Free passport photos from Dec. 29 to Jan. 3 at Union County Clerk's Offices in

Free passport photos from Dec. 29 to Jan. 3 at Union County Clerk's Offices in
“Some countries require passports to be valid for an additional three to six months after your visit,” Rajoppi added. “If your passport is due to expire within six months of your international travel, you should renew your passport to ensure a smoother …

Portland post offices now offer passport services by appointment only

Portland post offices now offer passport services by appointment only
"Our Portland locations offer customers convenient one-stop shopping for passports, passport photos and passport cards," said Portland Postmaster Shawneen Betha in a news release. She recommends travelers apply for a passport or passport card at least …
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Check your visa status
Raheel Mirza. Check the status of your visa at and if the status shows 'issued', log onto: for passport collection locations and timings. My current F1 visa is valid …
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Passport Database Outage: 'We Regret The Inconvenience'

Passport Database Outage: 'We Regret The Inconvenience'
Another person caught by surprise was Matt Kingham, director of sales for InformationWeek Financial Services, who had expected a routine renewal of his visa would allow him to return to the US after a trip home to the UK. As an employee of our parent …
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Monmouth passport offices honored as top in country
Monmouth County Connections “is an A-plus facility on all accounts,” said Brenda Sprague, chief of the U.S. State Department's Passport Office. Sprague visited Monmouth … About 60 percent of those are at U.S. Postal Service offices. Monmouth …
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Detroit Small Business Passport is back for the holidays
Said Janet Jones, owner of Source Booksellers, who is participating in the passport program again this year: "The passport lets us tell other people about other businesses. We get customers that we wouldn't necessarily have because they are using their …
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Apply for Your US Passport Before the Busy Winter Travel Season
If you are traveling in more than 3 weeks, you may apply at a passport acceptance facility such as a clerk of court, library, or post office and request either routine service (averaging a 4-5 week turnaround) or expedited service (2-3 weeks …
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Biloxi among seven Mississippi Post Offices participating in Passport Day

Biloxi among seven Mississippi Post Offices participating in Passport Day
Passport photograph services will be provided on site for a fee of $ 15. To save time, customers can download a passport application at to complete their application beforehand. Do not sign the application ahead of time. All …
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Wilt Chamberlain to be on stamp
Wilt The Stilt is now Wilt The Stamp. The Hall of Famer and the only NBA player to score 100 points in a game is set to appear on a commemorative U.S postage stamp. Chamberlain died in 1999 at age 63. The U.S. Postal Service and the Philadelphia 76ers, …
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District Clerk Daniel says passport applications and revenue have increased
“Thank you for providing this passport service,” one customer wrote. “You are helpful, courteous and quick! SO much better than the USPS. A lifesaver.” The passport service is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome.
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Bargain-hunting Brits still opt for staycations

Bargain-hunting Brits still opt for staycations
Almost half (47%) cited the airport security experience – which is featured in the media on a regular basis – while passport renewal delays also had an influence. The backlog in issuing passports disrupted travel for more than half a million people and …
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Govt mulls two work shifts at some govt offices
People are forced to go through hassles and queue up for several hours for basic services such as; getting their passports, citizenship cards, permit cards for foreign employment, utility bills payment, receiving and renewal of driving licenses, and …
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Postage Machines Bring the Post Office Into Your Home or Office

Perhaps you may have already been aware of postage machines but felt that they were something that was only available for larger commercial operations. The truth is that just about anybody is eligible to have a potage machine in their home or office if they feel that they would benefit from havine one.

Savings in Time and Money

Why would someone consider bringing a postage machine into their home or office if they aren’t a larger business handling massive amounts of mail or packages? The answer to that, is savings in both time and money, as well as convenience. If you stop to think about for a moment, even a small number of packages can take a substantial amount of time to process at a post office.

Process Your Packages or Mail Any Time

If this is being done on a regular weekly basis, the time can really add up. Another benefit that postage machines offer is that they can process postage any time of day or night. Post offices open at 8:00 am and close at 5:00 pm and that leaves you only an eight hour time frame to get the postage paid on a package using the conventional method.

Multiple Feature Options

Postage machines come with a wide variety of function options, depending on your needs. For mass mailing of conventional letters, there are even postage machines that will seal your envelopes for you and print-stamp them in bulk. For anyone running a political campaign something like this can really make a difference.

Total Convenience

Postage machines and meters cannot be purchased and therefor, in accordance with U.S. postal service rules and regulations they must be leased. However; there are numerous online sources for them and another place that you can apply for one is at your local post office. With the lines at post offices getting longer and slower every day, more and more people are now bringing the post office into their home, or busines for total convenience with postage machines.

Written by Gerome Jameson. Come visit my website for the top information on Postage Machines and even the best info on a Network Printer.

New Offices Open to Accept Passport Applications In Emergencies

On November 23rd, 2010, the National Passport Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire opened to the public for the first time. The new location allows US citizens living in New Hampshire to submit emergency passport applications without having to travel to another state.

