Orlando IA Launches 1st Facial Recognition Device as an Extension of the Automated Passport Control

With the increase in terrorist activities worldwide, it is quite an acceptable fact that the security system is also going to receive a hike. The modern generation is all about the computer generated things which are things that might easily be sent and received. The similar logic applies with e-passports which has been a well-accepted innovation across the world. These e-passports have given the security officials even more scope to strengthen the security system across the countries. Slowly but surely the old paper passports will certainly give way to e-passports and the modern trend has already been implemented with a lot of success primarily in the Orland IA where the first facial recognition device has already been installed and has started working since October, 2015.

Thus, Orlando IA is the first airport in America to successfully install the facial recognition system to its automated passport control (APC) kiosks. The air transport IT solutions provider of America, SITA has already announced that similar plans are in the pipeline for other airports as well. This would be easily implemented by upgrading the kiosks situated in the other airports of the country.

While most of the passengers has been welcoming this initiative over the last few months, there has been many as well who has not taken this initiative too positively as, they see this as an additional burden which makes them lose even more time to check in and out of the airport. But as per the reports of the SITA president, once implemented in a proper manner, these kiosks would certainly decrease the lines by 40%.

As per the needs of the implementation of the new technology, the US government has already issued 500 million e-passports worldwide. These e-passports will certainly possess facial biometrics while some of them also possess figure prints as an addition to these facial biometrics. According to a survey conducted among the efficient security officials, this initiative will certainly bolster the security system of the country and the new APC kiosks will certainly tighten the security system in the international airports.

SITA has already launched with a great amount of success nearly 300 kiosks in 10 different airports and as per reports; they have hundreds of them ordered in the pipeline. They are quite confident regarding the fact that these kiosks are the future of the security system worldwide and the future is quite bright. The company has already showcased the APC kiosks in the Annual ACI-NA Conference and are of the opinion that once the passengers get accustomed to the system in a proper way, it will certainly save the a lot of time to check in and out of the airports even after providing the country with options of additional security. As per other reports, Las Vegas and Miami airports are among the predecessors who are ordering these kiosks to enhance their security system among many other airports.

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