Surge in passport applications as Syrians flee: report

Surge in passport applications as Syrians flee: report
The documents are now issued without the prior consent of Syria's security services, which used to have the final say on issuing all passports. A presidential decree has doubled the cost of a new passport to $ 400 (355 euros), or $ 200 for a renewal. Al …
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PHL Embassy in Madrid issuing machine-readable passports starting June 29
"The Philippine Embassy in Madrid wishes to inform applicants for Philippine passports that due to technical difficulty with passport production in Manila, Machine-Readable Passports (MRPs) will be issued starting 29 June 2015 and will continue until …
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If we pull up the drawbridge we become a nation of hypocrites
Those who brandish a “good passport” (and the UK variety ranks fourth for visa-free acceptance) to cross most boundaries without hindrance or suspicion have no right to fret about the minor inconveniences of people-processing in bulk. Everyone who …
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Toutdom in control at regional passport office
"The total fee charged for a passport is Rs 1,500, but if one were to approach a so called agent you could end up paying Rs 5,000 or more. We have seen many applicants being misled, but there is little we can do as they operate from public property …
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Migrants in Madrid find a better life

Migrants in Madrid find a better life
He is happy that he is settled in Europe and could establish his own business. “For us Europe is better. There is respect for human rights. I can get passport, bring my wife, parents and children to live with me. This is why many people want to come to …

The Greatest Underwater Show on Earth
As we suit up, the buzz on the dive-deck is louder than the squawking birds, because we know what's below us – sharks, lots and lots of very big sharks! The plan is to do three day dives and one night dive at Wolf, and naively we think this will be enough.
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