Warrant alleges Madison teacher performed sex acts in classroom

Warrant alleges Madison teacher performed sex acts in classroom
NEW HAVEN >> A Madison teacher pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that she sexually assaulted a student, as details emerged from an arrest warrant that alleges she also behaved inappropriately with at least one other student and that her husband …
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Trapped in the jaws of loan sharks
I needed Dh27,000 and did not have time for banking formalities as I needed the cash urgently due to a family emergency. I went to the Sharjah Central … The borrower can lodge a complaint against the moneylender and we will retrieve the passport for him.
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Five teenage girls from Tower Hamlets banned from travelling to Syria after
The judge who was involved in similar case of a 16-old boy earlier this week, said it was a “draconian” step, as was the removal of a passport. “As I said early this week in another case, and I repeat it in this, sometimes the law has to intervene to …
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Surrogacy now a global business yet no laws in Ireland cover it
Surrogacy is complex, often cumbersome and fraught with pitfalls, yet it is booming. It is becoming a global business, an expensive option for childless or same-sex couples seeking to start a family, although in the developing world little of the money …
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