Squirrel Hill man out on bond arrested for trying to obtain passport

Squirrel Hill man out on bond arrested for trying to obtain passport
A Squirrel Hill man out on bail while awaiting sentencing for charges connected to a mortgage fraud scheme landed back in jail because he obtained a Florida driver's license and used it to apply for a passport, according to federal court documents.
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Police verification for passport to go hi-tech across India
Hyderabad — Following the success of the hi-tech police verification of passport applications launched by the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate in Hyderabad, External Affairs Ministry officials, who watched a demo of the new and fast system, have …
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Norway toughens residence rules
Even after permanent residence is finally granted in Norway, holders of non-EU passports also must continue to renew their legal presence in the so-called Schengen area of the EU every two years, and carry a valid residence card. Nor does “permanent …
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Myanmar: Passports easier to obtain

Myanmar: Passports easier to obtain
It costs US$ 25. In the past, obtaining or renewing a passport was a complex procedure and many applications were arbitrarily rejected. The actual passport is only five pages down from a previous 14 pages. Officials claimed they reduced the pages to …
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Jessica Twentyman meets: Palo Alto's open data evangelist
After 25 years in the US, his accent may be distinctly transatlantic, but he was born and raised in Dublin. His father … “We all interface with government and we all know the frustrations, whether we're renewing our passport or paying a parking …
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Bahamas Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie to be inducted onto MLK Int
“We invite Bahamians in the area to join us as we celebrate this historic occasion. In fact, we have a delegation of 50 Bahamian youths ranging in age from 7 to 17 making up the Urban Renewal Band who will witness this event first hand, as they are …
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Child ombudsman offers US swimmer to obtain Russian passport

Child ombudsman offers US swimmer to obtain Russian passport
MOSCOW, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) — Paralympics swimming champion Jessica Long would be able to adopt a Russian orphan if she obtains Russian citizenship, presidential Children Rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said on Friday. "According to the law, a U.S. …
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On the cultural front lines in New York
In 1938, Kandinsky elected not to renew his German passport and moved to France, where he settled in the Parisian suburb of Neuilly-Sur-Seine. Here his palette changed yet again, and biomorphic forms with non-geometric outlines appeared in his …
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Mason spine surgeon Dr. Atiq Durrani flees the U.S., warrant issued for his arrest
A Pakistani citizen, Durrani was required to turn over his passport when he was indicted, and the U.S. Attorney didn't say how Durrani managed to slip out of the country. A judge had ordered him not to travel beyond Ohio and Kentucky. Durrani had asked …
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The Way To Obtain an Expedited Passport

You can obtain an expedited passport in many different ways. It takes three weeks to process an expedited passport application or it can be completed as fast as the same day. Here are some various option to have an expedited passport.


The slowest way to expedite a passport is to mail the application (in the case of a renewal) or submit the form at an application acceptance facility (in the case of a new passport). Besides the normal requirements, you must pay an extra $ 60 fee if you are expediting the process. You are also encouraged to use an overnight deliver method and write the word “expedite” on the outside of the envelope. This is the process that takes up to three weeks to complete.


The fastest way to obtain an expedited passport is to visit a regional passport agency where you can get your travel document the same day. Basically, you schedule an appointment at the nearest agency then show up with the application and supporting documents. You must prove that you have an urgent travel need by presenting your ticket or itinerary. The number to call is 1-877-487-2778.


While passport applications can be expedited as quickly as the same day, there are a couple of problems that may hinder you from getting your passport that quickly. One, there may be no appointment available within the time that you need it. Regional agencies have a limited number of openings for appointments, especially for same day expediting service.


How far you live from the passport agency may also be a problem. There are currently 18 agencies located in major U.S.

cities. While they are located in heavily populated areas and are easily accessible to a large portion of the American population, there is still a good number of citizens who would have to travel long distances to get to the agency. This may be your case.


If an appointment is available and you live close to an agency, then you can obtain an expedited passport in only a day or two. This includes the time it takes to make the appointment, gather the documents and get to the agency.


If no immediate appointment is available or you live far from the agency, you have two options. Either you schedule an appointment for a later date and travel to the agency yourself or you apply for an expedited passport through a professional expediter. You should be able to get your passport within 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on how far you live from the agency and when an appointment can be set up.


Professional expediting services are registered with the regional agencies and submit applications daily for same day service. If you request the assistance of an experienced expediter today, they could be submitting your application tomorrow and sending your passport to you that same evening.


You can request expedited service for any passport need whether it be a new passport, renewal, replacement, added pages or name change. Each has a specific application that specifies the requirements you must meet and documents you need to submit.


