Let's renew our vows of fervent spirituality

Let's renew our vows of fervent spirituality
Our journey here on Earth is transient; it is a passport to perpetual bliss. Follow these two greatest commandments: • Love the Lord … During this Lenten season, let us renew our vows of fervent spirituality. Let us pardon those who have caused us …
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Anti-terrorist campaign takes a different tack
The SBU mentioned that amongst their demands, the separatists wanted the abolition of biometric passports, which the last Ukrainian government introduced in 2013, and an end to vaccinations. … It seems as though the infiltration groups organized by …
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New changes for obtaining or renewing DC driver's licenses
Passports and personal documents will need to be verified before you can get renewed. Back in 2005, the federal … "You're going to have to bring your proof of residency, your proof of identity, your proof of Social [Security] documents back in for us …
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Commentary: 'Passport Olympians' play let's make a deal

Commentary: 'Passport Olympians' play let's make a deal
… the passport-swapping norms of the Olympic movement, in which athletes have been competing for countries other than their original ones for decades, Ahn's gambit is an extreme case, coming closer to something approximating international free agency.
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Cuba suspends consular services in the US due to banking problem
MIAMI Feb 14 (Reuters) – Cuba suspended nearly all its consular services in the United States on Friday after it was unable to find a bank to handle the accounts of its diplomatic missions in Washington and New York, it said in a statement released to …
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SCHEER: Honoring the 'accomplices' to truth
But Mihdhar — who was being tracked by the CIA as well as the FBI — was allowed to leave the country and return on his valid Saudi passport to hijack a plane "in 2001 because he still had not been placed on any watchlists." Even more … As with the …
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