Sophisticated Tech Features that Make a Passport More Secure

Apparently, your passport is just a little more than a booklet hardly the size of a greeting card while actually it’s the most powerful tool that facilitates your movement across different countries. It is a solid proof of your nationality and identity too!

Modern passports have undergone a number of positive changes. Initially, it was a 12×18 inch sheet of paper, but now it is equipped with different kinds of security features – both visible and invisible to layman’s eye. From optically variable inks and holograms to embedded chips enabling facial recognition – with so many high-tech features, today’s passports are highly, technically sophisticated and smart enough to betray the booming smuggling industry selling fake European and U.S. Passports. Continue reading

How U.S. Passport Works to Protect Your Identity

The first U.S. passports issued to a few number of people led by Benjamin Franklin on an important mission to France were single sheets of one-sided paper with a validity of 3 to 6 months. And obviously those passports were not powerful enough to protect the holder’s from being identity theft. Any forger could take advantage of the weak spots on those papers.

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“He is denied his right to an identity”: why a Moroccan satirist is on hunger

“He is denied his right to an identity”: why a Moroccan satirist is on hunger
In a further complication, he also needs the residence permit to renew his passport. When this expired on 24 June, Lmrabet, who was in Geneva to participate in a session of the UN Human Rights Council, decided to start a hunger strike. “He is very …
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Immigration Corner: How do I replace my passport in the UK?
A person can renew or replace his/her passport at any time in the United Kingdom. It costs £72.50 to renew a standard 32-page passport, or £82.25 to renew a jumbo 48-page passport through the post office's Passport Check and Send service. The time left …
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How to Avoid a Holiday Nightmare
Others make holiday arrangements only to learn that their passport doesn't have the necessary validity to enter a certain country. Applying for an ETD can be avoided if you know when your passport expires, renew it in good time and check the …
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Dominicans' door closing to Haitians

Dominicans' door closing to Haitians
Authorities are prepared to resume deporting non-citizens without legal residency in the Dominican Republic after largely putting the practice on hold for a year, the head of the country's immigration agency said Tuesday. For decades, the Dominican …
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'Journalist, former cop backed Modi's plea in UK'
… India Today TV reported on Friday. It also said three former Supreme Court judges — Justices U C Banerjee, Jeevan Reddy and S B Sinha — had given legal opinion in Modi's support after his passport had been revoked by the Regional Passport Office …
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US Passport Agency contractors harvested Americans' data for identity theft
Rob Arnold, president of the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) Local 1998 that represents Passport Agency workers nationwide, said they've reached an agreement with management to begin bargaining the proposed ban on electronic …
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Israeli killed in Berlin had turned to embassy for help
A police spokesperson said officials used DNA evidence and a passport found on the body to confirm the identity of Damari. German … “The place the body was found is also the scene of the crime,” it added, renewing a call for witnesses to come forward.
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Govt is biggest identity thief
… or not, you're more or less forced to have one. So no great surprise to read earlier in the week that New Zealand has some of the most expensive passport charges in the world and to add insult to injury the validity time is half that of the average …
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Tough voting laws useless in identity theft case UPDATE

Tough voting laws useless in identity theft case UPDATE
Federal prosecutors say he took another man's identity to get food stamps and Medicaid, obtain a U.S. passport and driver's license, and register to vote. While Perez-Rivera did not have to prove his citizenship to vote because he registered in 1999 …
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How To Renounce Your US Citizenship And Become Stateless
They are also working to help me update my immigration records to reflect that status as well. … Most people would apply for Paraguayan residency (and therefore a cedula first) and then even get a Paraguayan passport before renouncing. It seems you …
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My best friend turned out to be a paedophile who stole my wife and my identity

My best friend turned out to be a paedophile who stole my wife and my identity
'I had to get the local MP involved as it was getting very near the holiday, and then I was asked to go and visit the passport office in Peterborough. 'When I got there they had printed off a picture of the man that was using my details and I confirmed …
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US Government Contractor Marks Five Years In Cuban Detention
"Gross entered Cuba on a tourist visa, but he was in the country to do a job. His employer, Development Alternatives Inc., was under contract from the U.S. Agency for International Development to help Cuban dissident groups and promote democratic values.
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Coke saga: NPP never awarded Dawood Jubilee House contract – Karbo
The main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has denied ever giving Alhaji Muhammed Alamid Dawood – the businessman alleged to have masterminded the 12.5-kg Nayele cocaine haul – a contract in connection with the construction of the Jubilee House …
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South African doctor still working in Afghanistan after husband and children
JOHANNESBURG – The attorney of the South African doctor whose family was killed in a Taliban attack in Kabul says she is still working at an Afghanistan hospital. Teresa Conradie said Tuesday that Hannelie Groenewald, the wife of slain aid worker …
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Travel Tips Learned on 'The Amazing Race'
A: Strap your passport and emergency supplies (cash and credit cards) to your body — they should never leave you. Leave valuables in the hotel safe only in a modern city. That doesn't include your passport, by the way; I think it's always better to …
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Joint Chiefs chairman, Chuck Hagel defend Obama's plan to fight Islamic State
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, left, and Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. Related Stories. Related: Will Chuck Hagel's past doubts about U.S. military …
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State board adds gender identity to proposed anti-bias rules
LINCOLN — A state licensing board added gender identity to proposed anti-discrimination rules after hearing support for the change from mental health professionals and two transgender people Thursday. The Mental Health Practice Board also decided to …
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Missing passport feared stolen, used for identity theft

Missing passport feared stolen, used for identity theft
Danha had sent his wife and daughter's Zimbabwean passports to Harare to be renewed because they were planning a return visit this summer. But soon after, he got a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada inviting the … Danha requested the …

Are Credit Monitoring Services Worth It?
Fraud alerts last 90 days, and you can renew them as often as you like (a recurring calendar entry can help with this task); consumers who can demonstrate that they are victims or are likely to be victims of identity theft can apply for a long-term …
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Five air-safety lessons from MH370's mysterious disappearance
The SMH report said while it takes time to identify and analyse an image taken from space, China and the US are not inclined to share secrets as air defences and space-based surveillance hardware are some of the most sensitive military information …
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