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St Albans Vermont Post Office Mural
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Image by jimmywayne
New Deal mural entitled "Sugaring Off" painted by Philip von Saltza in 1939. New Deal mural entitled "Haying" painted by Philip von Saltza in 1939. The post office shared space with a Federal courthouse and when the post office moved to new quarters around 2008, the mural became off limits to the public until 2011 when a new Passport Agency opened in the old post office quarters.

The mysterious woman branded the 'vamp in the veil' has spoken out about her
And in a twist that will embarrass immigration judges, Judge Asplin ruled: 'Had it been necessary, I would have found that Ms Al Amoudi's father is not the person stated in the documents produced for the Home Office.' Her refugee status has to be …
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Police News: Rochdale East
Join the Post Office 'Keepsafe' service. They hold back the delivery of mail for up to two … Don't put your home address on your luggage. * Keep valuables like cameras, jewellery, cash and passports in your hand luggage so they are with you all the time.
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Guest Viewpoint: A gov't that treats its own citizens with contempt
The agent further acknowledged that the information on the Real I.D. insert that came with my renewal notification was confusing and that most people see the “Valid, unexpired U.S. passport or,” and simply assume that all they need is a their passport.
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BREAKING: Court bars Police, SSS from arresting Sanusi
Sanusi arrives – passport siezed by SSS. The Federal High Court in Lagos has given an order barring the Nigerian Police Force and the State Security Service, SSS, from arresting embattled Central Bank Governor, Lamido Sanusi. Jusitce I.N. Buba …
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Flexible and Affordable Office Spaces in Prime Locations

Had the concept of business centeres struck India before, the picture of Indian business market would have been completely different. But, nevertheless, Business Centres are finally here. However, many of us are still not very clear as to what a business center is and why should start-ups, entrepreneurs, foundations, NGOs, and even professionals should get their office spaces in a business center instead of setting-up offices of their own. Well, if you too are in a dilemma of ‘Own Office or Business Center’, this piece of writing is going to help you. I believe so.

To put it in plain English words, an upscale Business Center India helps your business get that much-required professional edge. You get a prestigious address (a prime location, such as Gurgaon), professional telephone presence, friendly staff support, easy and low-cost move-in, executive conference rooms, those perfect break-out areas, and a whole lot of other amenities. Everything customized to fit you…your business-needs. And, take my words for it that this is just a tip of the iceberg. Yes…just a tip of the iceberg. And, therefore, it does make sense to talk to a Business Center India representative before you pump-in huge chunks of money to set-up your own office (with those huge infrastructure costs involved and that pain of hiring staff).

Well, if you are a guy who understands Bullets better, I am just putting all the Business Center India Benefits in the form of bullets below. Kindly tell your eye-balls to scroll-down.

With a Business Center India, you find your office which is

@ Fully furnished

@ Customized to meet your specific needs

@ Friendly staff support

@ Executive conference rooms

@ Easy and low cost move-in

@ Fully-appointed lobby

@ Business service area

@ Cutting-edge virtual office space

@ Break-out areas (you can even hold your informal meeting here)

@ Round-the-clock building security

@ Immaculate housekeeping and maintenance

I believe, I am done with my auspicious 11 number.

However, the benefits are many more. The best part of having your office space in Business Centres Gurgaon is that you get your office in a prime business location. Name any big company and chances are, you will find their offices in Gurgaon. Am I right or am I right? So, it makes perfect business sense to look for an upscale Business Center India and grab your space before anybody else does.

Whether it is about Start up Offices or customized office spaces or world-best conference rooms/meeting rooms, it’s a fantastic idea to trust Business Centers. So, do consider Business Centers for your business…for your business-growth. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback in the form of comments.

At Redshift Business Center, we are constantly improving, in order to provide our clients with the very best services. New furnishings and décor lend the Redshift Business Center Gurgaon a world-class ambiance. And, thus, we proudly say that if it is about Business Center India, it must be about us…about Redshift Business Center.

