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This Is How We #DroughtHack
2014-10-28-garcettibytheriver.jpg L.A. is water. Our story begins on the banks of the L.A. River — and it was man-made rivers we built that provided the lifeblood that allowed our city to grow from its original pueblo into the global metropolis we are …
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Mexican Consulate comes to Wisconsin, ensures the Hispanic vote matters
… looking to make their Chicago-based office mobile. In an effort to increase access to adequate voting documentation, the Consulate's mobile office coming to Wisconsin, will provide passport renewal services for potential voters, mainly the Latino …
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Issues include tuition, spending, dormitories in Metropolitan Community
Court records show that Hug has had 10 traffic stops in the past 10 years in Nebraska and Iowa that resulted in charges of no proof of insurance, lack of a valid registration, or unlawful or fictional display of a plate or renewal, all misdemeanors. He …
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renewing passport
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To renew my passport, I have to turn in my old stamp-filled book marking 10 years’ worth of travel. Goodbye, reminders of trips to London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Italy, France, Poland, Prague, Montreal!

El Centro assists the Mexican Consulate with the help of HOLA and Sacred
Finally, her documents were accepted and she was on her way to get her matricula, although her husband wasn't able to renew his passport because he didn't have documents that had both of his Mexican last names. The matricula is extremely important for …
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Swedish passports hot property on black market
Sweden's passports were modernized in 2012 and are now considered to be amongst the most difficult in the world to copy. Under Swedish law a citizen can renew their passport as many times as they like without fear of being questioned by the police.
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