In summary, you can obtain an expedited passport in up to three weeks by mailing or submitting the form at an application acceptance facility or the passport can be processed the same day at a regional agency. What will determine the total time it takes to get the application expedited in this case is appointment availability, distance from the agency and whether you apply personally or through a reliable passport expediting service.


Visit U.S. Passport Service Guide for passport expediting tips and access a directory of passport expediters to compare services.

How To Obtain An Expedited Usa Passport Service

All United States (US) citizens who wish to travel outside of the US must have a valid passport. The federal government is responsible for issuing passports, and the process begins usually at a US Post Office. Applicants are required to complete certain application forms and to pay certain fees. On average, it takes up to six weeks for issuance, whether it’s for an initial, replacement, or renewal. It’s possible to speed up the process for an additional fee, which will lessen the wait time to two – three weeks instead of the typical six week average. However, for some that’s too long and they want or need it sooner. There are several private passport expediting services companies available to make it happen.

First time adult applicants must complete Form DS-11. Adults applying for renewal must complete Form DS-82. Documentation of citizenship must be presented, and two identical photos are required.

The federal government establishes the application fees, which are subject to change. Currently, the rate for a first time adult application is $ 135. Renewals for adults cost $ 110. And extra, optional $ 60 passport expedited fee is charged if the applicant needs a quicker processing and delivery turnaround. And if you opt for the overnight delivery, you can expect to pay another $ 15.

A number of private service providers have entered the market, available to assist people who can’t or would rather not deal with the application process themselves. Sometimes it’s more convenient to pay someone else to do the work. Many of these companies can be found in advertisements on the internet.

Some private expediting service companies offer a range of delivery schedules, and charge varying fees accordingly. For example, if you want your passport within 24 hours of submitting all required information, you might expect to pay $ 300, in addition to the government fees noted above. If you can wait between eight and 14 days, you might pay only $ 100 in addition to the government fees.

There are other categories of services which these private companies provide. For example, they also assist in applications for children under 16, for people who have changed their names, and for those who merely need additional pages in their currently valid passport. The fees will usually vary with the service requested.

As when considering doing business with service providers in any field, it can be useful to ask questions and look for references. In a competitive market, sometimes it pays to shop around and compare. And it’s almost always a good idea to be cautious when providing personal identifying information to anyone you don’t know.

Finally, remember that if you are a US citizen planning a trip out of the US, you will be required to have a valid passport. You can apply at the post office, which handles applications on behalf of the federal government which has authority to issue passport expedite. You might also consider hiring a private company to assist you, particularly if you need to get your passport quickly.

Some Necessities To Obtain A Us Passport Fast

There are situations that may require passports online fast for situations that deem urgent in nature. One can now get the necessary travel documents within just twenty four hours if needed; the other alternative is waiting for as many as six weeks. There are many terms and specific documentation required the approval of the forms.

There is specific application that are each located under each kind of passport required for the customer. Having an adobe reader is a must in order to view any of the applications. There is no cost to obtain any forms or other information for the client. As for filling out any printed documents, they must be issued on a specific size and a black ink.

The choice of filling out or downloading the form online is provided to the customer for convenience. However this choice can only be used if you had a prior passport and it was issued at an age of 16 or older, within the last 15 years or it is within the client’s possession. The renewal forms are also known as the DS-82.

For new expedited passport service, one must have never previously owned a passport, less than 16, or it was lost or stolen. If the document is taken from your possession than one must fill out two separate forms the DS-11 and DS-64. The method can also be used the certificate was damaged but is not expired.

The child’s issues documents are the DS-3053-DS-11 and can be used for anyone under fifteen year of age. If for some reason one of the legal custodians cannot be there at time of issuing, there is a DS-3035 that needs to be also filled out. All the sheets that need to be accessed can all be located online and each has a separate category depending of the needs of the patron.

Any time a travel document is requested all information must be filled according to instructions given for a smooth process. The credentials could be basic information to employment, birth, gender, SSN and other characteristics of the applicant. Having the appropriate information handy and readily available will guarantee a much easier process.

Of the vital credentials that are needed in order to complete an online application it is mandatory to have sufficient documentation as it can be rejected if it is not compatible. Any photographs taken must be only of the person applying, 2×2 inches and within about six months. There are several retailers who can provide this service at excellent rates; some even less than ten dollars.

Applying for passpost fast is a quick and easy procedure that can be completed in a few steps. Making sure the right identification is available will provide better chances to receive time sensitive documents. All the costs vary depending on the type of service needed for the client’s demands. There is usually extra fees on top or regular processing for rush services; children are usually slightly cheaper compared to adult fees.

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