Plan a Caribbean Tour: No Passport Required

Many a US citizen still think that a trip to the culturally sound, relaxing and beautiful islands of the Caribbean is not possible without the possession of a passport. Inspite of the fact that there is the option of the passport card which helps you travel to these islands through land and also by sea, the primary requisite to get that is a passport which is issued earlier. Thus, ultimately it requires holding a passport in itself. But the recently there has been certain changes in regulations which suggest that you can travel to the following Caribbean destinations without having to bother about your passport.

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Plan to Exit Bankruptcy Is Approved for Detroit

Plan to Exit Bankruptcy Is Approved for Detroit
DETROIT — Less than 16 months after Detroit became the largest city in the United States to file for bankruptcy, a federal judge on Friday approved a plan intended to help it escape years of financial ruin and begin the hard work of becoming viable again.
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Top turf pair could square off
Should Wise Dan be entered in this year's renewal of the race, he would seek an unprecedented third straight victory — and a record third win overall — in the prestigious event, which is positioned each year as the race that immediately precedes the …
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American Express, Costco to end US exclusivity deal
American Express said Thursday that it hasn't been able to come to an agreement with Costco on renewal terms. The current agreement covers U.S. stores and dates back 16 years. It will end March 31, 2016. American Express executives said in an emailed …

UnitedHealthcare Introduces New Medicare Advantage Plan for Beneficiaries in

UnitedHealthcare Introduces New Medicare Advantage Plan for Beneficiaries in
The AARP MedicareComplete Focus plan has a $ 0 monthly premium beyond the Part B premium, and includes coverage of prescription drugs, a SilverSneakers fitness membership and UnitedHealthcare's Passport program, which gives consumers access to their …
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Passport seva camps likely in Nellore
The Central Passport Organisation (CPO) will organise the passport seva camps in Nellore on a regular basis, in view of the emerging demand for the issuing or renewal of passports. Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, in a letter sent in …
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Lawsuits against sponsors pile up
The Labor Office in Makkah has witnessed in the past few days an influx of large number of foreign workers who have filed lawsuits against their Saudi sponsors for breach of contract. The sponsors were sued for withholding passports, salary delays and …
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No official reply can now mean Yes
It also speeds up the recognition of various professional qualifications, classification of tourist accommodation, renewal of authorisation to run driving schools and even a foreign artist's right to a droit de suite fee on resale of their works if …
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Uighurs plan renewed bid for British naturalisation

Uighurs plan renewed bid for British naturalisation
The deal, brokered with the US by then Premier Dr Ewart Brown, left the men stranded, while other Uighurs held at Guantánamo who went to countries like Sweden and Switzerland were eventually issued with passports. Although citizenship was promised, …
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How to avoid tourist bus transport when visiting Anzac Cove, Gallipoli
I don't want to sit on a bus with a big group of international tourists, nor do I want to hire a car, what do you suggest as an alternative for us? … I do not want to have to spend approximately $ 550 to renew our passports if it is not necessary …
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AL Secretary of State releases plan for photo voter ID

AL Secretary of State releases plan for photo voter ID
From the Office of the Secretary of State, AlabamaToday Secretary of State Beth Chapman released the 2014 plan for implementation of photo voter ID in the form of administrative rules. … The law states that you do not need to apply for a free photo …
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Senate approves legislation to militarize US-Mexico border
Under the new law, all employers will be required to begin using E-Verify within 5 years, and foreigners entering or leaving the US will be subject to new forms of biometric tracking. … Homeland Security has had access to 113 million State Department …
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5 tips for crossing the border on Canada Day weekend
"A passport is the best bet." For even faster service, people can become a NEXUS card member to expedite the border clearance process. An enhanced driver's licence is also an acceptable form of identification at the border. Other acceptable forms of ID …

Yahoo Doesn't Fear Identity Theft In Its Plan To Release Inactive IDs To Public

Yahoo Doesn't Fear Identity Theft In Its Plan To Release Inactive IDs To Public
But criticism of the plan comes at a time when fears over the security of personal information on the Internet have been heightened by revelations of massive U.S. government snooping and international online crime. Yahoo stressed that it has put in …
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Government could use metadata to map your every move
Metadata with GPS locations, for example, can trace a teenage girl to an abortion clinic or a patient to a psychiatrist's office, said Karen Reilly, the development director for The Tor Project, a U.S.-based nonprofit that produces technology to …