Here's The New Phone BlackBerry Hopes Will Save Its Dying Platform

Here's The New Phone BlackBerry Hopes Will Save Its Dying Platform
BlackBerry officially unveiled its new BlackBerry Classic phone on Wednesday, which CEO John Chen says he believes will turn the company around, according to CNBC. The new phone should be a familiar treat for most BlackBerry fans. The new version of …
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Manchester neighbors shocked that 9-year-old twins were home alone
The Mondays spoke to police via telephone and said they were delayed in Africa because of illness and passport problems. Initially, the children were placed in foster care but neighbors said they have seen the children recently. “The only people we see …
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Simplicity And Affordability Are The USPs Of Linux Platform

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by SWoo

Ask any website hosting reseller about the platform they use for providing web hosting services and immediately they will respond with the answer – Linux. Linux has undoubtedly become the preferred option as an affordable reseller hosting plan and there are no prizes for guessing why. Linux is robust, strong, secure, reliable and absolutely affordable. Since it is open source, the Linux web hosting reseller doesn’t need to worry about paying any kind of licensing fee.

What’s more the suite of benefits makes it an attractive deal for anyone venturing into reseller hosting business. After all the job of a reseller website hosting provider is to offer quality and secure web hosting plans to its customers. This type of website hosting providers buys in bulk web hosting space from big hosting companies and further redistributes the space to the other website owners.

Therefore, the utmost important factor in a website hosting reseller’s mind is not only the cost but also the quality and security of the service provided. Since, Linux is extremely compatible and secure, therefore, most of these Linux website hosting resellers prefer offering Linux web hosting as a service. Besides, being affordable, it is simple and secure and the reseller can easily provide complete technical support for this platform. Some of the benefits due to which resellers choose Linux include:

Open Source and Affordable:

Being open source software, Linux offers immense benefits because anyone can download it and one is not required to pay any kind of a licensing fee. Besides, the advantage that anyone can download Linux Operating System, it also gives the user the option to utilize other applications that are free of cost. Web designers get to download free of cost BSD, Red Hat and Debian with every edition of Linux. There is a host of other desktop and server applications such as DNS Server, File Server, Web Server and FTP that Linux allows free download.


Compatibility is a major factor when using any kind of operating system, but in case Linux leads the pack because it is extremely compatible with most of the operating systems and software. A website based on Linux can easily be incorporated on other operating system including Windows. Linux is extremely flexible since it gives you the opportunity to easily convert a Linux based website into a Windows website. The Linux web hosting server can also easily incorporate various user requirements.

Stability and Simplicity:

In comparison to other platforms, Linux is known to be more secure and stable. That’s not all, it is also quite simple to use considering the process of setting up the Linux hosting account and uploading is quite easy.

Performance Oriented:

Its not only about being a low cost operating system, because that benefit alone cannot sustain the success of a really good operating system platform. Linux is definitely performance oriented due to which it has garnered so much popularity. Linux web hosting resellers are aware that it is completely stable with a higher uptime.

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