Sophisticated Tech Features that Make a Passport More Secure

Apparently, your passport is just a little more than a booklet hardly the size of a greeting card while actually it’s the most powerful tool that facilitates your movement across different countries. It is a solid proof of your nationality and identity too!

Modern passports have undergone a number of positive changes. Initially, it was a 12×18 inch sheet of paper, but now it is equipped with different kinds of security features – both visible and invisible to layman’s eye. From optically variable inks and holograms to embedded chips enabling facial recognition – with so many high-tech features, today’s passports are highly, technically sophisticated and smart enough to betray the booming smuggling industry selling fake European and U.S. Passports. Continue reading

How to Contact US Passport Service and Get a New Passport

Are you an American citizen, looking for a passport? You can avail US passport service for getting this important piece of document. It is entirely under the control of the US Department of State. It is proposed for those who opt for international journey. It’s not intended only for traveling purpose; it can also be used as a certificate of identity and nationality.

You need to fulfill certain criteria and go through a long procedure for getting a passport of your own. This all-important piece of paper makes you eligible for traveling across the globe. Though for traveling to certain placed, you need to have an additional document called visa. Visas are issued by International Civil Aviation Organization, popularly known as ICAO. As mentioned earlier, the process for applying for a passport encompasses the following steps:

1. You have to produce evidence of your identity before you can apply for the passport. The documents that can be used as proof of identity include the following:

Driving license
ID provided by the administration
You can also use your military ID for this purpose
Naturalization certificate

It can be possible that you don’t have any of the above mentioned credentials then you need to present a complete set of duly signed document. They include a combination of credit card, bank card, library card, and social security card. You also need produce an authentication letter signed by an American resident whom you now for a time period of more than2 years. He also has to fill and sign DS-71 form before a representative of the passport agency.

You need to have some documents in your possession when you are applying for a new passport.

These are as follows:

2. You have to present evidence of your citizenship when you file an application for a new passport. The documents you can use as your Citizenship proof include the following:

Certificate of birth
Certificate of citizenship
Naturalization certificate

3. You have to present your passport photos: The size of the snaps must be 2X2 inches. The photos should be in full color, definitely not older than six months, and should have been taken in a white background.

Application fees: These have to be paid to the U.S. Department of State.
You also have to produce you social security number for making application for this important credential: It is mandatory for applying for passport. It is necessary to be presented; otherwise you are charged for paying penalty fees.

You can also apply for US passport service online. There are many government approved companies that can provide such services.

If you intend to travel outside the United States and will need a passport to leave and enter the United States, you can get in touch with for their online US passport service.


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