Opinion: Blood Ivory and More Dead Elephants

Opinion: Blood Ivory and More Dead Elephants
Two weeks later, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) announced it would effectively ban all domestic ivory sales, even of antique objects. This step … FWS could issue a “passport” for musicians and gun owners to carry their possessions back and forth.
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Jayalalithaa keeps all options open, waits for May 16
Please do understand that we at the CIA, and our sister agency RAW in New Delhi are your friends. We are interested in spreading our shared ideals of free market capitalism and democracy throughout South Asia and the world. USA is a friend of India. We …
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Surviving Surrogacy
Westoby, a former banker and author of Our Journey: One Couple's Guide to US Surrogacy, is gay, has a husband and is father to two adorable twins – but he admits he still remembers the dread he felt when he tried to find a surrogacy agency. “The whole …
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More Americans renounce citizenship, but deny stereotype

More Americans renounce citizenship, but deny stereotype
At the U.S. Consulate in Geneva, “I talked to a man who explained to me that I could never, ever get my nationality back,” said Donna-Lane Nelson, whose Boston accent lingers although she's lived in Switzerland for 24 years. “It felt like a … One of …
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Russia vows response if citizens attacked in Ukraine
DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — Russia's foreign minister on Wednesday promised a firm response if its citizens or interests come under attack in Ukraine — a vow that came after Ukraine announced a renewal of its ''anti-terror'' campaign against those …
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Why the Chicago Bears Need to Act More like the Green Bay Packers

Why the Chicago Bears Need to Act More like the Green Bay Packers
But absent the Canadian Passport-sporting troubleshooter, Phil Emery would do well to look to his rivals to — and in — the North for inspiration. That's right: the Bears … Who would you like them to target in the draft and in free agency? Oh, and …
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Shadowy world of sex trafficking in U.S.
After losing her job as a financial analyst in a bank in the chaos unleashed by Asia's economic crisis, Shandra replied to a newspaper ad for temporary work in a hotel in Chicago. … with the police, church, and the FBI all refusing to believe her …
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More About The Passport Application Process

You should have a passport. It not only help you when you travel outside the US but make your life easier also. To get a passport, you first have to fill out a passport application. There are two options, one for those applying for the first time and one for those just renewing.


Hard copy applications can be obtained at your local library and most post offices. Some post offices also have set hours when they process applications including taking the required two pictures for placement in your passport. To find out if a post office near you offers these services, call ahead or research the internet. All you need to do is type in your zip code and a list of available locations and service options will appear on your screen.


If you don’t want to leave your home or office, you can download an application to your computer, print it and fill it out. It is as easy as searching for United States Passport on your internet search engine. Government sponsored sites will be listed as well as commercial websites. If you are on a government site, downloading an application and instructions will be free. There are other sites that will offer you extra guidance to fill out the application and submit it, however, they will charge you a fee to download their instructions and application.


First-time applicants and those who are under age 16 need to submit applications in person. Review the instructions for a list of items you will need to bring with you including two photos, picture identification and an original birth certificate. Do you have a passport that is soon to expire, or already expired? You may be able to renew by mail. As long as you have the expiring or old passport to send in with your application, your name has not changed and it has not been longer than 15 years since it was issued, you can save a trip and won’t have to wait in line.


There are several levels of processing depending on when you will be traveling. If you don’t have to travel out of the country for a month or more, you can pay the standard fee and follow the routine process. It generally takes between four to six weeks to receive your passport and possibly longer during summer when more people travel. If a trip abroad came up unexpectedly and it is less than four weeks away, apply under the expedited process. This will require an additional fee for overnight delivery with tracking capability. Your passport will be sent to you within two or three weeks and arrive at your home or office via overnight delivery. If a family or work emergency requires you to travel even sooner, you must set up an appointment at a passport agency. These are located in most major cities.


All applications, routine or expedited, first-time or renewal, require a fee. Once issued, your passport is valid for 10 years if you are over 16 and five years if younger. Traveling has become more and more complicated today and having a passport will make things much easier. Even crossing the border to Canada or Mexico, flying to Bermuda or the Caribbean, you need a passport.


