Why Anyone Who Cares About Their Job Should Hope Greece Spurns Europe

Why Anyone Who Cares About Their Job Should Hope Greece Spurns Europe
The liberal Economic Policy Institute has estimated that NAFTA alone has cost the U.S. at least 700,000 jobs and “strengthened the ability of U.S. employers to force workers to accept lower wages and benefits. … That requires a European Union passport.
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Ex-judges of SC gave favourable opinions to Lalit Modi
Last year, the Delhi high court restored Modi's passport, and the Centre did not appeal in the Supreme Court against the order. Modi has been insisting that he would not return to India for interrogation because of death threats from the underworld.
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Passport rumpus could wreck family's holiday in Spain
The row revolves around the Home Office stipulation that all applications for a passport by people born after 1st January 1983 must be accompanied by the birth certificate of their mother or father, to prove their identity. Both of Michael's parents …
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What happens to lost and stolen passports?
Figures released by the Foreign Office have revealed that tens of thousands of UK passports have been reported as either lost or stolen overseas. How many of them end up in the hands of criminals? You think of a passport as specific to you in every …
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The Trip From Hell: Traveler recounts rough journey to India
By the time he made it to his hotel in India, he'd dealt with a stolen passport and visa, tangled with an obstinate ticket clerk who wouldn't accept his replacement visa, missed a flight in Chicago that put him a day behind schedule, paid an extra $ 550 …
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Ottawa's Refusal to Give Journalist Mohamed Fahmy a Passport Means More
Last week, journalist Mohamed Fahmy went to the Canadian Embassy in Cairo to get a replacement for his Canadian passport that had been seized by police during his arrest in 2013. Rather than being given the customary application … Fahmy told VICE …
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