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Visas not given to relatives of Quebecer in Philippines after typhoon
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The Finest Locations for Your Office in Manila

Searching for an office for rent in Manila? When searching for the finest in Philippines real estate, look into the four finest places around Metro Manila. Even though these places are scattered across the city, these are all accessible by different modes of transportation and they have a lot of high-rise properties to accommodate any entrepreneur wanting to start his own headquarters.

The city of Manila is one of the finest metropolitan areas in Asia to do business in because of the frequent growth of infrastructure taking place everywhere in the city. Within the last 10 years, the city has gone through a lot of progress specifically due to BPO sector. Several call centers have built their office in Manila and in the surrounding areas.

If you’re trying to find an office for rent in Manila, one of the most obvious locations would be the Makati Central Business District. This city never runs out of available high-rise and low-rise properties to cater to any company, whether it is BPO, banking, or other business. The Makati CBD is found in the heart of Makati and it is readily accessible to any mode of transport. From the airport terminal, the Makati CBD is approximately a 45 to 60 minute drive.

Another extremely popular area for people looking to start a business is the area of Ortigas in Pasig City. The area rivals Makati as the country’s central business district because it also has numerous high-rise properties that house call centers as well as other business headquarters. Expatriates will even find the best hotels in this location, such as the Shangri-La and Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila. Here, entrepreneurs and staff can never run out of shopping and dining areas which will make it very convenient for just about any person working in Ortigas.

Not to be outdone, Fort Bonifacio in Taguig has attained the position as one of the finest areas in the Philippine real estate industry as one of the best places for an office in Manila. Recently since its development, various high-rise buildings have sprouted in the area. These high-rise buildings are now home to various important business process outsource market leaders such as Accenture, HSBC, and JP Morgan Chase. For the comfort of the people living and working on the area, establishments such as condominiums, shopping malls, and educational institutions are also available.

McKinley Hill, a spot that’s in the vicinity of Fort Bonifacio and the Makati CBD, is an additiona fast-rising area within the metro. It is a residential and commercial area that is home to various call centers already. Several embassies, such as the British, Korean, and Qatar embassies, are found here to make sure they are available to their citizens. The spot is even nearer to the airport compared to the other places, and that’s why it is very accessible.

Having the finest area for an office in Manila is undoubtedly an advantage. No matter if you wish to rent in Manila, Makati, or the neighboring areas, Philippines real estate can surely give you the very best in location and in infrastructure. Entrepreneurs can choose which business area can cater to his needs and which would bring him larger income.

Larry Garcia is a real-estate expert who is aware of Philippines Real Estate. To learn more, and to get excellent choices for your office, check out today.

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