When you have to travel quickly, expediting or fast-tracking your application will cost more. It is best not to wait till the last minute to apply. If your company requires you to go on a trip or conducts regular business outside the U. S., there may be an administrative person dedicated to getting your application processed. If a federal employee, your agency will likely have someone on staff to assist you. You may also notice that your passport cover may be a different color than the those of regular citizens. If you have to handle the process by yourself, ask for fee and picture cost reimbursement for approved work travel.


An additional plus to being able to travel outside the country whenever you want is that your US passport often makes it easier when you are applying for jobs, or need to show identification to verify your citizenship. Since you need to produce a birth certificate and other forms of identification to obtain a passport, having this form of identification in your pocket is sometimes all you need. After all is said and done, for reasonable cost and a small amount of time, applying for a passport is a great idea.

Need a passport? More investors are looking abroad

Need a passport? More investors are looking abroad
Some of the fears around the sovereign debt crisis are abating, and people are getting more comfortable with the idea of putting money overseas. Q: So, Europe looks good? A: There's a good story around Europe. European earnings are 35 percent below …
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Online live enrollment for MRPs
Officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), which oversees the Department of Passports (DoP), said the ministry is currently doing necessary homework to increase the production capacity of DoP and a system for filing application for MRP …
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Indians abroad seek more facilities and say (Comment, Special to IANS)

Indians abroad seek more facilities and say (Comment, Special to IANS)
Overseas Indians with Indian passports can also vote in elections but only in person. This was also announced at a PBD. Making a special trip to India to vote is too much for most NRIs. So they requested a postal ballot. With general elections coming …
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An ugly duckling no more
Kelly said they had to wait quite a while because of the school holidays as many people were applying or renewing their passports then. “It would be good if there were more seats,” she suggested. “And a shopping centre would be great too so that we can …
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Syrian Kurds Grow More Assertive

Syrian Kurds Grow More Assertive
The PYD has repeatedly denied colluding with Damascus stressing that Kurds were seen as second class citizens by the regime, often denied passports or government jobs. … "They told us not to come now, because they are still clearing the area, but soon.
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SIDF – A slush fund
Douglas is not reporting to the people about the people's money neither is he telling us how and why our passports are getting into the hands of people much to the annoyance and consternation of the government of Canada and the U.S.A.. Douglas does not …
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Movie review: Our Man in Tehran
The passports were returned to the U.S. for corrections, and the rest is history. It was history American-style in the Oscar-winning film Argo, which glorified an American plan to spirit the hostages out of Iran by pretending to be a Canadian movie …
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Most Americans don't know what the USA has achieved at World Cup
Then again, most of those in-the-know didn't rate the Tomahawks much of a chance anyway. Matterson, the US's head coach, doesn't mind if the Oval Office stays oblivious, but he does care that people acknowledge it was no fluke the US team has survived …
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Finding More About Renewal Passport

Lots of people think that creating a passport is difficult. The hassled procedures and methods be a terrifying experience but when contacted carefully with the aid of passport providers, the whole procedure amounts up with effective outcomes.

You can see that it is mandatory that everyone to renew the passport so that you can avoid any complications in process of carrying out. You will find much document from rehabilitation process. However, you must do it to protect for yourself and proof that you are complete fully duty of citizen. When it expired, you have to get brand new ones. The final area of the progress is one of the passport agent. The provider will lower your unit to work passport. Visa legal on old tickets continues to stay legally until their termination.

The passport solutions are available for providing or re-issuing of given. It is available for crisis or thoughtful requirements. This particular service is not obtainable in situations of loss or harm of given or assorted solutions.

The better method to use for such program could be through agencies, which provide expert help from the passport providers. The handling time is decreased to considerable three days without hassle. The perform done is quicker and quicker, which assists the idea mostly.

Passport providers also come helpful for understanding the details about the visa procedure. You’ll get information for getting a visa. Visa office facilities are often existing in various significant places of the nation.The whole process will be done in a few time periods.

When the procedures required is completed, you’ll be turned off regardless if you are permitted to receive a visa or not.


If there is any type of cutting your present passport, you must go to the local workplace yourself, or deliver it through a personal organization. This will create the passport renewal procedure steady and simple.

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