivers of the …. That …
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Us Postal Service Faces Office Closures

At the start of 2011, the US Postal Service faces a crisis. Their crisis is not uncommon with many other businesses or even other branches of government. However, with a more modern day electronic way of communicating, they’re simply losing too much money. In fact many have reported that just in 2010 alone, the post office lost approximately $ 8.5 billion in losses.

The United States Post Office claims that much of their loss is how the way Americans have changed with the times. People are doing much more online these days compared to mailing out their items. For example, more people are paying their bills online or in lieu of writing letters, like the old days, they are emailing or texting. Although the post office is part of the government, it is still a business and businesses are designed to make a profit and not lose money.

Therefore the government feels forced to close down an additional 2,000 post offices, to go along with the 491 offices it had already planned and may start as early as March 2011. On top of that, they will be reviewing an additional 16,000 unprofitable locations for possible closings down the road.

For many towns, the news is devastating. In your smaller, more rural towns, the post office is the local meeting place. Many of these folks live a bit of a distance and therefore are already driving to get their mail, have a cup of coffee and exchange conversation with other locals. In addition, these same people will be forced to drive further distances. In bigger cities, drivers will also be forced to drive further for the post office creating more traffic on the city streets. In both cases, an increase of gasoline will ultimately become another issue.

Residents will continue to receive their mail delivered to their homes or at mailboxes that have been clustered together instead of making the further trips into the next town.

However, one problem the post office may have before it can start all these closures, is a current law that only allows their closures in the event there are lease expirations, maintenance issues or any other reasons that do not include profitability. Senator Thomas Carper (D., Del.) suggested repealing the wording that is in the law which refers that a small post office can’t be shut down solely for running a deficit.

It’s not as if the government has not taken advantage of this loophole. As late as 2010, 408 offices were never reopened after being suspended for services that were in need of some type of rendering.

Other avenues have been taken over the years to alleviate the losses, such as cutting down on the amount of employees it has. Since 1999, the post office has reduced its staff by a third. In addition, it has also looked at cutting delivery on Saturdays or on Tuesdays to reduce payroll on those days. It’s not like they have considered closures before, however, it has never been a more direct need as it is today.

One other solution that is being considered is moving some of the post offices out of stand alone buildings and giving them a small space in current businesses such as grocery stores or in banks.

Many of today’s lawmakers do not feel closing the offices is the right option. According to Senator Susan Collins (R., Maine), there are much more waste in the program ranks and its more than generous benefits given to employees, such as much lower health care premiums and life insurance. Retiree benefits are also a big load to the deficit.

As the notice of closures are posted, more and more citizens are getting behind their post offices, regardless of what town or city they live in, as they are trying to hold on to a small piece of their lives from an agency that originally planned on using their service to keep rural America attached to the rest of the union.

Many U.S. citizens see the post office as an important public service, as well as a right. There is also a connection to our founding fathers, which was led by our first U.S. Postmaster Benjamin Franklin. After all, under a federal U.S. law, delivery mail service is still a “basic fundamental” function of the government that binds together the nation. It is to provide service to “all communities” at reasonable rates, in which here in the United States, the postal delivery service is still among the cheapest in the world.

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