Exclusive: Libya oil rebel's brother arrested in UAE

Exclusive: Libya oil rebel's brother arrested in UAE
Siddiq al-Sour, a chief investigator in the state prosecutor's office, said Khalid Jathran was arrested in the United Arab Emirates when he had tried to renew his passport at the Libyan embassy. "The information we got from Interpol is that he was …
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Barack Hussein Soebarkah?
Now to Ann Soetoro's links with Subud and to a brief discussion of the Barry "Soebarkah" mystery associated with Ann Soetoro's 1968 passport renewal application. Read the following excerpt from SubudVoice in 2011 (and please note that I have italicized …
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Sudanese refugees tell of turmoil, poor living conditions in east African nation
… feel it is too dangerous to return to their homes, despite a truce between the warring factions, highlighting the danger of renewed violence as both sides trade blame for sporadic violations of a ceasefire agreement signed last week in neighboring …
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Latest Passport Photos News

Photos now define who we really are
The U.S. State Department uses facial recognition software to link passport photos and names, stopping fraud and fleeing criminals. The FBI runs the world's largest biometric database, housing not just fingerprints but also mug shots, tattoos and other …
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Can photographed eyes of victim help reveal criminal?
Jenkins, who studies facial recognition, described the portrait photographs used as passport-type photos. The authors noted also that there were limits to the forensic use of such photographs. Namely, they must be shot in high resolution and the …
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US, Libya disagree about incident
Passport photos and embassy ID cards said to belong to the four were posted on Twitter. Neither the identity of the Americans nor the authenticity of those photos could be confirmed. A Libyan security source said one of the Americans was of Libyan …
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EU 'civilian' mission training paramilitaries in Libya

EU 'civilian' mission training paramilitaries in Libya
BRUSSELS – The EU's "civilian" border mission in Libya is in fact training paramilitary forces, amid a wider European and US effort to stop Libya becoming a "failed state." According to an internal EU … Contradicting the internal EU paper, Mann told …
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Marc Emery Prison Blog: Harper Conservatives Harming Children
So I'll stay at Yazoo Medium here in the ole' Mississippi Delta (home of the Blues and Jim Crow) until July 9th, when I'll get taken to a US Immigration facility in Oakdale, Louisiana, held there for three to five weeks while my passport is prepared …
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