Poll office disappoints, transgenders back to square one

Poll office disappoints, transgenders back to square one
To bring these people into the mainstream, the court had directed to set aside reservation for transgender individuals in jobs and education and also entitled them to other rights like holding a passport, voter card and driving licence. “We have a …
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200000 in Va. may lack proper ID needed to vote
In Virginia , voters must produce a driver's license or other photo ID issued by the state, a US passport, a photo ID issued by the federal government, a student ID card that has a photograph and was issued by a school in Virginia , or an employee ID …
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Tax rules prod some Americans to renounce citizenship
The U.S. is the only country in the world that levies taxes on the basis of citizenship rather than residency — meaning people can be liable to the IRS without ever having lived in the country, if they hold a U.S. passport or green card. CNBC spoke to …
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New Passport Office Provides Same Day Service to Southerners

In the old South, life sometimes seems to move at a different, slower pace. That can make it easy deadlines to creep up on you- including the deadline for applying for your passport.


Typically, it takes about six weeks from the time you submit your application for your new passport to arrive in your mailbox. When planning a trip, you should allow more time than that if at all possible.

If six weeks is too long, you do have options. Expedited processing is available from the Department of State for an additional fee of $ 60.00 per application processed. This will cut the processing time down to about three weeks, though there is always a possibility that it could take longer if the Department of State is especially busy. To get an accurate estimate of processing time, it’s always a good idea to check at the Department of State’s website.


But what do you do if even three weeks is too long? In that case, you need to go directly to the Department of State yourself, instead of having your application sent in through the mail. The State Department has, at present, 25 regional passport agency offices open to help travelers with urgent travel needs. This includes a new passport office that just opened in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to the opening of the Atlanta passport office in May of 2011, the only other offices in the Deep South capable of issuing same-day passports were in New Orleans, Miami, Arkansas and perhaps Texas (depending on how you define the term “Deep South).


To make an appointment at a regional passport agency office, call the National Passport Center at 1-877-487-2778. In addition to the documents normally required to get your passport, you’ll also need a paper copy of your itinerary to prove that you are eligible to use the passport office. Appointments are available to US citizens who have travel plans that require them to leave the country within the next 14 days. If you are leaving within four weeks but need your passport in order to apply for a travel visa before you depart for your destination, you are also eligible to make an appointment.


Once you arrive at the passport office, you’ll wait your turn to present your paperwork to an agent. As long as all of your documents are in order, your new passport should be ready within 24 hours.


Alison Kroulek is a freelance writer and blogger with a focus on the travel industry.

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Postage Machines Bring the Post Office Into Your Home or Office

Perhaps you may have already been aware of postage machines but felt that they were something that was only available for larger commercial operations. The truth is that just about anybody is eligible to have a potage machine in their home or office if they feel that they would benefit from havine one.

Savings in Time and Money

Why would someone consider bringing a postage machine into their home or office if they aren’t a larger business handling massive amounts of mail or packages? The answer to that, is savings in both time and money, as well as convenience. If you stop to think about for a moment, even a small number of packages can take a substantial amount of time to process at a post office.

Process Your Packages or Mail Any Time

If this is being done on a regular weekly basis, the time can really add up. Another benefit that postage machines offer is that they can process postage any time of day or night. Post offices open at 8:00 am and close at 5:00 pm and that leaves you only an eight hour time frame to get the postage paid on a package using the conventional method.

Multiple Feature Options

Postage machines come with a wide variety of function options, depending on your needs. For mass mailing of conventional letters, there are even postage machines that will seal your envelopes for you and print-stamp them in bulk. For anyone running a political campaign something like this can really make a difference.

Total Convenience

Postage machines and meters cannot be purchased and therefor, in accordance with U.S. postal service rules and regulations they must be leased. However; there are numerous online sources for them and another place that you can apply for one is at your local post office. With the lines at post offices getting longer and slower every day, more and more people are now bringing the post office into their home, or busines for total convenience with postage machines.

Written by Gerome Jameson. Come visit my website for the top information on Postage Machines and even the best info on a Network Printer.

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Program helps Hispanic students stay in school
… curb the dropout rate and encourage higher education among young Hispanics. The program, called Passport to Education, connects mostly Hispanic professionals from a wide swath of industries and partners them with students in middle and high schools.
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Canadian diplomatic and special passports fact file
… passports are issued to people holding office, such as members of Parliament, senators or members of provincial cabinets, and to people employed by the federal government in a non-diplomatic capacity who are travelling on an official mission or to …
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IOA unhappy after govt allows just five out of 28 disciplines to have managers
The managers named in the sports ministry's list which was cleared after consultation with the Prime Minister's Office include tennis star Sania Mirza's mother Naseema Mirza, Rajan F Irani (golf), V K Dhal (shooting), Ramavtar Singh Jakhar (volleyball …
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Operating your own sub post office

Running your own business is right now the chosen option for many people in the current economic climate as worthwhile jobs become more difficult to find, but before you seize your entire savings and invest it in your own sub post office business. What do you need to be aware of?

