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Passport officials to get tablets
The police are set to provide tablets to its special branch personnel for conducting passport verifications. A proposal to provide 200 tablets to field officers (enquiry officers) is on the cards. Around one lakh passport applications are forwarded by …
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New gun store offer silencers, automatic weapons
An NFA application can be filled out by an individual, but Anderson said each person would have to provide their fingerprints, a passport photo, and a signature from a chief law enforcement officer such as Sheriff Gary Painter or Midland Police Chief …
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US Postal Service to offer passport fair

US Postal Service to offer passport fair
SAGINAW — If you're planning a trip out of the country and lack a passport, the U.S. Postal Service wants to help. A Passport Fair is set for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 18, at the Saginaw Main Post Office, 1233 S. Washington. The fair will take …
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US rower robbed of food, passport off the coast of Haiti
The Brooklyn native was headed back to the U.S. from his trans-Atlantic journey but had diverted toward Haiti on advice of his U.S. weather router. Mooney said he saw several fishing boats approach and that people aboard them began yelling in a …
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Post offices now open three Sundays in December
With daughter Charlie, 2, in tow, Amy Ahasic, of Fairfield, mails out Christmas presents at the Fairfield Post Office at 357 Commerce Drive in Fairfield, Conn. on Sunday, December 7, 2014. Several area post offices are now …. On the three consecutive …
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Portland post offices now offer passport services by appointment only

Portland post offices now offer passport services by appointment only
"Our Portland locations offer customers convenient one-stop shopping for passports, passport photos and passport cards," said Portland Postmaster Shawneen Betha in a news release. She recommends travelers apply for a passport or passport card at least …
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Check your visa status
Raheel Mirza. Check the status of your visa at and if the status shows 'issued', log onto: for passport collection locations and timings. My current F1 visa is valid …
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Ooredoo Qatar runs Eid Passport offer, iPhone 6 deal

Ooredoo Qatar runs Eid Passport offer, iPhone 6 deal
Under the Passport offer, Shahry and Hala customers who subscribe to or renew the Ooredoo Passport service from 01-31 October will get an additional 1 GB of data that can be used while roaming anywhere in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and …
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Wethersfield Library Calendar
ARTIST GEORGIA STATHOULAS EXHIBIT: The artwork of Wethersfield resident Georgia Stathoulas is on display at the Wethersfield Library. Born and raised in Kalamata, Greece, Stathoulas moved to Wethersfield in 1992 and discovered an emerging talent …
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Fast Food Locations

From the fanciest of seafood restaurants to fast food chains to mom and pop shops, our country is one with plenty of privately & publicly owned restaurants and fast food locations. No matter what type of food you’re interested in and regardless of where you’re located, the u.s. collectively boasts the widest variety of food and drink offerings available to the public. Over the past 30 years we have seen an influx of new restaurants being established, opened, and advertised. With hundreds of millions of potential consumers and restaurant goers comes an endless supply of potential income. It’s for this reason that so many foreign and American business owners are expanding their empires within this great nation. Since this is still the land of opportunity, whenever there is an open lot or vacancy on a busy street or intersection it does not last long. They either get bought almost immediately or are leased on the first day the space is advertised as up for sale or rent. At this point in time I believe that as long as there are vacancies anywhere, business proprietors will continue to build out new locations for the reason that once they have been built, other business will continue to build around them. As a business owner of a new location, this is an ideal situation.

Everyone has their own particular tastes and or dining needs and because of this need for various foods and services, just about every food provider will get some business. We all know there is a Mcdonald’s, Hardees, Wendy’s, or Subway on just about every corner and for the most part, I would think we’re aware of most of their menu offerings. With that being said, one of the ways each of these entities separates themselves from the pack is by offering substantially different menu offerings. Be that as it may, Mcdonald’s, Hardees, & Wendy’s primarily offer the same food items like burgers, fries, milkshakes, desserts, soda’s, etc. Because of the similarity in their menu’s it’s a bit difficult for these entities to sway hungry consumers one way or another when they are when they dine out. You’re probably aware of how healthy we are trying to eat now and because of this consciousness, consumers are doing what they can to eat healthier when they step out for a bite. Well, this being the case then consumers are going to want to eat as healthy as they can when they go out and currently there are only a few fast food chains that offer healthy meal choices that can be eaten daily. The most prominent is Chick Fil A as they boast an entire menu filled with healthy chicken.