The center is one of 21 regional passport agency offices that serve the United States. While that may seem like an insufficient number of offices to serve all 50 US states, it’s actually an improvement. For example, in September of 2009, there were only 19 of these facilities.


As rules requiring passports became more strict after 9-11, the US Department of State has become increasingly focused on opening up new regional passport agency offices to assist US citizens. This year, regional passport agency offices have opened in Buffalo, New York and Hot Springs, Arkansas. Next year, the State Department expects to open additional locations in Atlanta, Georgia; San Diego, California; El Paso, Texas and St. Albans, Vermont.


Regional passport agency offices are open to US citizens who need a passport to travel within the next 14 days, or who have travel planned in the next 30 days that requires a foreign visa. All agency offices are open by appointment only.


Naturally, the locations and operating hours of these facilities are not convenient for everyone. For US citizens who need their passport applications processed quickly but can’t make it to a designated appointment slot, a private passport expediting company like Rush My Passport can be a solution. An expediting company submits your application to the Department of State on your behalf, so you don’t have to travel to a regional passport agency office yourself. There are additional fees involved, of course, so it makes sense to consider your own personal needs and situation before deciding whether to submit your application directly to the Department of State or through a private company.



Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Your Gold Coast Post Office Box

Outdoor Office Designs For Those Who Work From Home

Since many folks these days are earning their money from home they would assemble a business space in their house. Preferably they will design this office outdoors, to enhance the ability of work quality. An outdoor business place usually is made of wood and can be set up in only a few hours. These offices are ideal, because one can do their job in peace while saving energy. Outdoor offices come personalized to fit every individuals needs.


Outdoor offices are constructed of compressed Protim which is covered with a water resistant layer that will be put together on timber framework. The layer contains water resistant and isolating components.

The floors are hermetic, lying above the padding which will be put atop the floor. The outside of the roof is usually of plywood and offers the same furring than the floor.

The front sides of the office are normally of wooden grains and uPVC surroundings, as well as of strengthened double glazing which makes the total altitude of the initial wall look wider. Due to this you will receive tons of sunlight in a perfectly cushioned office.

Electricity which is already set up includes 2 double gang sockets and neon lights. You will also get a cable and prior set up socket, which will make it possible for you to generate electricity from your home into the outdoor office.

More advantages

Garden offices are also great as guest houses or hobby rooms. They also can fit saunas and Jacuzzis well.

Ideal for folks who want a tranquil place when working from home.

Good for people who are tired of their old indoor office.

Simply great to design an additional living or fun place.

Garden offices are fitting for any left over space in your back yard and a professional company will not only deliver but also build your new room up for you without any hassles.

Byron Jonas found that Gold Coast Post Office Boxes were just too limiting. So now he uses a Gold Coast Private Mail Box

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Flexible and Affordable Office Spaces in Prime Locations

Had the concept of business centeres struck India before, the picture of Indian business market would have been completely different. But, nevertheless, Business Centres are finally here. However, many of us are still not very clear as to what a business center is and why should start-ups, entrepreneurs, foundations, NGOs, and even professionals should get their office spaces in a business center instead of setting-up offices of their own. Well, if you too are in a dilemma of ‘Own Office or Business Center’, this piece of writing is going to help you. I believe so.

To put it in plain English words, an upscale Business Center India helps your business get that much-required professional edge. You get a prestigious address (a prime location, such as Gurgaon), professional telephone presence, friendly staff support, easy and low-cost move-in, executive conference rooms, those perfect break-out areas, and a whole lot of other amenities. Everything customized to fit you…your business-needs. And, take my words for it that this is just a tip of the iceberg. Yes…just a tip of the iceberg. And, therefore, it does make sense to talk to a Business Center India representative before you pump-in huge chunks of money to set-up your own office (with those huge infrastructure costs involved and that pain of hiring staff).

Well, if you are a guy who understands Bullets better, I am just putting all the Business Center India Benefits in the form of bullets below. Kindly tell your eye-balls to scroll-down.

With a Business Center India, you find your office which is

@ Fully furnished

@ Customized to meet your specific needs

@ Friendly staff support

@ Executive conference rooms

@ Easy and low cost move-in

@ Fully-appointed lobby

@ Business service area

@ Cutting-edge virtual office space

@ Break-out areas (you can even hold your informal meeting here)

@ Round-the-clock building security

@ Immaculate housekeeping and maintenance

I believe, I am done with my auspicious 11 number.

However, the benefits are many more. The best part of having your office space in Business Centres Gurgaon is that you get your office in a prime business location. Name any big company and chances are, you will find their offices in Gurgaon. Am I right or am I right? So, it makes perfect business sense to look for an upscale Business Center India and grab your space before anybody else does.

Whether it is about Start up Offices or customized office spaces or world-best conference rooms/meeting rooms, it’s a fantastic idea to trust Business Centers. So, do consider Business Centers for your business…for your business-growth. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback in the form of comments.

At Redshift Business Center, we are constantly improving, in order to provide our clients with the very best services. New furnishings and décor lend the Redshift Business Center Gurgaon a world-class ambiance. And, thus, we proudly say that if it is about Business Center India, it must be about us…about Redshift Business Center.

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