Pinoy passport applicants in Malaysia can check status online

Pinoy passport applicants in Malaysia can check status online
Filipinos who applied for a new passport or a passport renewal in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia can now check their application status online, according to the Philippine Embassy. "Using the Passport Application Number provided by the encoders towards the …
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Ex-passport supplier pesters state printer

Ex-passport supplier pesters state printer
Since its contract with the Foreign Affairs Department to supply e-passports expired on January 15, 2015, the French company has been spreading disparaging comments about the credentials and capability of state-owned APO Production Unit Inc. to do the …
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Mistreated in Malaysia
Around the corner, he ran into a policeman, who asked his name and then for his passport—a regular occurrence in Malaysia, where its police have the right to ask a civilian for his identification card. The citizens of the country carry what is called …
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Roger Williams Univ. law students swap R&R for public service in 'Alternative
“They had questions about how to get a driver's license or a passport or renew things that expired during the time they were in prison,” Johnson said. The week made Johnson, who intends to pursue a career in criminal law, reflect on the importance of …
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A perspective on Cuba: Big changes for US, but not big enough

A perspective on Cuba: Big changes for US, but not big enough
It is harder for a government to blame all of its problems on the U.S. when people can hear the other side for themselves. The announcements from Washington this week were greeted by cheers in Havana, anger in parts of Miami and … When I lost my …
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Sex blogger Alvin Tan dares Malaysia government to revoke his passport
PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Controversial sex blogger Alvin Tan on Sunday challenged Malaysia's government to revoke his passport, hours after the Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said his ministry would do so as early as …
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Snapshots of Malaysia Airlines passengers

Interesting dose of bureaucratic honesty on US passport form.
us passport form
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Snapshots of Malaysia Airlines passengers
Once a week, he would come see us with the whole family. He really took care of us." Gurusami Subramaniam says he worked 20 … Malaysia's main opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, knows the captain and said "he is against any form of extremism." The …
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US court tells Sonia Gandhi to present copy of passport to support absence claim
New York, United Sikhs (March 21, 2014): A US court has asked India's Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi to provide a copy of her passport to show that she was not in the US between September 2 and September 9 last year. It may be recalled that …
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Malaysia Airlines affair raises security concerns over passport trafficking

Malaysia Airlines affair raises security concerns over passport trafficking
Currently, only the U.S. the U.K. and the United Arab Emirates systematically cross-check travellers' documents against the database, which has accumulated more than 40 million entries from 167 countries since it was first created in 2002 in the wake …

Stolen Passports Show Security Gaps; US News Releases Law School Rankings
Security gaps: The investigation into passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines flight who were traveling with stolen passports has drawn attention to a thriving market for illicit documents and the disparity in aviation security across the globe …
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The Scary Side of the Ukraine Troika

The Scary Side of the Ukraine Troika
Pretty clear from these formal portraits that a formal anointment by the US and the West was underway. The three … The Prosecutor's office filed criminal charges of inciting ethnic hatred, but later closed the case for lack of offense. … Tyahnybok …
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Confusion Reigns Over Missing Jet's Final Location
Prime Minister's Office Disputes General's Account: "Adding to the confusion," The New York Times reports, "Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad, spokesman for the prime minister's office, said in a telephone interview that he had checked with senior …
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Malaysia widens search for missing plane
Children read messages and well wishes displayed for all involved with the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner MH370 on the walls of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Thursday, March 13, 2014 in Sepang, Malaysia. Planes sent Thursday to check the …
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Latest Getting Passport News

Missing flight tragedy: Missing passenger's sons get passports to fly to Malaysia
Rahul (16) and Yashwant (11) have passports but they need to be renewed. The boys approached me in my office today for help. I asked them to complete the formalities which includes getting the signature of their father on application forms. The …
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Passport service hours extended
Getting a passport might get a little easier and cheaper for area residents. The Scott County Recorder's Office has announced extended passport hours and a discount on passport photos. The extended hours for passport services at the office will be 4:30 …
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