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Consular Fees to Change
Effective September 26, 2015 the Department of State is lowering the passport book application fee by $ 20 and raising the passport book security surcharge (enhanced border security fee) by $ 20 to more accurately reflect the cost of each aspect of the …
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Planned passport renewal change opens door to fraud, forgery
Canada is part of a five-nations anti-fraud working group that shares information on lost, stolen and revoked travel documents. The U.S., U.K. and Australia all require the return of the old passport. New Zealand is the only member with an online …

Improvements coming to passport process in Omaha
Starting Oct. 5, all passport locations processed by the Omaha Post Office will be handled by the Omaha Passport Center, formally known as Postal Impressions. The center is located at 5346 S. 136th Street in Deerfield Plaza. “Consolidating all passport …
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Omaha businessman Dick Davis challenges Stothert's reasoning for canceling

Omaha businessman Dick Davis challenges Stothert's reasoning for canceling
Omaha businessman Dick Davis is fighting back against Mayor Jean Stothert's decision not to renew his contract with the city and her criticism of him. Davis, with Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray and Metro Community College Board member Fred Conley …
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Fresh look for Lied Lodge: M face-lift nearly complete at Nebraska City
Amy Stouffer, marketing director of the Lied Lodge and Conference Center, adjusts a chair in one of the suites. As part of the renovations, several guest rooms were joined and converted into suites. The 137-room hotel, which has remained open during …
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Italian Restaurants Reviews In United States

The importance of good restaurants to a city is about more than simply providing good food to its residents. When you think about it, most people living in a city will eat in its restaurants less often than once a week. Restaurants are considered a vital part of the hospitality sector because, more than anything, they are a place where people eat in special circumstances. Often they will be a visitor to the city and not familiar with it, and will consequently have fewer preconceived ideas. Other times they will be eating in a restaurant for business reasons, and looking to impress a potential investor. Or they may be out for a special occasion, looking to mark it in style. One way or the other, it is a circumstance that needs special treatment.

Small cafes and coffee shops can afford to have a more “take us as you find us” approach, but a restaurant needs to be altogether grander. An Italian restaurant needs to be just as grand again. The whole ethos surrounding Italian restaurants is attached to that country’s love of good food, fine wine and glowing hospitality. The culture of Italy is so intertwined with food and drink, and making people smile that an Italian restaurant will be required to keep to certain standards, whether it is in Venice or Venice Beach. There is no excuse, nor any allowance, for being anything less than excellent. And in a city like Omaha,Colorado Springs, Staten Island where there are hundreds of Italian restaurants, things need to be extra special if a restaurant wants to stand out.

The Italian standards of food and wine are lived up to in no small way here. Restaurants reviews constantly praise its high standards of service, quality and ambience. Omaha,NE has got so many places to choose from when you want to eat Italian food, so to be highly rated requires a concerted effort and standards that are applied rigorously from within. Although there is plenty of competition providing external pressure, it is hugely important to remember that good hospitality is not something that can be done on the basis of duty – it needs to be considered an essential part of your business, and a minimum standard for anyone working within it.

Author is an visitor and Italian food lover . His hobbies are traveling, reading, singing. For more information on Italian restaurants visit our website>

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$18M sticker shock: City cancels north Omaha industrial park deal because of

M sticker shock: City cancels north Omaha industrial park deal because of
The City of Omaha has backed out of a north Omaha redevelopment deal because of sticker shock over the projected environmental cleanup cost: $ 18 million. That's vastly more than city officials had expected to spend on environmental remediation for the …
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Fund gives .1 million in aid this year to private school students
The Children's Scholarship Fund of Omaha helped substantially more families this fall than it did in 2013. The group, which works with private schools to offer financial aid for K-12 students, awarded $ 2.1 million in scholarships for the 2014-15 school …
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AT&T To Sell Blackberry Passport
It is currently available at BlackBerry's retail website, and various other online retailers, for $ 599. The price is slightly less than Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which cost $ 650 and $ 750, respectively, … Considering T-Mobile's spat …
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