This chain is one that offers a very healthy menu that’s primarily composed of chicken. Their chicken offerings can be grilled, blackened, or even baked which as you know is a very healthy way to prepare it. They have many locations throughout the country most of which accept Chick Fil A coupons. These Chick Fil A printable coupons can really help you rack up the savings every time you dine there. As of recent, consumers just like you have been able to find these savings in a multitude of different places. Online venues like google, yahoo, bing, and even aol are pretty good at keeping their coupon offerings up to date. These venues are very useful as they are available all day everyday so you can visit them when it’s convenient for you and not the other way around. With so many fast food locations to choose from, you should never have a problem finding one but when your in the mood for freshly prepared chicken dishes or want to eat healthy, you know what your options entail.

Gather good savings as a result of making use of Chick Fil A Coupons. Think about precisely how much cash you possibly can put back inside of your pocket if a person made use of Chick Fil A Printable Coupons each time you eat out.

Latest How To Renew My Passport News

Project 365 #25: 250110 How Bloody Much!?!
how to renew my passport
Image by comedy_nose
Get used to that title – I’ll probably use it a lot!

I know this job has been sneaking up on me, but the passport expires this year and I really do need to renew it.

I’ve got the forms through from the passport service and I’ve filled in the renewal form. I need to take the photo now and get it printed out.

Unfortunately I need to send the old – or strictly speaking current – passport away with the renewal and that will have to wait until after I’ve done my trip to Finland in the middle of Feb. They probably would get it turned round by then, but you can’t count on it!

The big sting of course is the price. £77.50 is pretty hard to justify for a straightforward renewal, however much the behind the scenes processing costs are.

Ah well. I’m screwed. And I know it. I might as well smile. 🙂

Phuket: UK changes passport application rules to boost security
He added, “My understanding is that the timings remain the same as they have been for some time – four weeks for a renewal and six weeks for a first-time application or an application to replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport.” The information …
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Vehicle tag renewal gets easier
The federal Real I.D. Act requires people applying for a driver's license or renewing one to produce proof of their identity with a birth certificate or passport. Other official papers required for a driver's license are proof of a Social Security …

Citizenship classes offer immigrants a way to stay
She is currently a permanent U.S. resident, but in addition to voting, there are strong incentives for her to become a citizen including obtaining a U.S. passport to make travel to her native country easier, and helping her daughters, 32 and 27, also …
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Spare a thought for Jashodaben… and all form filling Indian women
-Divorced/Separated / Consummated / Non-consummated (If divorced, attach divorce certificate. Both parties must be present with their respective parents at the time of applying for this passport. 'Streedhan' certificate to be attached attested by 1a or …
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Minnesota becomes fifth state to offer enhanced driver's licenses and ID cards

Minnesota becomes fifth state to offer enhanced driver's licenses and ID cards
Tweet Share via Email. Starting Monday, Minnesota residents can apply for an enhanced driver's license or identification card that will allow them to re-enter the United States from Canada, Bermuda, Mexico and the Caribbean without needing a passport.
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Dubai 800: Your one-stop number of the future… starting 2021
Such an interface will provide uninterrupted updates for all transactions in progress, as well as recalling important dates such as renewal dates of passport, residence, car ownership or licence, amongst others. The interface will also set up reminders …
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The ABCs of USPs

There are currently over 40,000 SKUs in the average supermarket, 260 automobile models available, 340 breakfast cereals, 790 magazine titles, 87 soft drink brands, 70 different styles of Levi’s jeans…and that’s just the tip of the goods and services iceberg.

Now add to that the more than 2,100 advertising messages the average person absorbs each day and you quickly realize why consumers are paralyzed by information overload.

To counter this problem, many marketers try to break through the clutter by shouting louder – spending more money on larger ads, more frequency, and more outrageous creative. While these tactics may work to some degree, they can greatly reduce ROI. And as other marketers follow suit, they become less effective.

There is, however, a fundamentally easier way to get your product noticed and remembered.

According to Al Ries and Jack Trout in their book, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, “The best approach to take in our overcommunicated society is the oversimplified message. You have to sharpen your message to cut into the mind.” USP, branding, Cousin’s subs That’s the basis of the unique selling proposition (USP).

Developed by ad agency chairman Rosser Reeves in the 1960s, a USP is the single most unique and meaningful attribute your product possesses. It’s how your product is positioned not unto itself, but relative to competing products.

For example:

• Volvo = safety
• Crest = cavity prevention
• Energizer batteries = long lasting
• Papa John’s = better ingredients
• Cousins Subs = better bread
• Miller Lite = tastes great, less filling
• Domino’s Pizza = 30-minute delivery or its free
• BMW = ultimate driving machine
• M&Ms = melt in your mouth, not in your hand

These products and brands set themselves apart by helping consumers pigeonhole them as “the only _________ that _________.”

In contrast, “me-too” products with no USP are rarely very profitable because there’s nothing unique about them to establish value in the minds of consumers.

Which means the only competitive advantage that can be created is lower price, resulting in small or nonexistent profit margins.

