Seidio Spring Clip Holster for Unlocked Passport

Seidio Spring Clip Holster for Unlocked Passport
Just snap this low-profile holster to your belt, pants or bag and pop in your device. The top spring clip is extremely tough and ensures the safety of your Unlocked Passport while providing quick-release access when you need to answer a call, text or …

AUB professors present the fruits of their innovative research
Bank tellers and Customs agents currently use ultraviolet flashlights to test for fluorescence, but sophisticated fraudsters are increasingly able to mimic the UV dyes used by currency and passport printers. SACOS looks instead at phosphorescent …
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Lightroom 6 wins with prepaid subscription deals
The WD Quick View, which sets up a one-click connection on a computer, must be retrieved and set up from the My Passport. The full user manual in PDF is also on the drive and is essential reading – you will never get it to work by relying on the quick …
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