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Unprecedented rush of Haj pilgrims at passport office

Unprecedented rush of Haj pilgrims at passport office
State Haj Committee has set February 1 to March 31 as the date for receiving passport application forms. "We have made it compulsory for pilgrims to bring their passport along with the application forms for Haj," said president of committee Sanwar Patel.
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Citizenship reforms odious
The federal Conservatives have been busy issuing concantenation of new flabbergasted immigration and citizenship application reform after reform for the last several years as the Star revealed, by raising the bar for official language skills against …
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An Emergency Passport Office or an Expediting Company?

emergency passport
by TijsB

If you’re in a real hurry to get your passport, you have two choices: use a private passport expediting company or go to an emergency passport office. Each of these choices has pros and cons, and it’s important to consider how these relate to your own situation so you can make the best choice. Here, then, is a quick run-down of the advantages and disadvantages of each option:


Emergency Passport Offices


An emergency passport office, also called a Regional Passport Agency office, is a special passport office that is able to issue passports usually within 24 hours. There are currently 21 of these offices scattered throughout the country, and the government is in the process of constructing more of them to keep up with demand. See What to Bring to An Emergency Passport Office for more details.


There are several advantages to using an emergency passport office:


No extra fees, other than the $ 60 expediting fee you pay for expedited passport service.

Same-day service is available in many locations.


However, there are also some disadvantages:


There are only 21 emergency passport offices in the country, so if you aren’t located near one getting there can be a hassle.

You can’t walk in-you have to make an appointment by calling 1-877-487-2778.

Limited office hours mean that if you work during the day, you will likely have to take time off to go.

Taking time off work and traveling can incur their own expenses.

Passport Expediting Companies


Private passport expediting companies are private companies that submit your application on your behalf, directly to the Department of State.

Using a reputable expediting company has the following advantages:


No appointment needed-just go down to a post office, library or other location that accepts passport applications, have your documents sealed and mail your application in.

No need to travel or take time off work.

The best expediting companies offer real-time tracking of your application and personal service to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Processing times can be as short as 24 hours.


The most common disadvantages to using an expediting company are as follows:


Cost: Expediters charge for their services. The sooner you need your passport, the more you can expect to pay.

Processing times can be as short as 24 hours but the need to ship the application means that it may take more than 24 hours to get your passport back, even with the fastest shipping options available.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

Where to Find a US Passport Office and How to Apply For a US Passport

US passport offices are places you’ve very likely passed by many times, even spent time in, without realizing it. Passport offices, also known as passport processing centers, are designed by the United States Department of State. There are approximately 8,000 throughout the U.S. 

The most commonly known passport offices are the U.S. Post Office, your local library or any number of government agency buildings in your city or town. These designated agencies are allowed to accept passport applications, which must be presented in person in order to obtain a first time passport.  If you’re looking for a passport office, then you’ve probably decided you need a passport and are finding out what’s involved. 

The passport application process can be a bit intimidating, but once you understand what’s needed, it gets easier to understand. First thing is to find that original copy of your Birth Certificate. It has to be original and certified, with that raised seal. Naturalization Certificates or Certificates of Citizenship also are accepted and also must be original. 

Next is the actual application form, called DS-11 “Application for a U.S. Passport”. This is available at any passport office, and can also be downloaded from the United States Department of State website. This form is the key to getting a passport, so fill it out carefully, black ink only and don’t cross out or write over any mistakes, or it will be rejected. It has to be signed in the presence of a passport official, so resist adding your signature until you get to the passport office. 

You’ll also need two passport photos, which have to be 2×2 inches in size and meet strict setting standards. Most passport offices also take passport photos, especially post offices, so pick an office that can take pictures for you. Prices for photos run around $ 10.00 to $ 20.00, but ask to be sure. 

Speaking of price, fees for first time passport applicants are running at this writing about $ 100.00 which is the estimation of the combined fees for the State Department and passport processing office. You’ll also want to buy a strong and durable mailing envelope and send your application by a traceable method, such as certified.  

After everything has been mailed in, it’s about a 3 to 4 week wait if all goes well. Once you receive your passport, you’ll be good for 10 years. Keep it somewhere safe until you’re ready for that next travel adventure. 

C.L. Hendricks has been a Jill-of-all-trades and become an expert in some. She has also traveled extensively and now writes about travel destinations around the world for Family Vacation Spots and Best Vacation Getaways

Latest Post Office Passport News

St Albans Vermont Post Office Mural
post office passport
Image by jimmywayne
New Deal mural entitled "Haying" painted by Philip von Saltza in 1939. The post office shared space with a Federal courthouse and when the post office moved to new quarters around 2008, the mural became off limits to the public until 2011 when a new Passport Agency opened in the old post office quarters.

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Albany Area Coming Up Calendar – Jan. 1-7, 2014
Children receive a free F.U.N. Passport that is stamped on each Sunday visit. Free with RiverQuarium membership or with regular admission. Farmers' Market: 1402 S. Slappey Blvd. (across from main post office); open 2 to 6 p.m. Fridays and 8 a.m. to 2 p …
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