“If you don’t tell consumers how to choose, they are either not going to choose, or they are going to choose based on the one thing they understand: price.”
-Sergio Zyman, The End of Marketing As We Know It

To create the kind of powerful USP that will cause consumers to notice your product, prefer your product, and pay a premium for it, three criteria are needed:

1. You must make a proposition to the consumer that says, “Buy this product and you will get this specific benefit.”
2. The proposition must be one the competition either cannot, or does not, offer.
3. The proposition must be so strong that it can move your target audience to action.

Jack Trout, in his book, Differentiate or Die, asserts that the strongest USPs fall into one of nine categories:

1. Being first in the marketplace
2. Owning a specific product attribute
3. Demonstrating sales, technology, or performance leadership
4. Drawing upon an impressive product history or heritage
5. Having a specialized product for a specific target market
6. Showing that your product is preferred by an influential peer group
7. Revealing how a product is made / special components or ingredients
8. Being the newest / most up to date
9. Being popular, trendy, or “hot”

“Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage.”
-Theodore Levitt, Thinking About Management

While these are the most effective USPs, the most popular USPs marketers try to implement are often the weakest. These are the attributes of “quality” and “service.”

In the minds of consumers, quality and service are not differentiators – they’re basic expectations. Consumers feel they have a right to assume your products are of good quality and your service is accommodating.

Additionally, most consumers simply aren’t able to judge levels of quality. And the majority of advancements in quality are so minor as to be indiscernible to the average consumer – which make them irrelevant.

Besides, how often do you hear businesses claim they have better quality and superior service? (All the time.) How often do you believe them? (Almost never.)

Don’t have a strong USP for your product to hang its hat on? All is not lost.

You may be able to use a preemptive claim. That’s when you make a product claim that isn’t actually unique … it’s just not being promoted by the competition.

For instance, Folger’s used this tactic when they successfully advertised their coffee as being “mountain grown.” All coffee is mountain grown, but Folger’s was the first to capitalize on that little-known fact.

Similarly, Schlitz became the #2 beer in America during the 1920s by claiming it used pure artesian well water, a “mother yeast,” and steam-purified bottles – things all brewers used. But Schlitz claimed them first. And because these claims were relevant to consumers at the time and unique in the mind of the public, this USP carried the company for decades.

Once you’ve identified the most powerful USP for your product, it should become the primary message used to sell it. In the words of business guru Tom Peters, “Your product or service is not differentiated until the customer understands the difference.”

This requires the most discipline because you must subordinate all the product’s other features to the USP. That can be difficult for marketers who, in their desire to meet sales goals, try to be all things to all people in hopes of attracting everyone. Unfortunately, they only succeed in making their offer weak everywhere instead of strong somewhere.

The final step in the process is to continually find fresh ways to express your product’s USP – its “oversimplified message” – by giving consumers new reasons to find this unique position relevant, beneficial, and valuable to them.

The result will be increased consumer preference and product profitability.

Mike DiFrisco is known as “the affordable branding guy.” That’s because he believes that no one knows your brand better than you. In his two decades of marketing experience, he’s helped numerous businesses in many different industries grow and prosper because they’ve built their business on a solid foundation of brand positioning and messaging. Branding can be a powerful tool to get more customers, get your current customers to buy more stuff (and more frequently), foster loyalty, and build word-of-mouth buzz about your business. And everything he’s learned has been distilled into the DIY tools and techniques available at

Related Usps Passport Articles

Usp For Lawyers

What Makes You Unique? What Makes Your Product or Service Special? What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition or USP?

Interested in cranking things up a notch or two (or ten!) and taking things to the next income level? Want to make a huge difference in the lives of others?

Do you need generate more business or sales to help reach these goals?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, then I strongly suggest you focus a great deal of your time and attention to the following…

Aggressively share with the world your unique selling proposition or USP!

Several examples of rather well known USP’s include:

Domino’s Pizza: “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free”

FedEx: “When your package absolutely, positively has to get there overnight”

M&M’s: “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand”

Every day you’re exposed to USPs. Some are good and immediately get you to start thinking about a particular company or service. Other USPs are so bad that you’ve forgotten all about them after 5-10 minutes.

So what exactly is a good USP? Well, an effective USP explains and satisfies the following criteria…

1. What the benefit is
2. What the specific message is (clear, concise and to the point)
3. Is easy to understand, is realistic, and easy to remember

The idea is to create a USP that can and will be the marketing foundation to your business. It is a persuasive and memorable message that everything else will be built around.

In fact, a well crafted USPs can be based on price, product or type of service. You can also focus an effective USP on color, size, location, business hours or almost anything else you can think of.