So how do you run a business? You’ve constantly been the one who is told what to do. Straight away the shoe is truly on the other foot – you give the orders now. But what guidelines do you give to your staff? What indicators do you send out? How do you recognize if what you are saying or doing is the most suitable thing for your new sub post office business? It was easy before…the boss spoke…and you carried out what he/she said then you got rewarded at the end of the day. Having your own business is a little trickier, if you get things wide of the mark now, not only will you not get rewarded (or get remunerated less), your lack of decisiveness could impact detrimentally upon your staff.

The legitimacy about running your own sub post office business is not that you will be chasing the mighty dollar but that you might obtain the life you have constantly sought after. Of course, the money is necessary; but to make the business that creates the life you really desire is a fantastic reward. Personal independence pushes hard cash near to being the chief component to becoming their own boss. Most successful sub post office businesses are ran by those that don’t lose sleep about how profitable they are as long as they don’t have to labor for others.

However having lots of money in the bank is a relief.

For your own self respect; picture the feeling you have compared to being in a unremarkable job or no job at all. It is a lot easier to get out of the sack at sunup knowing you are constructing a business for yourself and your relatives; you’re doing it for your boss – who you might not even get on with.

Persons have different reasons for becoming an entrepreneur – every one is different; and as such you will doubtless aim to do business in a better way than you have seen done by other bosses in earlier jobs you have had.

Hardly any people begin their own business – most people do not have the nouse. The question is do you have it? Are you motivated to turn out well in business as well as in life?

Open your sub post office business immediately!

Paul Stanton Are you going to start your own sub post office business? You need a sub post office business plan

How to Locate a USCIS Office

Know about USCIS

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is the governing body for the citizenship and immigration procedures. It is a component of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It was formerly known as the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS).The administrative functions that were formerly carried out by the  Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) are now managed by USCIS.


To strengthen the security and  sustain the integrity of the immigration process.
To deliver effective customer service by providing immigration benefit and information services.
To extend support to the participation of immigrants in American civic culture.
To promote flexible and effective immigration policies.
To strengthen the infrastructure that supports the governing body’s mission.
To operate as a high-performance organization and  promote a highly talented workforce.
To promote a dynamic work culture.

These goals have been adhered to as effectively as possible. This government agency has about 18,000 government employees and contractors, working relentlessly at 250 offices across the world. It is headed by a director who has to report directly to the Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security. Alejandro Mayorkas, a Cuban immigrant is the present director.

How to Locate a USCIS Office?

A USCIS office can be easily located with just a click. Having a secure internet connection is the basic requisite for this. Anybody wanting to locate an office needs to log on to the USCIS website and click on the ‘Find a USCIS office’ tab which will direct the person to a page containing all the offices.

The USCIS offices list includes the following

Field Offices (within the United States) – Handles scheduled interviews on non-asylum related applications.
International Offices – Caters to the needs of US citizens and permanent residents who are residing outside the US regarding immigration issues.
Application Support Centers – Provides biometric (fingerprinting) and related services.
Asylum Offices – Handles scheduled interviews for only asylum-related matters.
National Records Center – Accepts and Processes FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests.
Service Centers & National Benefit Center – Handles a large variety of petitions and applications.

A person who wants to locate a USCIS office must first have a clear idea about the issue that he wants to be sorted out and then select any of the offices from the above mentioned list.

After selecting the specific office, the next step is to enter information about the zip code to find an office that has jurisdiction over that place. Another option is to select the state from a miniature map of the US. Both these will direct the person to the page which contains the list of addresses. Also, a person can select an office by just clicking on the state in the drop down menu that can be found below the map.

Additionally, a person can zero in on the exact office through the mapping facility that is available. This can be done by clicking on the view ‘All USCIS locations’ on the bottom most line of the web page.

Clicking on a particular address will display a page with a lot of details regarding the offices like the working hours, contact details, directions for reaching the office, availability of parking facilities, accommodations for the disabled, issues that are addressed there and the areas that are under its jurisdiction.

Official USCIS and Immigration Forms provided for download online. The USCIS was formerly known as the INS. Complete list of all USCIS form and Immigration Form.