Because of this, you need to be able to clearly state your USP. It needs to be easy to for consumers to identify with. Your long-term marketing plan will be to develop and promote your USP so that it will bring YOUR company, product or service to the center of attention when it is mentioned or heard.

It’s important to keep in mind that USPs can and will change over time. Market conditions, technology and consumer perception can and will require you to make changes over the lifetime of your product or service.

OK. Now that we’re clear about what a USP is, the next logical questions for most of us is…

“How do I create a good USP?”

Before I answer this question, it’s important for you to first figure out what is truly unique about you or your business. What do you do better than anyone else? What makes you better or different that anyone else who does what you do or who sells a product or service similar to you?

Think hard and think outside the box. We’re all different and we all bring our own uniqueness in to this crazy and exciting world. What’s yours?

Now, keeping in mind what makes you different, review the following 8 steps. It make take an hour, a day, or even a week to complete the following task. Just make sure you focus and get it done. Your success may depend on it.

1. Realistic and Doable: First, keep in mind that you need to be able to fulfill the promise placed in any USP you develop and use. Remember this simple but important detail. This single fact is critical to your long term success. After all, if you can’t walk the talk, your chance of long-term success is zero.

Ask yourself, “Can I really do this?”

2. Understand Your Target Audience: Before you can develop and use your USP, you first need to understand, with crystal clarity, who you will be marketing to.

Who are your clients? Who would you like to have as clients or customers?

3. What’s the Problem You Can Solve?: How can you help a client or customer with their problem or needs? How can your business help benefit someone experiencing this particular problem?

What are my clients’ problems and how can I solve them?

4. Distinctive Benefits: Make a list of 3-5 benefits that only you can offer your customer or client. These five benefits should be specific and describe what sets you apart from your competition. Your USP must be focused on the benefits your product or service provides to your customers. A feature might be a new state-of-the-art medical device your practice is using to treat patients. A benefit is that your patients will no longer experience lower back pain. Benefits are the ONLY thing clients and customers are truly interested in for the long haul.

What benefits are my clients looking for? What benefits can I offer that my clients may not even be aware of?

5. Describe and Write Down Your Promise: A good USP makes an implied or express pledge to your customers or clients. What is it? Make sure you can write it down in a single sentence.

6. Write a Paragraph: Take steps 1-5 and combine the info. Write it all down in a nice long paragraph. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. Just start writing and creating your USP based upon the indicated steps.

7. Rewrite: Review and rewrite your paragraph 2-3 times eliminating duplicate thoughts and merging similar statements. Your final paragraph should an easy to read paragraph.

8. Single Sentence: Now rewrite your paragraph in to a single sentence. Be specific and remember to prominently include the benefit to your customer shared in a specific message that is realistic and easy to understand and also easy to remember.

Keep working on this last step for at least a couple of days. Use your early morning creative mind to give you clarity and good perspective. Continue to fine tune your USP sentence until it is perfect in your mind and looks good on paper. Share your work with others and get constructive feedback.

Summary: The fact of the matter is that this process isn’t easy but it is essential to the success of your business. Businesses lacking a good USP simply get by and rarely achieve great success. In fact, most have a high failure rate and are doomed for a lifetime of mediocrity.

Use your USP in every marketing message that leaves your office. Incorporate your USP in to your answer to the question, “So, what do you do for a living?” Teach everyone at your office to do the same.

Successful companies prominently display their USP on their marketing material and on their web sites, blogs, and social media networks. They put energy and time in to educating potential clients and customers with the answers to these questions.

Generate more business and increase profits by using an effective USP. Make it easy for others to share your business by educating them about the benefits you offer. Use a clear, concise and easy to remember USP to take things to the next level.

When you’re finished, I’d love to see your USP. Email it over. Need help, feel free to bounce ideas off of me. I’m standing by to hear from you!

So, what’s your USP?

“Remember to make today your masterpiece and to remind your family and friends to do the same!”

Jon Mitchell “Mitch” Jackson, Esq.

New World Lawyer- “A Better Way to Practice Law”

2009 Orange County California Trial Lawyer of the Year (Wrongful Death Case) enjoys sharing more than 25 years of successful insider tips, tools, and approaches about how to use relationships, the internet, and social media to build your practice and enjoy your life!

Orange County personal injury lawyer, Jon Mitchell Jackson, was named an Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association. Mitch is the founding partner and Senior Litigation Partner of Jackson and Wilson, Inc., a top AV rated firm by Martindale-Hubbell. The firm is also listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, an exclusive listing reserved for the best law firms in the United States. This recent award follows several earlier recognitions this year naming Mitch as a Southern California Super Lawyer and, a rating of 10.0 or Superb by the national AVVO lawyer rating system. Mitch also serves as a Judge Pro Tem with the Orange County Superior Court and in his spare time, enjoys Rotary Internat